The Things We Do

The things we do for each other
are not always visible on the surface
we plan and write, without the other knowing
what we intend to do
or, do we?

If it concerned material things
we wouldn’t be where we are today
what with the distance between us preventing
a quick meeting, or a small gift or two
to light up your eyes, and warm your heart

Our relationship is, however, different
we have written words, that others might think
they understand, but do they really?

We use the truth, cloaked in innuendo
wrapped around the less than obvious
set upon a window sill, letting the morning sun
shine upon it,

We have taken walks together
just not in the same time and space
sharing the calmness of the mornings,
just awoken
or the end of the day, wishing each other
Good Night in various languages
all of them heartfelt,
chosen at the proper time, fitting the moment
and the wishes for a good rest,

We’ve also gone to work together
though not at the same place,
speaking the same language, or living
in our respective Countries
with their foreign ways and customs,

We’ve spent time trying to understand
where we are in life,
who we know and why,
why we love, and why we seek
where we came from and where
we wish to be going,

Age and looks aren’t the issue here
nor is the relative time between seeing
each other again,
what we keep in our hearts and minds, keep us
in the know, regardless where we can point
to a map and say, “There is where I live”.

The things we do for each other
and the thoughts we think about what
and who, where and when,
are what define us as people
who interact with each other, sharing
this time on this planet, where 2 people
among the billions of others
have found each other, quite by chance
not being expected, nor sought after

Just an acquaintance of two individuals
taking a ride on the Blue Marble
along this section of the Solar System….