I rue the day
the night as well,
for together, we are not
the many hours between us
the days when I am awake, and you
when you are awake, and I,
I’ve fallen in a heap, weeping
with distress, but

When I am to sleep,
your words come as whispers
telling me, comforting me,
the time not being, the distance
not important

When I am awake, and you asleep
whisper I, the same words to you
pressing my fingers upon your lips
telling you, promising you
that we are in essence, together as one

The time, the distance
the hours we could have shared together
not just wasted spaces in an otherwise
filled life,

My words, my thoughts
your words, your thoughts
just whispers, telling
promising, the gentle softness,
juxtaposed with
taking you, the distance between us
the feeling of your body next to mine
your breathing, your sweet lips

Rue this day, this night
a folly for those who lack
a place in their hearts, their souls
thinking, no hope exists, no time together
when apartness separates us, divides us,

I am here now, can you feel me?
as I feel you, so close,
your breath on my neck,
my hand around your waist

We are in essence, together as one
together always…


The Last Moment, I Thought

A thought which grew
in intensity
in the garden of my mind
wanting to sprout and grow

A wish, thought about
something that lay hidden
wanting to see the light of day
but hesitating, just hesitating,

The last moment, before my words
the few seconds when my mind
considered saying, or not
the words that I longed to say
the words that had to be said

How many times, have I considered
rolling the words around,
tasting them, adding new flavors
and colors to the mix,
how many times, before the meal
was to be served and tasted?

If I decided, while under the influence
the throes of passion, when my mind
occupied being with the moment, spoke
would my words have the same impact
if I only said them, in a much quieter moment?

Words can inspire, but doubt as well,
If I give myself enough chances
would I trade them for something more pleasant
or, less demanding, or intense?

I wanted to convey my feelings
putting into words my emotions, elusive
capturing not just the moment, but all moments
that I have thought about, worried about
all the thoughts, the wishes, the dreams
what you are all about, and I am about

The words, the idea turned into feelings
the concept of something that would turn heads
something that would release multi-colored birds
into free flight, parting the clouds and causing you to sigh,

The words, which at the last moment
I thought of, I wondered if I really should, if I could
really say them

The words
saying how I honestly feel about you
without reservation, without doubt

The words
that in all of my hopes would share with you
what I hoped would bring us together, forever

The words…..

The words, if never spoken, just regretted
laughed about as if to hide my pain, my denial
of what I held to be true, to be just

The words that I finally decided, not to keep silent
nor to deny the world from hearing, from believing

The words that I now will speak to you,
with my written words being silent
as witness to what wonders my voice can bring

My words…..

Writing, Just

Not anything more
than an idea taken
from a scene played
on a box of of two
people living loving

Just writing
ideas, the same
mixed about
my words, read
by others, gone
gone away
from my mind

to theirs…


A Piece of Paper, Containing

My thoughts
at this place and time
wanting to fit
this paper, and yet
my words, flowing
drifting over the edges,
curling around the backside
looking longingly onward,

My thoughts of you
never contained at one place
on one piece of parchment,
my hand writes your memory
across the sea of wondering
over and under the finely, spaced lines
stopping, tripping over commas,
trying to stem the flow of what I have,
what I need to tell you,

“Dearest”, it might begin
That word alone conjures images
of walking hand in hand with you
wondering how, and why it was me
you chose?

“Dearest”, starting again
but stopping at the thought of how
you entered my life, and my thoughts
never were we apart again, even though
those 2 points on the map showed us
that we were indeed, distant and afar,

“Dearest”, as I attempt to write to you
attempt is a feeble word, created to show
a lack of conviction, a lack of caring,

“Dearest”, These words, that are flowing
from me to you, come direct from the heart
no u-turns, no false steps, not an evil, misplaced

“Dearest”, my words cannot express
not entirely, not to their fullest expression,
never in anger, always with a sense of wonderment,
a joy with abated breath, a murmuring of silence
you sending your fingers through my hair,
like the wind blowing along the shore,

“Dearest”, my words mock me with the sense
that only the spoken word will do you justice
these few words, these few thoughts
those that have fallen upon this piece of paper
words with your name, with the essence
the way that you are, and the way that I am
when we are together. My words, written in pale colors
being faint strands of music woven into your smile,
the truth that is you, tearing away all doubt
like pieces of paper, written with these words
that you now are reading,

A piece of paper containing, the last thought I harbored
the last moment of the day gone past
the last few notes of the song that you told me about
the last time, we were together,

A piece of paper, containing my words
my present to you
with the hope of finding new words
new patterns of thought
to express what I really feel

about you….


Words, Not Being Able to Write

Any particular stream
a flow of ideas, steady
surely, flowing along
not wanting to know exactly
where the journey will lead us,

Having typed them
released them, like Dandelion seeds
blowing them into the air
like birds not possessing cages
nor ideas being bound
the freedom seduces
but corruption lurks
just under the surface,

that delight, that soothe, that seduce
those that have drawn you closer to me
pushed and pulled, caused you distress,
fallen down upon the ground, looking up
in bewilderment, in the awe of your being
in awe of you,

lacking a source of inspiration
not being able to write, without
not being able to express, what I feel
the gnawing feeling, the as yet slow to realize
the sensation of the hour, of the day, the year
the words that define you and I,

just an inkling,
a slight nudge in the right direction
an uplifted finger, pointing
a random collection of ideas
a notion, I had once when thinking
when dreaming a dream, with you
when those thoughts, ideas
yet to form, to coalesce into true images
yet to create my idea of being with you,

creating the space between us, growing smaller
less than it existed before, never to fade
not being a party in any other’s imagination
something shared, something gained
something wanting to be, defying all logic
defying any thoughts of rationality,

the essence of what makes you, you
and what makes me, me

Not being able to write,
nor being able to assume an outward appearance
not having the opportunity
not being able to do justice, to you
not being able to fully express, what you, how you,

defining the possibilities, the thought patterns
the ingrained paths
the one true way, the course of where
the course of not one following the other
the course of two walking side-by-side
the two people concerned in this collection

of words,

of you and I…..


How Many Words?

How many words
comprise the life of one
Starting out, living, going away
how many thoughts
how many tears
and the years,

Oh, how the years
seemed to drag on at times
slow in the beginning
racing to the end
of all ends,
living in the warmth of summer
shivering in the cold of winter
waiting for the one season to end
the other to start,
waiting for birthdays,
waiting for others to make life

How many words describe
any one person?
someone, I knew
someone, I grew up with
someone, I lost track of
someone, I found again
after all those years between,

How many different people
are we throughout life?
The youth, the adult
father, mother, sister, brother
friend, lover

How many times have we thought
about where life is taking us,
why we are here, where we are going
are we destined to be alone,
or, together with someone to the end

When does the end come?
what would we do, what would we say
if we knew when the finality, the quiet sleep
stirring emotions of those we know
of those we knew,

What will our epitaph be?
were we liked, hated, loved
fun to be around, quiet moments
fiery emotions flaring,
knowing what we wanted
knowing what we needed?

Why all of these words?
because I have lost someone
someone close once, then not, then again

others before, many others later
I, too will fade away
not necessarily in the manner of my
just fading into darkness
some might say into the light
others might laugh at who I was
or share a moment to reflect upon
my words,

just as I do now

Reflecting upon these words
only a hollow rendition
of anyone’s rich life
trying to express,
what others also will express

The celebration of the life we know
the life we knew
the promise, the hope
always existing
of better things to come,
until that day,
we are all reunited
being together again

Together again
at the end of all



Lightning and Thunder, She Wore

El Relámpago
words that disguise
what she was
what she wore
what she wanted

Un Éclair
words that lure
words that entice
words that seduce
what she wanted from me

Et Lyn
words that enlighten
words that illuminate
words that equal the sun’s brightness
what she wanted when we made love

words that enrapture
words that endear
words that describe
what she wanted, not ending, never parting

Lightning and Thunder
she wore proudly, elegantly
seemingly the only other lover
I’d ever known,

The only other lover,
not having an equal
regardless of the language between us
the length of time, the whisper
her voice enthralling

Luring me into
her storm…..


Just Words, You Know

Words delight
and hurt as well,
They tell us who we are
and who we want others
to be,
My words, carefully said
long thought out about
not minced, nor swallowed
like my pride tends to be,
Words between you and I
hidden thoughts, longings
unsaid feelings, captured moments
Just words, you know
defining you and I…


My Cursive Words

My cursive words
crossed swords
with her loving pen,
scattering my
love letters about
the room,
Her stare, cutting
me down in the middle
of my sentences
made me see
that she alone
was the recipient
of my passions, penned
Denying all others
from enjoying
my thoughts…


Words are Power



the world




her feelings about me




the world, understanding


my longing







approaching her level,

of consciousness




our words, entwine



gasping for air, the last breath

the last distance


her words, my words

our words, together

as one,

words are power




Like love….