In the USA
you know, that big place?
there was once
a saying that said:
“Don’t worry, there’s always Welfare”

In Denmark
you might know, that small place?
there is something known as Welfare
those who receive it, aren’t always glad
like you might think, would be a good thing
in countries large and small

In my mind
I know only of work
you know, 9-5, 37 hours a week
that is life in Denmark, Money?
I’d like to earn more, pay less taxes,
life in USA?
I wanted to earn more, get more for my taxes

There is always Welfare
but it is never a free ride
there are dangers like getting thrown off
the system train,
or, finding a job, ruining all thoughts
of experiencing happiness
doing what Welfare people do,
while the rest of us Job people
do what we do,

My fear might be about
ending up on Welfare
but at least
I wouldn’t be alone
in this rather small Country
known as The Kingdom of Denmark
a rather largish name,
on this otherwise small place
called Earth….


Going, Been to, California

July 2017. Just after the 4th, I took a 14-day trip to the Golden State, mostly for the funeral of my younger sister, but also to join my family in dealing with/experiencing her final goodbye.

I took some pictures along the way, and seeing as how my site, “Traveling Down My Inner Ear” is finished, I felt obliged to put them on this site instead.

Part 1: Goodbye Denmark, Hello Amsterdam


That is Denmark below, if you didn’t recognize it.


I felt a bit homesick. Going home to California. Leaving my home in Denmark.

Two sides of the same story, I guess.


The clouds were nice, and the weather too.


KLM had a nice sandwich waiting for me with a small box adorned with chickens.


Note the obvious Dutch Windmill Theme!


Holland on End.


Amsterdam always seems a bit on the largish side. (over 800,000)


I’ve never actually been outside the airport, so I don’t know if it counts, saying that I’ve been there?


At the airport. The blue /white planes in the background belong to KLM.

I’d like to say that these photos have a deeper meaning, but that would be pulling your funny bone. Try to enjoy the view from my vantage point, but don’t worry about not seeing new things, I’m sure there will be something for you in the upcoming chapters!

Next time: Flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time
lived I did in a large country
where everyone spoke the same

I knew everything, I needed
to know,
others around the world wanted
to be exactly like me
to speak exactly like me,
in English, of course,

The whole world revolved
around my country
around my language
around my lifestyle

I didn’t need more than that,

Once upon a time
lived I did, in a smaller country
where everyone spoke the same

They knew everything, but I did not
others around the world thought the same
of their own country,
they wanted to be exactly
like I wanted to be
in my new country

The whole world revolved
around the sun,
including that large country
where I used to think
where I used to live
where I used to believe
it was the only, and best
place to be,

Once upon a time
I thought differently
I knew so little about
the world at large,

Once upon a time
in the USA

Once upon a time
in Denmark

Once upon a time
in this life…..


Two Danes toasting
the night being young
while the alcohol flowed
not remembering, in advance
what the morning
would bring,

“I propose a toast” said the one
to the other,
“To the Americans and the USA”
the other didn’t respond at first
the clinking of the glasses,
the silence that followed
all eyes rested upon the first one,

“Those poor devils deserve all the luck
they can get, don’t they?”

Everyone present raised their glasses
in unison
“Ja, Ja. Yes, let us toast those poor devils”
they yelled

And the night rolled onward
with a rightful Danish Hangover
in wait,

While those poor devils
were none the wiser…..

Traveling Down My Inner Ear

Some of my co-workers asked me today, “Are you going to write a Blog when you visit the USA?”

That was way too easy of a question.

I could have answered, “A piece of Cake”, or “My mother wore Army Boots”, but I was afraid that they wouldn’t understand!

I’d rather write a Blog about my Inner Ear. Without the Wax!

Why the Inner Ear?

Wouldn’t that be more interesting, than a bunch of old photos of things, that everyone has seen a million times before?

USA – Bah! What would I wouldn’t do for a pocket full of “Likes” and yet even more “Followers” who think that I resembled Harrison Ford in my younger days!

“Now we’re rounding the first bend”, I’d say, thinking that my description of my Inner Ear – The Left One, was more interesting than the “Hollywood Sign”, or skateboarders in Santa Monica!

“Smog in a Can”, could be my next blog, but everyone would clamor for more of my Innermost Ear Stories, of the Woman who dared to love the man who made such a journey, and the School Children who camped outside my house, waiting for an autograph, or a piece of Ear Wax to amaze and astound their classmates with!

The hopeful readers of my Blog would still be waiting for a Blog about California, but none would come. A number of their comments would end up in my SPAM filter: Just how far can you go down your Inner Ear? Can it continue to be interesting? What happened to Los Angeles?

Well, LA is exactly where I left it some 25 years ago, but my Inner Ear has been with me all along!

“My Inner Ear” – Can’t wait to read that one!