She fed me
a lie
one of many

I placed it
secured it someplace
where the others existed
waiting for the day
when the light would shine
upon them,
freeing them,

We would dine together
her lies compounded
as we ate,
we tasted the lesser
we tasted the greater
the result being,
my greater love for her,

As we lie
together, but alone
she fed me stories
what had to be true
how else could she know
the paths,
leading to my soul,
knowing the truth,
knowing the lie,

Her lies to others
of lesser importance
than those
she kept special for me,
I listened, enthralled
as she let them fall
one by one
into the waters
those I hoped
would lead me to
her truth,

She laughed, then cried
wanting something
not even I
could give her,
the way, the path
the righteous thought
the knife that cuts
the sword that slices
separating the lies
from the truth,

One of these two
was left in the end
In my pocket,
on my plate

A quantity, an amount
of her lies, waiting
to be eaten, waiting
to feed the needy
those that
live on,
exist on
what lies have been told
since the start of time,

I turned my back
the truth beckoned,
her, she lies behind
hand reaching, seeking mine

but blackness ensues
when the blade falls
ending it all,

My truths,
her lies
non compatible
with each other,
separating us,

The swift cut of the knife
just another lie it seems….


Lies becoming truths

I know
that truths can be to
lies, but is the same true
the other way around?

If I lie to myself
about how I really feel
about someone I know
will it catch up with me
turning itself into the truth
in the end?

That’s how it is with lies
rolling around, causing distress
never being able to call themselves
worthy, of being trusted again

If my lie becomes a truth
could I ever trust myself again?
would I be able to convince myself
that the feelings that I harbor
really are real?

Accepting the truth
is almost as hard as stomaching
a lie,
They are both sides of the same
coin, you see

Flip it, and wish!

I wish, I had told her the truth
in the first place….

Instead of lying to myself,
thinking that it would never be…