When I was writing
and you as well,
and we looked up
and around thinking that
someone, other than us
was out there,

When I was at my desk, and you
were in another frame of mind,
when I thought of someone, and you
you thought of someone as well,

When I was writing, thinking, dreaming
when you were dreaming as well,
we might have been along the same dream
road, hitching a ride, crossing paths
when we thought of someone, like us

I hoped, it was your intention
thinking of someone, who might have been
thinking of someone like you, as well
we drew maps on the walls, trying to find
you, me, but the lines, the boundaries
were harder to see, harder to know

While I lie awake dreaming one night
while you were writing a letter
encased in a bottle, corked,
with your intent being so simple
as to toss it into the ocean, hoping that
it found its way to someone like me

While I was driving along the sea
where the waves were crashing
with my mind filling up with flotsam and jetsam
hoping to find your castaway thoughts
somewhere along my shores,

When the night came, and I lie upon the sands
while you spoke into a shell, waiting for a reply
with our intentions still being, to find, to endear
someone, who we both knew, and wanted to love,

While you were existing, somewhere in something
that I wrote, while you were writing to someone
about your dreams, your wishes, and desires
and I dreamed of someone, who I met in my dream
and we, and she, while I spoke, nodded
relinquishing control over her thoughts
hoping that I would take over,
hoping that we could find a way, find a way

Once, while I was writing to you
in a most ordinary way, asking, telling you
and you doing the same, planning, waiting
until we again were together

in our thoughts…


Old Dogs, Old Men

Old dogs and old men.
Lost in their dreams.
Days of running, chasing.
What was her name, anyway?,

Once, I knew someone
back when my legs used
to work better,
she told me how I looked
and I did, and she did

Once, I knew someone
back when we together were
the days stretched out
any long highway, unending

The heat on the asphalt
making me wipe my brow
my dusty hat, her hand down my
I pulled her closer,
feeling her warmth, her cold lips

This highway, like so many others
the mirage plays tricks on me
her form seemed wavy
in the heat rising, I walked
I walked along, kicking the stones
alone, alone again,

Old dog, old tricks
only sleep and a drink
to soothe, to tell me lies
telling me that I once loved

How we never would part
what she told me that last time
her hand felt I, slipping away
out of grasp

My hat dusty, shielding
the harsh sun from my eyes
the old dog next to me, sleeping
sleeping in his dreams,

I stopped to listen
what she was telling me
while we walked that dusty road
walked for a while, a day, a year
her tears trying to tell me
what her words lacked,

The old dog sighed, then looked up
when his eyes met mine
what he saw, if he saw
while the road traveled away from me

When we together were, again

Uncompromisingly Simple

It seems, I’ve grown tired
tired with endless
never winning, nor losing

But we can do it
if you please,

I’ve walked and run about
thinking and brooding
About you and I and

Why are we still worrying about
why are we not doing something about

I’m tired of all the others
the reasons for and against
the countless sleepless nights
the countless times I’ve tried

Oh how I’ve cried about it
and I’ll probably have to lie about it
but why, oh why?

And if you say yes,

Why make something so simple
why make something so obvious
why continue to run away from it
stop it and face it, yell it and shake it

Why aren’t we together
why not then, why not now

I just can’t get it straight in my head
I just can’t get it out of my thoughts

It seems so uncompromisingly simple
it seems as if,
I can’t stand it anymore
if you, if we don’t,

Why aren’t we together
why not then, why not now,
right now, here beside me,
why am I still writing about it
why aren’t you here to stop me

And if you say yes,


There Was a Time

I decided
the time had come
for our ways to part
it didn’t seem
worth the trouble
having decided that
was not taking into
that you had decided
something else

and that is why
we are together today……


What She Wanted

She wanted
than to
be loved,

I wanted
than to
love her,

What we
and what Life
gave us
was a chance
to get
to be

What we


Walking a Walk

Taking a walk
to her house, her place
her lifestyle pleases
and tempts me inside

She wants, she needs
I only want her, I’ve walked
a walk beside her house
her life, her needs wanting
her to want

Stopping by chance
to tie my shoe, to look about
a glance upwards, to stare a bit
to lie in wait, a waiting game
that wanters play,

I chanced upon
her door, her porch
admiring her flowers, her blooms
her hastily potted plants
her rocking chair, looking
lonely for someone like me

Placing my ear
to the wood, the door jamb
the entry point, the exist chased
out of her life, her heart
my walking, walked away,

My doubts took a breather
a moment of time to light
a cigarette, to have a smoke
while casually waiting a moment
or three, waiting for a chance
for a non-smoker like me,

I raised my hand
to knock a knock
to raise my hopes
and douse the flames
of my doubts,
I know, she knows me
but want me, clear is not
as all of the wants,
and the fears
that surround my head,
and my heart

One day as I was walking
a walk, in one particular way
a direction of thought
one of wanting, and loneliness
wanting nothing more
and being less than that
someone to share my time
my, our time together

Walking a walk with her….


Lost in Your Dark


Awake Dreams

Thinking of you, and your ways



My first sip of coffee, French Roast,

the grounds part, the steam rises

I’m lost in your dark once again,


Arguing with you, not present

telling you how crazy, you make me feel

Smile, don’t tempt me again

I just might give in

next time,


Lost in your dark, shaking my head

wanting to know and be known,


Caress the lines of my life, with yours

Fingers quiver, time travels, waiting for your return



I’ve fallen into your dark, it seems

not wanting to tell myself the truth,

nor you as well,


I’ve fallen into your eyes,

blink once, twice

to see me together

with you…..