Going Back

I can’t go back
I can’t

I can’t make new, what now is
I can’t make you love me,
want me, need me,

Going back
a lie would be
telling you, what I should have
telling you what I should have

Just lies, more lies

Some would accept
lies as they are
anything, everything to be loved
anyone, at any time,
just not you, my love,

I had my chance
when we were close
you were the one, the only one
who made me feel,
special and so,

I tripped and stumbled
but caught myself, again
before making the mistake
before making the decision
that would last, this whole
life through

I wish, oh how I wish
but not all wishes come true
not the ones built on lies
nor false promises, like clouds
are they now, changing
blowing away,

My love, my chance for such
has blown away

Going back, looking back
I see you, turned away, looking
at someone looking forward,

Just not me
just not me….


I Never Wanted

I never wanted
to be her one and
her knight in shining armor
her significant other

I never asked
to be her lover, her friend,
the father of her children
the one that she dreamed
the one that would take her breath

I never wanted
to be the scorn of her family
the one that her father respected
or hated,
the one who her friends would talk
the rising and the setting sun
the only
the only one,

All I wanted was for her
to bestow upon me
a little attention
to acknowledge
that I too, existed on this planet
like she did, just like she did

And then she kissed me
and then…..

Relationship, Considering

The ideal
the real
Poems, prose
promise and seduce me
with your words,
tell me truths
disguised as lies
disguised as truths,
if a relationship,
Try to discern
taking apart
the real, from the ideal
disappointment lurks
in the guise
of happiness,
Having found
the perfect one,
the only one,

Just one more time

Until the next one