A Cut of the Knife

She had a way,

with knives

“The sharper, the better”

or, so said the tattoo on her left shoulder blade


“Uh.” I said. Not knowing what else

to say.


“Would you like to feel my pain?”

-the pain that my last lover, inflicted on me

-or, the one that left me crying at the altar,


The knife, cut deeper, drawing blood this time,

the pain, remember I would

in case, she held a quiz at the end

at the end,

-and, I had forgotten the answer


She laughed and licked the edge,

Her lips, blood red at the thought

of having to leave her, and what limb

that would cost me?


“How much do you love me?”

she asked herself in the mirror,

while only doubt crept over my anguished face,


“This much?”, thus slamming the knife down,

barely missing a most precious part of me,


“The next time, the knife will be larger, and trust me,

I won’t miss again!”


There was no doubt in my mind, about that.

The only real worry,

I had left,

Was if the Parking Meter ran out of time,

before, I hobbled back onto the street?


I swore, never to date a Meter Reader









Lightweight Souvenirs From Denmark

Worried about having to pay extra for your souvenirs on your flight back, after having visited Denmark?

Here are a few ideas on how to get around those extra costs:

  • Acquire: I Love Denmark Tattoo.
  • Color your hair like the Danish Flag.
  • Cut off a portion of your backpack every time you visit someplace.
  • Wear thinner underwear.
  • Blow your nose every other time: it cuts down on Kleenex.
  • Forget what you did every third day. Less to clutter your mind with.
  • Start off with shoes, end up with sandals.
  • Convince people along the way that it is good luck for them to pay for the postage to Canada!
  • Come overburdened with fears and doubts, leave delightfully rested and relieved……..