Cutting Kisses

Cutting kisses
strewn about the floor
wondering if desire had
an end?

Arms flailing
the curtains thrown back
slicing the morning light
streaming currents into my eyes
my sight drowning

Her beauty, that no one else sees
her hidden talents, her wayward smile
her fingers coaxing, beckoning me back

Cutting kisses
blowing whispers turned yells
shouting, professing our love
the top of our lungs, the top
no higher, no seemingly way higher?

Saying it better
more succinct, more precise
using dictionaries and encyclopedias
huge tomes of forgotten lore
those who have described what I felt
why I did so, what she did, why we wanted

Why we wanted each other?

Cutting kisses
while tossing roses about the room
candles dancing in their light
the smell of burning wax, her lipstick trails
marking pathways on my skin,

God, how I loved her
when she decorated my life

with her love…