Tandem Dreams

Being a pair
with tandem dreams
easy is not a word
to remember,
like hard is

Two of a kind
the troubles begin
when more than one thought
is combined, with another

that us moving in the same
direction, was enough
but cooperation
was really the key for

If I thought about
taking a break
while she pedaled her heart out
enjoying the views,
the road beckoned ahead,

being the combination
of two hearts, two minds
and at least 4 feet, traveling
in the same sphere, thinking
in the same direction,

Leaving no time, nor energy
for independent thought
not at least if wanting
to get anywhere, anytime soon

Sometimes, I wish
that life was a bit more even
not just uphill, tired legs and minds
knowing that downhill comes
now and then,

but uphill

becomes the price to pay
when things even out




Collecting memories
an easy thing to store
not having to like in old shoe boxes
stained with coffee,lost in the cellar, somewhere
lacking dates,
old photographs with people
whose names, I’d forgotten,
or just didn’t care
to remember,
But I’ll remember you,
not just because
you’ve touched
my heart and my head,
but because now I’ve revealed
too many things about my life
for you to forget,
Unless that is
we start being lovers
then we’ll have to make
our own
and forget about
the ones, we never

No More Excuses

It was still dark as she closed her front door for the last time. Her neighbor looked out of her window, standing quietly in the morning darkness. She managed a small smile, backed up with a tear. “Goodbye” mimed her lips quietly behind the glass. Then she was gone.

Being swept off her feet, knight in shining armor, no that was not what she expected out of life. I guess, it was more like..yes. Peace of Mind.

They had been there before. They had talked about it 100, no 1000 times without getting anywhere she wanted to go. He talked of their life together. Settling down, buying a house, starting a family, just not yet. There was still time, he said. Time to plan things out, save up more money, plan it all until it was perfect.

She didn’t want, or believe in perfect anymore. She had waited at the altar, and had her share of lovers. Perfect plans they might have been called, but that was all passé. She wanted something else. Something that her current life couldn’t deliver.

He told her that she was making a mistake. He was her one and only. He was the one who could make her happy. He was….

All she wanted was to move on with life. She had plans, a list of things to do. She had to move on.

Her parents smiled and nodded. “You know, we are here for you!”. “We’ll be here when you return, uh, if you return”. No one wanted to take her feelings seriously. Everyone expected her to come back. Everyone but her.

Her suitcases looked forlorn on the steps leading up to her apartment. Battered and worn from past experiences they seemed to call out to her, “It is now, isn’t it?” Wanting to be gone as much as she. Wanting to call somewhere else home.

“Think about your job?” her co-workers said. It was true what they said. Her job. Stability. Regular income. Planned madness. Those things didn’t fit together. Even the good things seemed to mixed up.

Fears, hopes, dreams. Decisions to be made. Feelings hurt. People to meet. Endings and Beginnings.

She hesitated. She had done that a lot lately, planning then cancelling, then planning once again. She was so close last night to cancelling her plans, then calling her family, her friends and her lover to say that it was just a silly mistake. A faux pas. That could happen to anyone. She looked around her emptied apartment. It all seemed so unreal, first planning, then then packing, then….

Her indecisiveness was at an all time high. Having to weigh her possibilities by making a list with pros and cons. She laughed aloud, even though she was alone. It’s kind of like holding a summer flower in my hand, “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…”. But he did love me, he’d said it often enough for me to believe it. I wanted to believe it, but sometimes even that is not enough, sometimes I want something more out of life.

The air smelled of snow. The branches of the barren trees began to sway, as if the wind of change was heading her way.

Well, she said. It’s now or never. And with that thought in mind, she blended into the morning light….