Take It, or….

Yesterday, while at work, I bragged about my banana muffins. You might remember how they were to be made from my very spotted bananas?

No matter. Sometimes, I think that I only say those kind of things to myself, but then am pleasantly surprised reading a blog about someone who had a similar thought, and amazingly enough, with my name on it!

Today, I’ll be taking those muffins to work with me. I had a few along yesterday, but there weren’t enough for everyone, and some felt cheated about that.


Here is how it looked before the baking process. I have the tendency to add or subtract ingredients along the way, so some people might notice the addition of rolled oats, which is an attempt to make things healthier.

They baked in the time stated on the recipe, and tasted fine, but….

They were on the moist side. Very moist, and increasingly so with each day that went on by.

Today, they will be known as, “Take it or leave it Banana Muffins”, or, “Eat these at your own risk Muffies”.

Baking is kind of like a relationship. You think you know what you are doing, what ingredients to use, but the finished product looks so very different than the individual parts! I’m glad that my wife refuses to read my blogs, or she might just start reading between the lines?


Well, this morning I discovered that they were even more moist on top, so I decided to hide this by doing what all good relationships do somewhere along the line.



Sugar coat it!

Now they are even sweeter, which is not what my wife says anymore about me, but it is probably because she is too busy enjoying my fabulous Muffins, Banana Style, with just a hint of some secret ingredient!

If you don’t get a chance to taste these today, there are still more for tomorrow. And if today’s batch is any indication about moist muffins, then tomorrow I’ll have to take my swim fins to work with me again!

That will be the last resort, because with that being a dead give-away, everyone will know that I’ve been baking again, and there won’t be enough for everyone to taste.

Which of course, will make me visit the local grocery store again, with my wife making the usual comment, “What! Baking Again! What are you making this time?”

-end of blog


Tandem Dreams

Being a pair
with tandem dreams
easy is not a word
to remember,
like hard is

Two of a kind
the troubles begin
when more than one thought
is combined, with another

that us moving in the same
direction, was enough
but cooperation
was really the key for

If I thought about
taking a break
while she pedaled her heart out
enjoying the views,
the road beckoned ahead,

being the combination
of two hearts, two minds
and at least 4 feet, traveling
in the same sphere, thinking
in the same direction,

Leaving no time, nor energy
for independent thought
not at least if wanting
to get anywhere, anytime soon

Sometimes, I wish
that life was a bit more even
not just uphill, tired legs and minds
knowing that downhill comes
now and then,

but uphill

becomes the price to pay
when things even out


The Next Best

Not being able
to have each other
merely serves
to highlight the fact
that the next best thing
is what we wanted
all along



Collecting memories
an easy thing to store
not having to like in old shoe boxes
stained with coffee,lost in the cellar, somewhere
lacking dates,
old photographs with people
whose names, I’d forgotten,
or just didn’t care
to remember,
But I’ll remember you,
not just because
you’ve touched
my heart and my head,
but because now I’ve revealed
too many things about my life
for you to forget,
Unless that is
we start being lovers
then we’ll have to make
our own
and forget about
the ones, we never