Collecting memories
an easy thing to store
not having to like in old shoe boxes
stained with coffee,lost in the cellar, somewhere
lacking dates,
old photographs with people
whose names, I’d forgotten,
or just didn’t care
to remember,
But I’ll remember you,
not just because
you’ve touched
my heart and my head,
but because now I’ve revealed
too many things about my life
for you to forget,
Unless that is
we start being lovers
then we’ll have to make
our own
and forget about
the ones, we never


We Be Writers

We, who be thinkers
be writers as well
not stopping to ask
why we do
what we do

We, who be dreamers
possess too many dreams
to write down
in one day, one life
one less dream
to dream,

We, who understand
how to turn a phrase
turn a corner, take a chance
write about the forbidden
the love sonnet, the heartbreak

The starry skies
and the story that was written
in your eyes….

Should We Be Lovers?

Sometimes, he was a bit too direct for my liking. Straightforward, was his word for it.

“Should we be lovers”, he asked me suddenly one night. “Why wait any longer?”

Why wait any longer? I had been asking myself the same question for a long time. What would happen if I did? Friends to Lovers. Just like that!

Would we be weekend lovers, or chance companions on the street? Would it be quick and unmemorable, or an extended weekend with a “Do not disturb” sign hanging on our door. Would he call me again the next day, or conveniently forget to charge his cellphone? Would he tell his friends about me, or choose to keep me in the shadows?

I wondered, how complicated it would be. Most if not all relationships are complicated at one point, or another, but from the start?

Should I fall into his arms, letting him stroke my hair, and caress my cheek, or was that too wanting of me to wish for something like that?

What if I don’t answer right away? Will he change his mind? Do I want him to change his mind?

Way too many questions, and not enough answers.

Relationships are complicated, you know….