Foreign Intentions

If only, I had

a bit more cash

I’d buy us a small cottage

where we first pledged

our love,

to each other


You could live there

it being just large enough

for your foreign intentions

and my undying longing

for you dear,


It is there

where we could wed

in name only, of course

for we are not ours to give

away, in our otherwise real



A small cottage

yellow in color,

and sound of Seagulls, crying

knowing that it will not



I do so miss

your foreign intentions,

and how the distance between

us, echoes

my loneliness,

and your tears


If only, I had….



Her Stars, His Sunrise

It never seemed to be the same

they always seemed to miss each other

being other places, other times,


“Her stars, his sunrise

never the twain shall meet”


The softness of the morning light

the coldness of the night stars

The longing that both of them felt,

became sleepless nights,

and headache mornings


Wanting is not the same as having

and wishing doesn’t always become getting,


The earth rotated

the scenes repeated themselves

separated, they were in time and space,

Though together, in their