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Each and Every Breath

Why do I exist
what greater purpose
what grand plan
why do I breathe
in and out
day after day
why do I live
what gives me the right
to exist in this space
where others surely
could be, instead,
what makes me think
like I do
what makes me continue
to be the person that I am
affecting all others around me
with that course of action,
what decides my future
who is with me then, with me now
what will the future me think
about what I did today
what I do tomorrow
affecting, detailing, altering
who I will become,

Each and every breath
just, only, because
living another day
asking why?

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Life, Being a Torrent

in a fast, flowing current
taking me away
rooting at my very core
of existence,
Apparent handholds
mock my feeble grip
Drawing my hands and arms
closer to my body
I resign myself
allowing, giving
take what it will,

Letting life, drag me away
in its current….

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Living, Pain, Time

Living is temporary
Pain is enduring
Time is relative
Seasons do change
Your fingers on my skin
Knowledge is invigorating
Emotions are difficult
Running makes me tired
Starry nights shine upon you
Closing my eyes
Inviting sleep in
Your smile lights up my memory
Cloudy skies light or dark
Violent tendencies turn me off
The world and its problems, out of reach
The wine swirls in my glass
The fire dances in your eyes
Emotions are intense
Living is worthwhile, with you
Time is never long enough
Pain comes, then goes again

Living is temporary
Love is eternal

Enjoy both of them
while you can….

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Complicated, Not

are our lives
not complicated?
why is remembering
that when, is only just
a memory, a moment
in time,

When I told her
I loved her
when her smile appeared
in the seconds that followed

When life was not complicated
being mere moments
a few seconds
the time to breathe
one breath
the image traveling
from head to heart

-just a few seconds of time

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In Less Words

In less words than
the time it takes to open
the door, leaving the past
behind, waving to the future
stuck in the present, I am
enjoying what only I know
being here, in my mind, my body
reaching out, drawing in each breath
exhaling the day of all days,
Life in less words,
cannot be expressed
in so few words
as these…

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The Pain of Living

The troubles, everyday

the pain of living, brings


My thoughts blossom

sprouting in every corner, creating

carpeted meadow fields, of mental images,

of rich scents, and color,

the prose which it becomes,


Honeysuckle vines, and Jasmine carpeting,

thorny rose ceilings, and bumblebee wallpaper

my thoughts, my mind wander

through the cool waters, flowing

my words, my mind, impressions


Soothing the pain that living does bring….