On Your Porch Swing

ice cream,
on your porch swing
feet not touching, your hand
down my shirt
waiting for the bus
to come

I won’t say
I’ll miss you, soon
just don’t stay away
long enough for me
to do so,

The ice cream, gone
the porch swing, creaked
while I stood up to wave

The bus painted
dust devils
on my pickup windows
while I, just looked

Wondering when
I’d stop missing you



How Hot Was It?

Everyone is complaining
complaining about hot
what is hot?
what is not?

Hot means ice cream
Hot means topless beaches (Denmark, you know)
Hot might mean Mini-skirts?

If there are no mini-skirts
I’ll have to let my imagination
do the walking
do the talking

I can imagine quite a bit
I can imagine what others promise
but don’t deliver

I was promised mini-skirts
I got ice cream
I got soda pop
I got cool breeze

My imagination got
what I did not,

I had been that

Black Holes and Desserts

without end,
seemed better
than having
to deal
her scorn
when she
confronted me
the empty
ice cream box
the spoon
in my hand
her only
the thought
triple chocolate
smooth and creamy
on the
for her
her true


Ice Cream in Denmark, Anyone?

Some people take pictures of ships, at ship events, while others take pictures of ice cream signs. The last photo is a bit blurry, as I thought my wife was about to catch me doing silly things again.

Which I was not!

I started out by taking a photo of the Hot Dog Stand, but got distracted along the way…


Killing time in Hobro, Denmark…..


Fishing for Compliments

Fishing is a tricky business. Either you do, or you don’t.

Lucky or not?

Today, we went fishing in the Limfjord Canal, in Aalborg Denmark. The temperature yesterday was around 22 C., but today is a cooler 10 C., with a cold wind blowing from the North.

fishing location

Source: Google Maps . Black ring is approx. location of our fishing expedition today.

The fellows at the dock, who proceeded us had caught some Herring, which is common in early May in Denmark.

They were pretty much finished, when we arrived, leaving us all alone to try our luck. Other than a cold chill, we were not that lucky, each having caught one Herring, but which were thrown back due to their small size.

My son then managed to catch a nice Garfish, which is shown here:


I was determined to catch something as well, so I continued to stand there in the cold wind, until….

I caught 3 Herring on the same line. Fishing for Herring is done using a series of hooks, without bait on them.

Source: http://www.profishingstore.dk

For adults aged 18+ a yearly fishing license is required, while those young people under 18 is free to fish in areas designated to do so.

My son is a bit more adept at getting things ready than his Old Man, who is not as cold tolerant, as he used to be!

coco mikkel fish

Our dog sat in the car and waited patiently until we were finished:

Coco fishing

He seemed happy enough to smell the fish on our hands, and sit in the warm sun in his box.

The views towards Aalborg were nice as well:

aalborg skyline

Traditionally, when we are finished with the day’s events, we usually purchase an ice cream for each of us. It might have looked like this one here:


Source: http://www.testuniverset.dk

And it did, for a while anyway…..




Danish Pastries,etc. – A Primer for Foreigners

You can’t buy a Danish in Denmark!

You can, however, buy pastries Danish Style.

A newer type of pastry is called a Donut. Do (long o-sound) Nut (sounds like nut). Let’s try it again: Donut!

Other types of cakes might be called by different names in different part of the Country. There is no standardization of Cake names! Strange but true!

The same goes for breakfast rolls – Rundstykker, or Round-pieces. If you ask for a Spansk in Aalborg, it might be called something else in Copenhagen. Pointing always helps in a pinch.

Try this:

Jeg vil gerne have (I would like). Yi (like J+high) vil (ville) gerne (ger+nah) have (haa va).

Jeg vil gerne have + pointing with your finger at the desired cake/bread. Pointing with your elbow is not allowed! Banishment is possible if caught by the Danish Pastry Police!


Buying ice cream: Is (sounds like EEE+sss). Vaffel (Vaff+el), Bæger (Baa-long a, + er)

Ice cream in this instance can be purchased in a waffle cone, or a cup (bæger).

Now the tricky part: Choosing the amount of ice cream balls.

2 kugler (cool+er), 3 ditto, 4 ditto, Extra kugler, med guf (mid guf) guf is marshmallow fluff.

The Ice Cream vendor will now ask you a question: “Do you have the correct number of balls, plus the right amount of fluff?”

That question has given me nightmares for all too many years, that I’ve lived in Denmark, and I advise you not to think about it too much. Just accept it for what it is, and leave those thoughts to real Danes…..