Getting to Know You

Getting to know you
is an exercise in living
wanting to know more
than the surface reveals
more than the heart will tell

Getting to know
the mysteries about you
what you will, or won’t tell
the things, I need to find out
the things, I need to accept

Knowing, Understanding, Loving

Getting to know you
is just as much as getting to know
The things that you say, do, feel
are the same for me, but the differences
are the cause of the mystery between
you and I

Getting, Learning, Imagining

What would I reveal to you
my innermost fears, thoughts,
my dark side, and my light
things, that I am almost afraid to tell
things, that I wouldn’t admit to, unless

Our many parts make us
complicated and unknown
the length of an entire lifetime
is still not enough to know
to feel, to experience, to revel
in the other person and their
many faces

Getting to know you
an unending experience

in love…..