Denmark 360 Degrees

This is for you Danish Lovers out there (read: Cyranny).

These videos are taken with 6 cameras, which can let you see well, 360 degrees around the inside of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen. Your host, speaking in Danish, is telling about Danish History, while allowing you to look at the ceiling, floors and the other actors playing their parts.

Not all of these videos will be understandable, but now you can say that you’ve been inside, or outside in Denmark, as if you really experienced it yourself.

Lars Mikkelsen (brother of Mads Mikkelsen – Cyranny) is your host. He is explaining the various things seen by using the virtual button on the upper left, then invites you into the main room, where other things are taking place.

This next video shows a sword fight.


While this one shows a Feast, way-back when in Denmark’s History:


Take a look around while the action is going on, this is an interesting way to attract interest in the History of Denmark. It helps to know Danish, but then not everyone can learn a World’s Language (like Danish) and live in the Country, like I do…..


Waiting for the Woodpeckers

I was sitting on your doorstep
trying to think
in an Canadian way,
while waiting
for the woodpeckers to come,

I imagined taking a walk
with you, or waiting to meet
your parents, using my best French,
which I don’t speak
by the way,

Imagination takes me
far away, and closer to you
but I do miss seeing
your eyes light up
when the Danish Sun
goes down,

If you are in Copenhagen
and I, in Aalborg
then the time zone we share
would make it seem
as if you were a bit closer
to me,

Just without
the Woodpeckers of Montréal

The Floor Creaked

The floor creaked
my muscles ached
my eyes adjusted
to the morning fog

Just around the corner
the City of Copenhagen

I craned my neck,
and tried to see
the castles and towers,
-the City asleep,

The floor still creaked
and my eyes ached
and the fog still shrouded
my warmer intentions

Just around the corner
out of my sight,
the City went about its business
-while I went about mine

a word, an entity
encasing its story, its people
while I lurked
around the corner
out of sight

In my own corner
of a City called

The Tallest Ladder, I Could Find

Today, I tried to see the city of Copenhagen. Tried anyway.

Once upon a time in National Geographic there was a Norwegian joke about Denmark. “Stand on a box, and you can see Norway!”.

I took that story to heart today, and looked for the tallest ladder, I could find. My neighbor just shook his head and muttered, “Another Crazy American to deal with”.

I went to the local building store, but unless I wanted to invest in scaffolding to a whole lot of money, then they just told me to buy 2 ladders of equal length, tie them to my legs like stilts, and hop up, as far as I could! I would’ve done so, but they just broke out laughing and muttered, “And they say Trump is different!”, which made me take my business elsewhere.

If there really, truly is an invasion of Canadian Women to Denmark, then I want to be able to warn my neighbors of this impending danger. I thought they would have backed me up in this endeavor, but I was wrong. So wrong….

I might try to set up a blockade of the local Airport which would send a message to the rest of the Country, “Beware! Danger! Hold onto your varicose veins!

I just feel that the Airport could have backed me up bit by setting an example when/if they come to this part of the Country?


I have a feeling, though, it will be an uphill battle……..

Copenhagen Calling – Don’t Answer that Phone!

In  about a week from now a new invasion will be hitting Denmark! Yes, Canadians are swooping in over the gentle Danish Skies, with their French Murmurings and Foreign Expectations!

What should we do? Hide the kids, or barricade the doors? Sic the dog(s) on them, or deny them entry to the rest of the Country?

What if we restricted them to Copenhagen? That would teach them to come over here and steal our/their women/men!

I have personally been in contact with a Canadian in 2016. Right here in my own city. Right here on my very street, yes even inside my very own home! I survived to tell that tale, and to warn others from suffering the same fate!

Here are the unmistakable photos that ARE Copenhagen that I have had on this website over the past 2 years. This is what the tourists come to see, and this is where they should be spending their time!

My wife agrees wholeheartedly with that statement, and would like to wish any and all Canadians, especially the women, good luck in their sightseeing endeavors in Copenhagen!

Remember that even though they sound like us/them and look like us/them, there still is an element of foreign intrigue involved with women from other Countries!

Gotta go. The wife suspects that I’m not thinking about her again……..

Visiting Copenhagen – Danish for Beginners – Part 2

Now that you’ve mastered customs concerned with Drinking, it is time to move on to daily expressions for your interactions with daily Danes.

We’ll take it slow, just to be sure that I don’t lose any of you along the way, which only happened once before. I guess, I have to let the cat out of the bag and tell you how it happened?

One of the common expressions is: Hygge (Hoo-Gah). This terms can resemble “Cosy” but only, if you are thinking of a warm, candle-lit room, with a fireplace. That would be “Cosy” for the rest of the world, but in Copenhagen, it is only the tip of a Greenland Iceberg!

The word might also mean: Nice, Pleasant, or downright lousy, depending on the intonation and context of its usage. I can see by the drop in interest (people climbing out of windows, or falling asleep) that this is becoming too complex for some of you, which would prompt me to offer you a casual refreshment, at a modest fee, before this lesson/story continues.

OK. Is everyone ready once again? Here we go…………

If I told someone, “Come and cosy yourself up to me”, it might be misinterpreted by any of my 3 former wives, who would only want to sue me for Child Support all over again. Unless you are the brave type of “Pseudo-Dane, who can relate to that type of behavior” then I would ask you to refrain from this type of language!

  • hygge – Noun
  • hygge sig – Verb
  • hyggeligt – Adjective

Let’s try out this new knowledge on the Dane on the Street: You approach a regular Dane, inserting a Danish word into your English sentence, and ask”:

  • Isn’t the weather hyggeligt today?” – Isn’t the weather nice/cosy today? The standard Danish answer might be: “Nej, or Ja for helvede!”

This will add some new words to our vocabulary.

  • nej – no
  • ja – yes
  • for helvede – “?=)(/6% Hell

Obviously, not all of the above words will be needed during your stay, but if you’ve come this far, then you have mastered use of Hyggeligt as an Adjective.

Now as a verb. This is never an easy one to understand, as the meaning might just take you farther into Copenhagen, than is the limit of this Tour.

There you are, enjoying a Danish Beer, wiping your mouth on your sleeve and scratching yourself, where your wife always has said, “never in a public place!”

A Dane approaches you and asks: “Hygge du dig?”. Are you enjoying yourself?

Your response comes quickly, as you reply: Ja, Kom lad os hygge os!

More new words will be required to understand this section:

  • Kom – Come (come here/over to me)
  • lad os – let us
  • hygge os – enjoy each others company

You see, how easy this is? The experience is made all the more enjoyable if the recipient of your question is attractive, young or just making goo-goo eyes for you, and/or if your wife/girlfriend is not present at the time.

Now you are making friends with the locals in Copenhagen, and learning their language to boot!

The trouble might begin when you assume that your newfound friend doesn’t have a largish boyfriend/husband of the body-building type. Rest assured, he won’t be taking time to look up in his Special Edition, Danish for Beginners book for, how to ask you nicely to remove your arm from around his girlfriend/wife’s back, and step backwards very slowly.

This actually occurred during one of my Language Lessons, which made the rest of the day with the other, very scared tourists, a definite non-Hyggelig experience!

So if you want to hyg dig (enjoy yourself) together with someone else, I would suggest that you limit your company to someone who knows and understands you, in whatever language you use.

Yourself, of course……………




Things You Didn’t Know About Denmark

Close your eyes. Think warm and balmy. Where are you at? Southern France?

Nope. Copenhagen in February.


Source: Google

Look at these pictures. See the similarities? A lot of people travel to Copenhagen in February, because they have likened it to Southern France!

I really can’t see any difference between the 2 places, other than some of the funny names on the left-hand map. When are they going to learn how to spell, some of you might be asking?

Close your eyes again. What are you thinking about this time? Girls in Bikinis, Sipping Pinot Noir along the Gulf of Lion, or sipping a glass of Aquavit in Nyhavn?

See what I mean? Those thoughts are the same!

So when you are considering a vacation to the warmer climes of Europe, remember Copenhagen in February!

-And you heard it here first!!!

Palm Trees in Copenhagen – The Sequel

Sorry about that Palm Tree blog. I guess, when you travel as much as I do, there can be photo mix ups from time to time.

Here are my photos from Copenhagen:


Notice the symmetry of the Palm Trees! These Danes don’t leave anything to chance. Oh another interesting thing to remember is how to straddle the while lines on the roads. If you notice how in the first photo, the driver has mastered this practice, while the photo underneath, the driver still has a way to go.

It might be due to the presence of Palm Trees in February that have made more than a few drivers tipsy with their driving? I must admit that I too have had difficulties staying on the road after hugging so many Palm Trees.

Here is another shot to whet your appetite!lithas-camera-first-memory-card-175

Dang! I hate it, when that happens. Young girls in shorts covering up my hug! I guess, I’ll have to dig down in my photo collection to find the correct photo!

What? Some of you might ask am I doing in Copenhagen in February? Well, that is where it is happening, with…..what? Photos from Southern California?

Don’t you think that this blog has any credibility whatsoever? Southern California?

Poppycock! This is the Real Copenhagen!

Why is the same woman in the photo once again? Haven’t you heard about Stalkers? I have the feeling that one of them from Montréal doubles as a Stalker, but that is, as they say, another story.

I might just windsurf over to Copenhagen one day to show my pretty face in Balmy Scandinavia! Living in the Far North of Denmark, the temperature isn’t as temperate as in Copenhagen.


Pulling your leg? I wouldn’t touch your leg, if I was a 10 foot pole!

Just being a 6 foot American……



On a Mission

You’ve probably heard that line before? The Blues Brothers? Hello, Isn’t there anyone over 21 years old out there?

It doesn’t really matter, I guess. I wouldn’t want to be so bold to say that I’m on a Mission from God, but if you feel that typifies my latest series of blogs on “Cop______n” then more power to you.

Missing letters? Yes. that is true. I guess a few of my readers, especially one in Canada, as objected to my use of “enhage” in one two many blogs about the subject! Helt ærligt, she usually says (Frankly) are you really interested in furthering the cause about telling the truth about Denmark’s Capital, or are you just funning with your readers?

I’m happy that some of you out there are wide awake, keeping me on the straight and narrow! I was starting to wonder if some of you pressed “Like” the minute I posted a blog, or was it just my imagination that you did? Anyway, if you are looking for my interpretation of the truth about København (the Danish Name), then you’ve come to the right place. I say, my interpretation, because we all see things differently, making my interpretation just as valid as yours.

“What if we come to Kbh (Danish Abbr.) in February, and it is not at all like you’ve written about?”

Another valid argument, which I won’t do too much about dispelling. I could have used words like “perhaps” or, “i alle sandsynlighed” (in all probability) to cover my back side in case of the snowstorm/ice storm/ big freeze of 2017, but that would take away all of the charm and mystery of visiting Djævleøen (Devil’s Island – Slang for the island of Zealand), and its Capital City, Merchants’ Harbour (meaning of the Danish Name).

Until the Danish Constabulary shows up at my doorstep, accusing me of the misuse of the word, then I guess, I’ll just continue telling the world about this City.

Everything being in my opinion, of course…..


Christiansborg Palace – Seat of Danish Parliament