Bench. San Francisco, California. September, 2016.




We could share a moment, or two

you, me, alongside a busy street, populated

by others who don’t know our names,

the wood is smooth, and the feeling warm

and I wouldn’t mind if you sat closer to me

that perhaps you had been thinking of,

and we could marvel, at how this life

these people we are today

living, breathing, enjoying the feel of the warmth

of the sun, while the shadows dance around us,

I might just choose to whisper something in your ear,

what I had been thinking about, waiting for the right time

when I felt like bursting at the seams, if I hadn’t

then you could pretend, you hadn’t heard what I said

then chose to kiss me, confusing me, pleasing me

making the couple passing by, smile as well

when we move along our way, exiting our claim

on a carved piece of wood, waiting for someone

to share in the moment, some might just call




When I a desert wandering were
a sight, one that caught my eyes
stopping by a roadside
when my thumb too tired was
imagining someone having to stop
to consider what my mind,
saw, at that one-blink instant
of my eyes,

The telephone poles
electrify, enhance, exemplify,
burning hot to the touch,
tempting me, luring my desire
wanting to climb, to feel the insulators
atop where, what only fire birds would know
when they looking down upon me

My wish, my want
to dance, to trip the light along the lines down
where only my imagination could
take me farther, while I
with my thumb outstretched
waited for a new venue to present

DSC01462 beskåret hdr stil

Existing at that moment
one that frozen in time is
while the desert, not knowing
nor caring who I might be
stopping, capturing one photo
cropped, distorted, changed
what my liking might want
at yet another moment existing
in the future, where I now

DSC01462 beskåret mætning

The desert named
in another state of mind called
existing still, as I exist

Been to California, Finally

“Well the first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry anymore. Cause when life looks like easy street there is danger at your door…..Uncle John’s Band – Working Man Dead – Grateful Dead.” Visiting family is not always easy, especially if they live half a world away, and the purpose of my trip concerned attending the funeral of my younger sister.

All that aside the following blog and its followers will show the California I experienced in July 2017. My impressions are shown through my pictures,  which will also give you out there, an impression of life in California as well.


Ice cubes are the “In” thing in the summer months. I swear that at  least once every other day we’d need to invest in those puppies, which would be unheard of in Denmark, if of course you could find them in the stores.


This rather overdone building is an electronics warehouse, Frys in Roseville California.


It had an obvious Train Theme with the usual engine crashing out of the outside wall.


The products were placed on what resembled train cars, with murals along the walls showing more train impressions.


My sister was in the market for a new pc, but all of those dollar signs confused me a bit.


The next day I went to the local Toyota dealership with my brother in-law. The waiting area provided complementary cold drinks, popcorn and coffee. I  had Wonder Woman between my legs while I waited, that is Dr. Pepper, but the story line was a good one, wasn’t it?


The car dealership was dog-friendly, but not having a dog with me, I had  to settle for the one in the waiting area.


I asked the owner what kind of dog it was (I guessed Poodle – Giant Size), close but…it was a Labradoodle. It resembled my own dog back in  Denmark, but…. he could have gone underneath this dog!


The next event was Taco Night. My niece and her boyfriend stood and slaved over the stove to provide the rest of us with freshly-made Tacos.


The inside choices were cut and ready with a variety of hot sauces to taste. The cup visible contains ice-coffee from Starbucks, another must for my sister and her husband.


Here are the tacos on the assembly-line.


The finished product!

Now, I knew I was in California….

Next blog: Placerville, Old Hangtown.


Going, Been to, California

July 2017. Just after the 4th, I took a 14-day trip to the Golden State, mostly for the funeral of my younger sister, but also to join my family in dealing with/experiencing her final goodbye.

I took some pictures along the way, and seeing as how my site, “Traveling Down My Inner Ear” is finished, I felt obliged to put them on this site instead.

Part 1: Goodbye Denmark, Hello Amsterdam


That is Denmark below, if you didn’t recognize it.


I felt a bit homesick. Going home to California. Leaving my home in Denmark.

Two sides of the same story, I guess.


The clouds were nice, and the weather too.


KLM had a nice sandwich waiting for me with a small box adorned with chickens.


Note the obvious Dutch Windmill Theme!


Holland on End.


Amsterdam always seems a bit on the largish side. (over 800,000)


I’ve never actually been outside the airport, so I don’t know if it counts, saying that I’ve been there?


At the airport. The blue /white planes in the background belong to KLM.

I’d like to say that these photos have a deeper meaning, but that would be pulling your funny bone. Try to enjoy the view from my vantage point, but don’t worry about not seeing new things, I’m sure there will be something for you in the upcoming chapters!

Next time: Flying over the Atlantic Ocean.



My sister’s house was a place I’d visit, now and then, but not as of late, you see. The years became many, and the miles became kilometers, which stretched out between the warm California summers to the cold Danish winters.

My life became something else, than it had been before. I did other things, with other people, yes even doing those things in another language.

My sister’s yard, however, continued along its way, growing and expanding, without any help at all.

I tended and cut, and raked and watered, my present yard and its flowers. I built and tore down. I admired and feared the invasion of springtime weeds, and waited until the flower bulbs gave way to the summer cutting of my lawn.

At my sister’s house, the grasses of springtime had turned their characteristic yellow and brown, accumulating under the pine and oak trees, as if they always had done so. My rake stood silent, as did any mention of me having lived there, or visited when birthdays called out, or a cup of coffee, a tale about something silly, or serious beckoned.

My Danish Dream slept while I left it for a while, breathing in the reality of other places, traveling long distances starting in kilometers, ending in miles returning. Returning to my sister’s house, and her yard refusing to acknowledge my existence, or wanting to extend a hand of greeting.

I raked and I cut. I moved huge piles of downed trees, and observed my work. No one praised my actions, as they were never meant to be. I continued along in my madness, as if it called out to me, reminding me of the 30 or more years, in which I had neglected my duties, neglected to fulfill my rightful place on this side of the world.

My sister’s yard will continue to change and to grow, regardless of where I choose to call home. The leaves and pine needles will continue to accumulate, creating slippery pathways, and an increasing fire danger, year after year.

Existing in a brief moment, between where I am, and where I was, gives me an opportunity to correct my many years of neglect, hoping against hope that my actions will bear some fruit, in the short time that I will exist in this time frame.

My sister’s house. A simple refuge. A point of collecting the family. A rally round meeting of past and present faces, surrounded by the pines and the oaks, dreaming their dreams of someone who used to lean on a rake.

Sweating and toiling under the California sun.

In some place called the past…..


I Open My Eyes, to See

The morning seen
cutting ribbons into the tree light
parting the mists
and warming me so,

Sometimes, it’s nice to take
brief excursions
into the mind

If only to separate
life            from  reality

27 September 1982. California


Fluid Emotions

Fluid Emotions

ripples through time

blow gentle breezes

blow through my mind,


Cloudburst intentions

scatter like rain

enriching my pastimes,

or drowning my pain,


Silently stalking

rumors and myths

encountering dream lands,

close scrutiny had missed,


Sight sees, hands grasp

My mind merges with today

30 July 1977. California.


Thoughts 1977

Strange, it seems

to live, to love

to dream dreams,


Stranger yet

my mind withdraws

my heart forgets,


Strangers, we are

lost in life’s mist,


That’s stranger by far…

14 May 1977. California.


Mountain Tree Morning

Sun unseen

I walk about, drawing into myself

the fading nighttime cold,

waiting, somewhat patiently

for the dawn to warm,

I found myself sitting

by the all hours water,

casting my stone thoughts

to higher mountain shores,

-how small the moment is

the “being” high above, looking downward

on waters such as there

and the towering spires above

how silent my life thoughts move downward

I again view the water

swirling to time lost

no everyday living to write about

what causes may present

I live to scan other vistas

to be the feelings, I’ve yet to discover

to find, to cherish, the me inside

Wait now, I see

the sun

The warmth envelopes me – again

1 June 1981


Mapping My Trip

Los Angeles, California is a big place. So big that one map might just as well fill up a tiny Danish Room, and that might seem to be too much for most Danes!

“Give me a Country that can fit on my bedroom floor” is a common Danish saying, translated into English. Here is the original version:

Give me a Country that can fit on my bedroom floor!

Don’t  you just hate/love Google Translate?

It almost looks like the English translation, just without the quotation marks! Perhaps I’ve wasted too many years learning Danish, when I should have used English instead?

Oh well. Here is my starting point:

los angeles

If you notice the International Airport in the circle on the map? No, the one with the red balloon. Yes, Got it? Great. The large triangle, or Three-Sides (in Danish to English) then you’ll notice the Pacific Ocean. It looked as if it needed a triangle on it, even though it didn’t fit exactly!

The arrows show possible directions of travel, while the circled Interstate numbers are the main traffic-congested routes around this Megalopolis! One of the Interstates didn’t exist when I used to live in LA, so I won’t be taking it so as not to jinx things!

One of my sisters came from East Los Angeles, which is on the upper right side of this rather confusing map, but which tells the story of a young girl, growing up together with her family, who lived in an entirely different city than, where she claimed to have come from!

I’m really looking forward to seeing El Segundo again, which was totally unmemorable in the 70s and 80s, and now has the opportunity of being equally unmemorable in the new millennium!

Upon leaving LA, I’ll be driving to the….wait a minute. You can’t see that on this map. I’ll just include the next one to help you out.


Now you can see the big picture including Canada, which has denied me access to Kamloops, but that doesn’t matter anymore! I’ll be driving from….wait a minute, you can’t see that can you? I’ll just zoom in a bit to help you out:

ca sideways

Now I want you to imagine that you are flying into California from the Pacific. How would you know how it looked, if all maps are traditionally pointed with North being at the top of the map?

I’ve also made some sharp angle changes to the Golden State in order to show you that California’s coastline and its border with Nevada are less than perfect as opposed to a state like Colorado!


Notice how rectangular Colorado is as compared to California! Someone should re-draw the boundaries and make the USA more uniform! Note how North is at the top of Colorado!


Here is Colorado as if you were flying in from the Pacific. Note how it still has its rectangular shape, but the writing is all wrong. It might be right, if you can think in right angles, but for the rest of the untrained travelers, the image might be confusing?

But we’ve traveled far from California to Colorado, and that is not the purpose of this blog. I’m not really sure of the purpose, but I’m hoping that it will become more clear to me and Wonder Dog as we journey down My Inner Ear, which just happens to be the title of this site, if you didn’t know that?

Colorado / California or Bust!

(Maps borrowed from Google Maps)