I thought
when the next movie
came to town
I would ask the girl
of my dreams, if she

It was about some guy
who could talk to women
making them melt like a fudge sickle
or fry an egg on a warm sidewalk
in Phoenix Arizona in the Summer

We could walk together
not too close, and she could look
like I imagined her to be
with her long hair and eyelashes,
but not daring to look any farther down
not yet anyway,

The plot was about this pilot dude,
who looked great, even in my mirror
just not when I was in the room,
He was called Chuck, or Biff and had
a girl in every airport, in the
candy department, and when he said,
they were sweet, they really were,

I wanted to see the movie, mostly
because it had planes and bombs falling,
the bombs, but not the planes,
but not on Alaska, where it would scare
the Caribou crossing the tundra,
a lot,

She wanted us to go Dutch, but I insisted
that I wasn’t very comfortable with foreign things
so I suggested we each pay for our own ticket,
just to be sure,

When the movie theater began to get dark
I decided to make my move
she was only interested in the screen size
which she said made things larger than life,
but I refused to tell her about my own things
right then,

When she was involved with the hero on the screen
I decided to make my move,
the darkness made me brave, and reminded me
of all the things that I wanted, and I knew, hoped
that she wanted them too?

I reached my arm around her, in her direction
anyway, and let it float a bit, in mid-air
while the hero was smoking cigarettes
while chewing gum, making her sigh,
a lot

I let my arm down, in the most elegant way
and while poised on the edge of my seat,
well actually stuck there on somebody’s gum,
but it did keep me from running away, which
would not be good,

I let my arm fall around her, just about when
the bombs were falling and the crowds were
and I found my goal, right on target
the best place to be, for anyone in that theater
if they had my name, that is,

In her box of popcorn!
which made my heart race, and my mouth water

Exactly as I imagined it
would be….