Henrik and Eurovision

Henrik the local hero was seen last night at the Danish version of the Eurovision Song Contest. He was seen among the judges, trying not to influence the others with his “larger than life” image.

During this grand show, one of Henrik’s favorite bands, was seen performing during an intermission show between the main acts. The local rapper, Jake the K, and his backup band, Karsten and the Darks, were successful in getting the whole of the audience in the correct mood, with everyone rapping along the words to one of the city of Aalborg’s favorite song, “The Building House Blues”.

Henrik was seen giving his impression of Cesar, with a thumbs up review of his favorite band, while slowing fading into the background, allowing the contest to continue without his enlightenment to guide them onward.

It was reported that Henrik dealt out various autographs to well-wishers before his departure to his ’56 Caddy, with the large fins, driven by none other than Sanne, herself, sporting a new and exciting hairstyle for this fabulous event.

Henrik has promised me the most recent photo of this hair extravaganza, but the rest of the world will have to wait for my description of that and this star-studded event in the local newspaper, The Aalborg Times.

Read your on-line version as it becomes available…..


Bridging Aalborg – 2

My trip over the first bridge being completed, my next task was to travel over to the next bridge, the Railroad Bridge.


Here is a photo looking back at Limfjordsbroen, The Bridge over Limfjord Waterway. The seas were rather choppy due to the winds of almost Storm Force.



This is the small boat harbor on the north side of the waterway in the City of Nørresundby, with the buildings belonging to Aalborg visible in  the background.


It was not exactly swimming weather, when I chose my trip, as seen by the waters on the northern side of the first bridge.


My destination, The Railroad Bridge, was now visible to my west.


Wouldn’t you know it, a train was approaching.


I managed to see it whoosh along towards the north, before I headed back towards the nearby street in Nørresundby.


Wouldn’t you know it? Train tracks are ahead.




Here is the start of the pedestrian side of the Railroad Bridge, with course towards back to Aalborg.


Around the middle of the bridge is an overlook of sorts with benches to enjoy a look at the waterway below.


Looking back to the north with the remains of foundations belonging to an older bridge visible in the waters to the left of the bridge.


The choppy waters flowing below me.


The Railroad Bridge from the Aalborg side. The large structure visible above the bridge is the counterweight that swings, when the bridge is opened to allow maritime traffic to pass.


Google felt at this juncture that I needed a panorama photo of the Train Bridge.


Photo taken on the Aalborg side, between the two bridges.


Looking to the east towards my first bridge, Limfjord Bridge.


A rather funky building with an unusual extension.


A closer look at the Limfjordsbro on my approach to it.


The first bridge over the Limfjord. Also a drawbridge like the Train Bridge. This bridge allows the transport of over 31,000 vehicles per day.

The two crossing points of the Limfjord Waterway (for Motor Vehicles) have made planners suggest a third point of crossing a bit more to the west. Funding has though stopped this idea, but not killed it entirely. Every time a new election comes (one due later this month in November) the politicians, or those who want to be called such, bring up the topic once again, promising more than they can deliver, but then what else are politicians for anyway?……………….

Training – South of Aalborg

Some of you are wondering, why? What is it with Trains and Aalborg? Good question, but not one that this blog is qualified to answer.

Today while the weather was only gloomy, and depressing, I took a new bike ride towards the Danish City of Aalborg. Why? Another good question. A darn good question, but now that you have me swearing about it, the Parental Rating for the answer has exceeded my qualifications to do so.


Where are we in the above photo? All right it is a screenshot, but that is beside the point.

We are at the Skalborg Station along the Train tracks to/from Aalborg, located in the southern part of the main city, called Aalborg sv (south west).

If you are into Wikis then this might be something for you: https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skalborg_Station

But alas, it is only in Danish, but don’t worry about it, as it is also boring reading in Danish!

The Skalborg Station has the classic Train-Look about it:


Looking to the north, you can see a rather largish digital monitor, which destroys the ambience of the photo.


Looking to the south, you can almost imagine a train whooshing by you, almost knocking your Samsung Cellphone out of your hands.


My goodness. Those puppies certainly are fast, but rather timely to add to the action element of this blog!


Looking north, you’ll be wondering about if parallel lines really do meet, or if it just something your parents told you, instead of focusing on the Birds and the Bees?


More chances to check in/out and let your hard-earned Danish Kroner flow from your bank account to someone elses.20171021_135125

Here is a close-up of that rather bulky display. A part of me wanted to ditch my bike and throw caution to the winds, heading toward the Main Train Station! I was, however, brought back to my senses with the better possibility of stretching my legs, and breathing in the fresh, clean air of Danish Democracy!



More possibilities to use your money, while not getting wet – PS only if the wind was not blowing at the time – which it almost always is.


I just love the ominous colors on the above photo. If you don’t have your reading glasses on, it says that if you are caught without a ticket, you will be severely beaten then driven to Sweden for deportation! All right. It doesn’t exactly say that, but it’ll cost you DKR 750 to find out the consequences of your actions!


A nice waiting area, with free newspapers available.


Next blog in this obvious Train-Series: A continuation of my bike trip towards Aalborg (Yes, there will again be a train track or two to relate to)

If I were you, I’d be asking, “why another blog for a single trip”, with the answer lying in Harry Potter. Why make 2 films out of the last book, The Deathly Hallows, in the series? The answer: more exposure, more money (not in my case), more viewers

I rest my case…

A Short Bike Trip to Aalborg

Some of you might have been missing the Denmark-part of this blog? I’d like a show of hands (everyone except Cyranny of course), who has missed this part of the blog?

Well, it doesn’t matter one way or the other, as today’s blog concerns a short bike trip to Aalborg.

Here is the customary map, courtesy of Google Maps:

cykel rute

There was a cold wind from the north, which is usually attributed to Norway, but it was a nice trip, nonetheless.


This is the view to the north after the first hill. I knew where my legs and lungs were, but decided to continue anyway.


This is a view of the southerly hospital in Aalborg, Syghus Syd. The older building is now dwarfed by the newer buildings in the background.



Google felt at this point in time that I needed the above picture, which I agreed to.


Here is a closer shot of the older hospital, which is now mainly used for other things than patients.


This nifty sign tells cyclists that they are number ?? bicycle for the day. It also tells your speed and how long it is to the center of town, but as I had stopped to take this picture, my speed was then 0 kilometers an hour.


Here is an intersection a bit farther ahead.


If any of you doubted my assertion that I was on a bike, then here is a bit of proof!



Here is another Google rendition of a building next to the train tracks. I took it to show the 3 statues/towers placed on this and the next 2 buildings, which normally aren’t seen while driving in the city.



The train station is in the background, but if you can’t see its fine detail and many tracks then you’ll have to take my word for it.



Looking back to the north, I finally can give my legs and lungs the message that it is all downhill from here.



One of Aalborg’s many fine hotels, the Phoenix is seen on the left-hand side. One thing that is characteristic about Denmark are the many flags seen here and there. I don’t feel the need to salute them, nor break out in the Danish National Anthem, which by the way doesn’t have any bombs bursting, or the like, but I still respect the flag as a symbol of The Kingdom of Denmark.




This statue of a bull symbolizes both the City of Aalborg and Himmerland, the peninsula in which Aalborg is located.




Here is where I’ll be turning to the right, otherwise I’ll have to bike over the drawbridge separating Aalborg and Nørresundby to the north of the Limfjord Canal.


There are some fountains spewing their water, as I take this picture of a rather largish Cruise Ship sporting flags from Nassau.


It isn’t the largest ship that I’ve seen here, but it does tend to fill up this part of the harbor a bit.


Here is a former Ice-breaker called Elbjørn. This is now a restaurant, and guess what? It is for sale! Just 6,5 Million Kroner ( almost $ 1,000,000). A steal at half the price!



Here is the drawbridge mentioned before, between Aalborg and Nørresundby.



With the Cruise Ship in the background, and Elbjørn on the left, there is still some room for a game of basketball.


Patterns on the street looking East.


Patterns on the street looking West.


My final shot is of the drawbridge, just a bit farther to the West. I’ll be peddling home now, with less energy than I started with, but then isn’t that what exercise is all about?

Nordic Sailing – Denmark – Day 2

4 July 2017. The ships are ready to sail from the harbor in Aalborg, and move into position across from the town’s center, waiting for the start signal.

My views of this event were increased by taking photos of the ships as they approached then passed through the first obstacle, the Railway Bridge ( as seen from the pedestrian walkway).


The start signal was  sounded around 10am and the ships, with filled sails, moved along the Limfjord Canal towards the open sea, The Kattegat.



Next stop: Sweden

Alas, I won’t be accompanying them, other than being an armchair observer, but not all of us are destined to sail on the seven seas, after all……


Nordic Sailing – Denmark – Day 1


3 July 2017. Skudhavn, Aalborg Denmark


A collection of ships from the 3 Nordic Countries, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. This yearly event is to strengthen ties between these three countries especially with the youth on board. This year the trip (a friendly competition) begins in Denmark then continues to Sweden, then Norway.

Nordisk Sejlads website – in Norwegian http://nordisksejlads.org/wp/


A Danish Naval vessel, accompany ship, named Jupiter.


A Danish windmill wing, displayed along the roadside.


Each ship had a blue/while description of the history of that ship, as well as its facts and figures.


Starting location. FDF – Danish  Scouts.


Pallet furniture for use by the visiting guests.


A Danish Submarine, Springeren, at the nearby Maritime Visitor’s Center


The program


Keeping track of who wins/loses


The proposed route from Denmark to Sweden – Norway.

Continued in Day 2.

An Evening in Aalborg Denmark

In the City of Aalborg, Denmark where I reside, a yearly event occurred last night. It is called Regatta, which according to English Oxford Dictionaries means:

A sporting event consisting of a series of boat or yacht races.

Usually it is just some ships docked at the harbor with a number of stages set up offering music and ambience to the residents of Aalborg.

This year was no exception.


There was music, speed boat races, events and playground for Children, and the event I experienced: Semi-finale in Firework Competition (in Denmark) between 3 competitors.

I ended up experiencing the firework show on my favorite wooden ship from 1899, Jens Krogh, and in the middle of the Limfjord Canal, a bit closer to the Firework Show than the rest of the audience present.


Jens Krogh.


Danish ship called LOA.


Russian Ship named Mir (peace) on left, Utzon Hus in middle, where the music took place.


Sunset in Aalborg 2245 (10:45pm)


One of the tops of Utzon House.

I apologize for not posting more about Aalborg, but I’ve been busy emptying my head of my random thoughts. There was a time when I was less fond of Denmark, mainly because it wasn’t California, but sink or swim, I decided to accept it as my home at long last.

Attempting Springtime in Denmark

In Denmark is is said that it isn’t the temperature, nor the weather that is the problem, rather the type and amount of clothing, you have on.

My faithful dog didn’t ask, if we shouldn’t go out in the rainy weather. He had his fur coat on, and that was fine for him.

This day of 9 degrees Celsius resembled Spring in certain aspects, but I would have liked a bit more warmth and dry conditions for my walk.


Danish Cowslip (Primula veris)


My dog allowing me to take up the rear.


Reclaimed Gravel Pit now used as recreative area.


Bronze Age Burial Mound in Background.


The Ox Road (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C3%A6rvejen)


Flowering Cherry Plum tree (Prunus cerasifera)



Beech Trees with their winter foliage, waiting for the green of Spring.


Many choices of pathways.


Denmark’s 4th largest city, Aalborg, seen in background.



Designated trail marker with stated restrictions.


All photos taken with Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

More Sightseeing in Aalborg Photos


Metal sidewalk patterns, at the Town Center – Nytorv.


Fountains, just not active. Music and water combined in the Summer.


The Old Tax Building, now serving as a Bank.


Fountains, and the Limfjord Canal..


Coffee and much more along the Pedestrian Street. The corner of Møllegade and Algade.


Museum of the Franciscan Order. Elevator leads underground to artifacts dating back to 1250 AD. The Monastery remained active until 1530. The foundation is still visible.


Signs designating the end of the Pedestrian Street.


“Timbered” Building on Fjordgade.


Various shots of Utzon Hus. Designed by Aalborg “boy” Jørn Utzon and completed in 2008, the year of his death.


Views near Utzon Center on the Aalborg side of the Limfjord Canal.


Aalborghus Slot dating back to 1539. Former Royal Residence.


Along the waterfront looking westwards towards the Limfjord Drawbridge.


Looking south past the inactive fountains, towards the Jens Bangs Stenhus at Nytorv.


Aalborghus Slot and the Fountains.


Tiled patterns.


Street Scenes along the main N-S artery, Vesterbro.


Painting near the local Biograf (Cinema) above the railroad tracks.


At Sculptor Park.


The Aalborg Tower. 55 meters tall from 1933. Restaurant located at top.

Art Museum at lower right.


Source: Google Maps

Approximate location of photos.

What the Canadians Saw

What did the Canadians see, while here in Northern Denmark?

Well that is a story for the deaf, and a sight for the blind…..

To the north of Aalborg is a Viking Burial Site called Lindholm Høje.


Source: Google Maps


Source: Google Maps

There are a number of stones which date back to the Iron Age, and the time of Vikings.


Here is the description on Wikipedia   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindholm_H%C3%B8je


These 4 cold and dreary looking photos perfectly describe the mood at the time. It was cold, and wet, and drizzly. My iPhone 4 was about to go white, but I didn’t suspect anything at the time. The Canadians might have jinxed it, or put some sort of spell on it, because the next photo looked like this:


OK. It didn’t look like that, but it could have! If you looked closely, you might have seen one of them……but I couldn’t. I was blinded by their French Language, and their Pure Foreignness!

Then we went various places, but you wouldn’t believe me without the photos that were/could have been numerous, but weren’t all the same.

Then the sightseeing became even more exciting!

Remember, this is not bathroom humor.

Just imagine, you are up at night to answer the call of Nature, when the unthinkable happens…the seat falls down and wakes up your dear one!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the same toilet that they experienced, with the Soft Closing Lid!

Here is a silent advertisement, showing the same thing.



The added feature is that the seat can be removed for easy cleaning!


They professed to never have seen the likes of such a wonder, either in Montréal or in Trois-Rivières!

Then they were dazzled by eating Russian Borscht, and Lentil Chili. Then Untried Chicken Curry with Red Lentils, finished off with Spongy Carrot Cake!

Don’t be fooled in thinking that I too did not get something out of their visit. While at the Aalborg Airport, I was allowed to park my car numerous times, in the cold and dreary, Danish Weather, and…

And when they finally arrived, the gate had been changed, but don’t worry – I managed to get a text message calling me a “Ninny…….”

Gotta Love Those Canadians…..