Tandem Dreams

Being a pair
with tandem dreams
easy is not a word
to remember,
like hard is

Two of a kind
the troubles begin
when more than one thought
is combined, with another

that us moving in the same
direction, was enough
but cooperation
was really the key for

If I thought about
taking a break
while she pedaled her heart out
enjoying the views,
the road beckoned ahead,

being the combination
of two hearts, two minds
and at least 4 feet, traveling
in the same sphere, thinking
in the same direction,

Leaving no time, nor energy
for independent thought
not at least if wanting
to get anywhere, anytime soon

Sometimes, I wish
that life was a bit more even
not just uphill, tired legs and minds
knowing that downhill comes
now and then,

but uphill

becomes the price to pay
when things even out



Cutting Kisses

Cutting kisses
strewn about the floor
wondering if desire had
an end?

Arms flailing
the curtains thrown back
slicing the morning light
streaming currents into my eyes
my sight drowning

Her beauty, that no one else sees
her hidden talents, her wayward smile
her fingers coaxing, beckoning me back

Cutting kisses
blowing whispers turned yells
shouting, professing our love
the top of our lungs, the top
no higher, no seemingly way higher?

Saying it better
more succinct, more precise
using dictionaries and encyclopedias
huge tomes of forgotten lore
those who have described what I felt
why I did so, what she did, why we wanted

Why we wanted each other?

Cutting kisses
while tossing roses about the room
candles dancing in their light
the smell of burning wax, her lipstick trails
marking pathways on my skin,

God, how I loved her
when she decorated my life

with her love…

What She Wanted

She wanted
than to
be loved,

I wanted
than to
love her,

What we
and what Life
gave us
was a chance
to get
to be

What we


Being Nervous

My lack of being nervous
was strengthened to the negative
when I met a woman most foreign,
whose path was never to cross
with mine,

Encouraging her to travel
and seek out her dreams
caused a sudden increase
of being nervous, countered by
a particular fall in being smug,

Learning the art
of keeping my mouth shut
is a lifelong process
of which I never
will master

-especially in the company
of women so foreign…


Word Thoughts

I’ve been sending
my word thoughts out
distance gives no meaning
travel far, they do,

What others choose
to understand of what
I’ve written, of what
I’ve thought
I have no control over,
or want there of,

My word thoughts
having left their former
place of residence, seeking
new climes to reside in,

Others, reading, understanding
interpreting, thinking about
dreaming of, memories sparked
the realization of having been
there before,

Now residing,

Where my thoughts have been…



Thoughts of her
permeating my early thoughts
her words, changing into
the chirping of the songbird
wings fluttering, whispering
a voice, known called out
sound patterns motioning
my sense of hearing, challenged

Just what was she trying
to tell me?

I rolled over in bed again
singing her morning song

Kept always, safely protected
in my heart…


My Mind’s Journey

My mind’s journey
traveling incessantly
along this stretch of life
denied itself any thought
of pleasure, or enrichment
or passions echoing
from distant waysides,
oases nurturing,
resting for a life’s while,

The distance rolls on
never knowing just where
a new exit beckons,
a new door opens
closing out everything
what my mind knew
or remembered
of my former existence,

Traveling onward to a new one


Clear Intentions

My clearest intentions
not containing
my otherwise
clouded thoughts
tended to scream
with confusion,

Not unlike when
I chased her out
of my otherwise clockwork
setting my mice free
letting them do the dirty work
for me,

Never wanting to admit
that her existence and mine
were inexplicably linked
only finding our way
by the sounding of fog horns
warning us of bad weather ahead,

Her and I,
our relationship
never clear enough to see,
and never foggy enough
to stop looking
for each other…


Water Thoughts

The water
playing upon my skin
thoughts of her
just thoughts,
while the dog
on the other side
telling me in his own way
those impure thoughts
do not become me,
or is it just the call
of the great outdoors
that has distracted
my mind wanderings
along similar paths…


Women, Foreign

Some might argue
vigorously, vehemently
that foreign women
have tended to herald
my downfall in this life,

All women, considered
by me to be foreign,
could be the explanation,
the reason for doing what
I do,
and why…