Been to California, ESA in ‘lanta

I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my long life, but wait, there will surely be more to come!

At the International Airport in ‘lanta, I came upon this little fellow:


The writing might not be that easy to read, but this dog is actually an “Emotional Support Animal”.

I smiled loudly, but no one else seemed to be affected by either the dog, or my outburst.

I asked the girl with the dog if I might take its picture, which she consented to, but looked a bit lost when I did so.

Living in Denmark must have dulled my senses, as I never had heard of such a thing before. I could of course read about it on the Internet, like here:, or here:

Which means that I could register my own Support Animal, taking it with me on trips such as this one, reassuring me when I needed it most?

All right. Stop pointing your fingers at me. Insensitive, am I? No. Just ignorant.

They must be important for some people, and because I never have heard of them before, doesn’t make me a bad person.


Just an ignorant one…..


Been to California – Over the Atlantic

You might have heard about a singer named, John Denver? Yes, No, Maybe. In one of his songs he sings, “It’s a long time, to hang in the sky” (Starwood in Aspen)

That pretty much sums up the flight over the Atlantic Ocean. There is a long way to go, and nowhere to move your legs!

Amazingly, I only have one photo from that journey:


What was I thinking about? I don’t know. Perhaps why I was traveling to the USA, or perhaps why the people around me didn’t say that much for those 8 hours and 44 minutes! I saw a few movies, and ate a few meals.

Enjoy this real-time photo, which is just a photo of a monitor, which I just happened to remember to take a picture of, for no reason at all.

Where is the next destination? Someplace with more than 1 photo. Atlanta, Georgia! or, ‘lanta, if you’ve been there before……

PS I am almost ashamed to put this blog in the “travel” category, but the only other place to be would be “uncategorized”, then you wouldn’t be reading this right now, would you?

end of blog….

PPS. Oh by the way, if you don’t have anything to do until my next uncategorized, travel blog then try listening to John D.:



Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time
lived I did in a large country
where everyone spoke the same

I knew everything, I needed
to know,
others around the world wanted
to be exactly like me
to speak exactly like me,
in English, of course,

The whole world revolved
around my country
around my language
around my lifestyle

I didn’t need more than that,

Once upon a time
lived I did, in a smaller country
where everyone spoke the same

They knew everything, but I did not
others around the world thought the same
of their own country,
they wanted to be exactly
like I wanted to be
in my new country

The whole world revolved
around the sun,
including that large country
where I used to think
where I used to live
where I used to believe
it was the only, and best
place to be,

Once upon a time
I thought differently
I knew so little about
the world at large,

Once upon a time
in the USA

Once upon a time
in Denmark

Once upon a time
in this life…..

My Special Visit

Dear Little Sister                                                                                       July 4, 2017

As a surprise for you, I’ve decided to travel from Denmark to California in order to join the family in the celebration of your life.

I’ve gathered all of the photos and video clips, any and all papers, and such, so we can have fun remembering how life was, growing up together.

I must admit, I’ve told many others here about you over the past 2 weeks, which is more than I ever have spoken of you before. You know how our communication has been lacking over the last 25 years or so, but last year, when I visited you and the rest of the family, we let bygones be bygones.

I’ve done a lot of writing with your son concerning the visit and the past few weeks. He seems like a fine young man who, under your love and guidance, has grown up into a person that you can easily be proud of.

I’m told that a number of your other friends and family, will also be present to celebrate your life. The greatest thing we possess in this life, are those two things, and my life as well, is enriched by much of the same.

I’ve been meaning to ask you a few things, that have been on my mind over the past 2 weeks or so, but the shortness of my visit might not allow me the pleasure of getting all of those questions answered.

I’ve taken some of the photos with me showing us together, growing up in California. It seems like a million years ago, the last time we were together, but I know that we will always share something special, regardless of where we end up in this life.

I’ve been thinking about contacting you before this trip, but you know how it is with our daily duties, etc.? There is always something that comes in the way, and the unexpected most of all. We can only live our lives, with the knowledge that we put one foot in front of the other, and know that we will get where we are going, some day.

I am not sure, what I can bring you, as you seem to have everything you need. Your husband and your son, a long life to look back on, and the knowledge that something even greater will be waiting for you in the end.

I hope this letter has explained the purpose of my extra-ordinary visit this summer? We can’t control everything in this life, no matter how much we try. Some surprises are good, while others less so.

I hope, you’ll remember, that I am your brother, now and forever, and any/all differences, we’ve had with each other, are now a thing of the past.

Well, gotta run now. I’ve still a few things to pack before my trip tomorrow. Be assured that through the many airports and days until your celebration, I’ll still be thinking of you, and wondering about your life, and how I was a part of it, so many years ago.

Sincerely yours – what? Too formal?

OK. Since it is you,

Love – Your brother

I Walked Me a Trail

I walked me a trail

in a park called



I walked me a trail,

and my unknown bear walked as well,

in a National Park,

in California,


I ran me a trail,

but the bear ran as well,

being faster and stronger, and also

in a wilderness, called Yosemite,


I stopped me a walking

for my breath wouldn’t let me

escape my worst fears, like those

imaginary bears, that live in a

magical place, called


Geography Lesson – North America

North America consists of:

  • America
  • North America
  • Other Countries without America in their names

Central and South America, want to be like North America, just without admitting it to themselves, or others. Other Countries, associated with North America, just without America in them, are not a required part of North American Geography. Those other Countries are not labelled on American Maps, because this lesson only concerns North America!

All other countries, lacking the proper credentials, will be considered for membership, but only if the following criteria are met:

  • Wanting to have “America” in their Country Name
  • Accepting that North America is chiefly for Americans
  • All other Non-American Activities, are generally frowned upon

Next Geography Lesson –  Locating Canada on your map of North America….

My First Trip to Denmark – Day 2

OK. Still in Washington DC, but don’t fret. Denmark is still on the way!


Here is a photo taken with the Washington Monument on the left, and the Capitol Building just barely visible on the right hand side. This was actually a color photo, but my scanner and I couldn’t agree on that. I said that it was in color, but it won the argument, and made it in Black and White instead.


Blossoming Cherry Trees with the Washington Monument in the background.


The Smithsonian Institute (1855) visible with its distinctive red brick, in the background.


Sign on the streets of the City of Fairfax, Virginia.


Statue located at the Vietnam Veteran Memorial.


Civil War Cannons nearby.

I’d like to tell more about the Civil War, but that will have to wait until my re-telling of my Coast to Coast Trip across the USA. My then brother in-law was a Military Historian, and he showed me a number of interesting sites nearby Washington DC. Sorry, but the next blog will be concerning Denmark!

Yea! Denmark at last…..

How Wrong, It Can Go

When I lived in Los Angeles, California, I used to listen to FM-radio. One station, KMET played Rock and Roll, but not only that.

One DJ played Country Music as well. He often took his own records with him and played them in the evenings in the early 70’s. I was introduced to Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Linda Ronstadt, Gordon Lightfoot, and a host of others, both of Rock, Country Rock, Folk Music, you name it, he played it.

He had his troubles though, and one night while drunk and on the air, he said a number of things that got him fired. He later ended up at a FM Country Station, which  lasted another year or so, when history repeated itself, once again. He drifted from station to station, finally ending up somewhere in Colorado, where he still hosts a radio program.

This is one of the songs that I was introduced to, and had recorded on my cassette player, hiked close up to the speaker of my Transistor Radio!

  • and I can never, never, never go home again…….


Here are the lyrics from Google Play Music, if you want to sing along with Ian and Sylvia


For Amber Waves of Grain

Funny how music affects us.

I was watching the Inauguration yesterday, as was most of the rest of the world, I’d imagine, but was struck, not by the rhetoric, nor the many comments (in Danish) from the commentators, by the music playing in the background.

It’s not every day that I hear “America the Beautiful”, or the “Star Spangled Banner”. Especially when the first song was sung, it brought back memories of being an American, in the USA.

I’m not going to get my mini Stars and Stripes, nor will I comment on the new guy vs. the old guy, but it was the music that really got my attention.

It’s like when I read this post: about Pearl Harbor.

Again, it was not the subject matter, but the mention of the date 7 December, that awoke a memory in me from my distant past. It occurs every year on that date, but it is no good telling my co-workers about it as they were not born and raised in the Good Old US of A. Pearl Harbor is just a historical event, and not more than that, but it is the date that reminds me of something else.

Yesterday, I got the same feeling, when I heard “America the Beautiful” sung on the steps of the Capitol Building. It reminded me of when I lived in the States, and I didn’t consider the rest of the world, other than wondering about those foreign places, when looking at a map, or hearing/seeing it on the news. We were all Americans, so it didn’t seem to be necessary as having to explain, or defend that idea, as I have done over the last 25 years living in Denmark.

I would imagine that it is not easy governing a Country, big or small, and the person that has that responsibility has a big job ahead. Every elected official makes promises both before and after the election, but it is only time that will show, how those promises will/will not be to anything.

I would like to wish the new guy luck in his endeavors, and hope that he makes good of his 4-year term. I wouldn’t want to take sides in this issue, as everyone deserves a chance in this life to show what they are worth, and he does too.

Happy New Guy USA, and PS – I loved the music!