Buer Bree water adjusted

Engage with me
my thoughts now fluid
flowing into your mind’s cup
overflowing with passion
overflowing with the color
of your eyes, drowning me
in the blueness of their waters
soothing, your hands rippling
across my body of thought,
starting with but a meander
the watercourses we followed
leading us, tempting us
quenching our thirst
when the waters of your passion
never, ever could leave me dry
wanting, hoping for you
to engage with me

Waterfall. Near Buer Glacier, Norway. 2011


Home Town

Henrik’s Home Town

A concept, an idea I’d often wondered about

“Look at my hand”, he told me one day. He showed me the roads that led from there to here. The deeper intentions, the smoother edges. The center of it all.

I looked at my own hand in turn. There were scratches from this and that. A scar from my childhood. Age spots that couldn’t be denied, but no deeper meanings here. No way at all to read my life, like he could.

He turned his hand over to show me where it all started. Then he did that. Then he met Sanne, and “Wait a minute?” “Sanne!”

“There. Where the colors turn from the one to the many” he said, as if everyone in their lives had such a turning point. A time when they went from going it alone, to…

Sure enough the colors did tell their own story. How they met. What they saw in each other. Why she liked to run her hands along the fins of his ’56 Caddy! A love story in itself.

I didn’t need to pry any longer. I had gotten the answers, I had been looking for. It’s not always easy for the rest of us, not having the privilege of being Enlightened as Henrik was, but then

There was only one Henrik, wasn’t there?…..

Someone Like You

“I know”, she said
her eyes glistening
like ice crystals
on a sunny day,

“I know he loves me”

Some guys,
getting all the luck, just not me
why not me?

We sat there, just
rather close, while she told me
how it was, was going to be

Then he looked into my eyes,
she continued, and said
“Come on, play along with me”

Such a dilemma, me, her
and him,
and I, being just an understudy
the boob without a girl, someone
who just happened along, while she,
while he,

“Come on you, look into my eyes
I want to know how to react, when he

I did, as I was told
nothing more to do about that
plain and simple,
I just stared into her ice crystals
without feeling, without thinking,

“Then”, she said
“Then he will take my hand in his, and
Well, come on and do as I say!
Honestly, haven’t you ever romanced a girl

Honestly, not. Oh, I’ve let my sleeve catch fire
while reaching over the candlelight, and I have
spilled my wine on her dress, her new dress
during our first and most certainly last date,
but romance? Nope. Never got that far

“OK. Now while holding my hands, and looking
into my eyes, you need to say….”

Uh. What did I need to say? Sorry, but the love of your life
is delayed in the Men’s Room?, or, should I tell her how
and why she needs a boob like me? Why should I complicate
her life with that? And mine too…

A part of me said “Run you fool”, but my feet were made of
concrete, a project for beginners, a foot bath for birds,

“Kiss me….Now”

Her eyes closed. Perfect for me. To Run!

What if I had stayed? What if she was really talking about me?

What if…..


Been to California – Over the Atlantic

You might have heard about a singer named, John Denver? Yes, No, Maybe. In one of his songs he sings, “It’s a long time, to hang in the sky” (Starwood in Aspen)

That pretty much sums up the flight over the Atlantic Ocean. There is a long way to go, and nowhere to move your legs!

Amazingly, I only have one photo from that journey:


What was I thinking about? I don’t know. Perhaps why I was traveling to the USA, or perhaps why the people around me didn’t say that much for those 8 hours and 44 minutes! I saw a few movies, and ate a few meals.

Enjoy this real-time photo, which is just a photo of a monitor, which I just happened to remember to take a picture of, for no reason at all.

Where is the next destination? Someplace with more than 1 photo. Atlanta, Georgia! or, ‘lanta, if you’ve been there before……

PS I am almost ashamed to put this blog in the “travel” category, but the only other place to be would be “uncategorized”, then you wouldn’t be reading this right now, would you?

end of blog….

PPS. Oh by the way, if you don’t have anything to do until my next uncategorized, travel blog then try listening to John D.:




The Bookcase

She ran her fingers along the books in my bookcase, as if she were trying to read my life.

Some of the bindings were torn, faded, or just missing parts. The titles not especially clear, some hard to read, some not making any sense at all.

Some of the books were missing. Parts of my life which had gone lost, somewhere along the way. The years before I knew her. Uninteresting, to say the least.

When she came to our life together, she took a deep breath, before finding a seat nearby, taking a stack of the most important years, trying to read my life with hers.

I would have liked to share the moments with her. Seeing her face light up, when she read the important parts. The minutes spent. Not anything more important in this life for the both of us. She laughed, then she cried. Her face reflected the light of the sunset creating long shadows on the walls of my books, the oranges burning brightly through the later years of my life.

Her fingers hesitated for a moment. She started putting the books back in place, making sure the edges were immaculately placed with just enough space for a bit of dust to share the memories, the pages of my life.

One book remained open. The table, the room now existing as a memory, where we walked the fields and the streets of my life, hand in hand, closer to the touch.

The final pages were left blank, until her fingers found the strength to finish the story. The story of our lives together, when the edges, the bindings were new, and we had the whole story in front of us.




The day leaves

drops and splashes

on my glasses,

clouding my views,

My jacket, being my shield

defends not my hands, cold as

My dog wonders

why we’ve stopped

shakes himself off

then continues

as if the day were dry



Living Up to Linda

No one can do so

be the same,

as Linda,

Who was she,

some might ask?

the ideal, the less than real,

The one to strive to be,

The woman

in my past,

brought alive, like never before

It’s not easy, you see

living up to what,

Linda might be….


My First Trip to Denmark – Day 1

My first trip to Denmark was in 1988, and actually started in Washington D.C.

Well, if we go back to the real point of departure, it was Sacramento, Ca.

My now mother in-law would be turning 50, and her daughter, now my wife, wanted to surprise her by traveling from the States to Denmark, and arriving on her doorstep without her prior knowledge.

I too would be making that journey, but that wasn’t until a few days before the actual event, with my last point of departure from the USA being Washington DC.

My sister lived in Fairfax Virginia at the time, so while my luggage was out sightseeing due to an airport mix-up, I decided to take the subway to our nation’s Capital.


All Screen Shots courtesy of Google Maps.

My main concern on that trip was to take the elevator to the top of the Washington Monument (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Monument) in order to get a bird’s eye view of the city at hand.

You won’t find any skyscrapers here:

Height restriction

Unlike other large cities in the U.S., Washington’s downtown has a low skyline. With the advent of the skyscraper and the construction of the Cairo Hotel, residents were concerned that the city’s European feel might be dwarfed by high-rise buildings. Congress therefore passed the Heights of Buildings Act in 1899, limiting any new building in Washington to a height of 110 feet (34 m). The act was amended in 1910 to allow buildings 20 feet (6.1 m) higher than the width of the adjacent street.[18]

Source: Wikipedia

Here are some photos from the Monument


The White House taken in 1991. President Ronald Reagan, Commander In Chief.



The Ellipse and the White House.



The US Capitol seen to the East of the Washington Monument.


Some office buildings.



Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool


Looking towards Virginia Avenue NW.

The next blog takes us to the ground once again, seeing Washington DC from another angle.

Day 1 continued – Washington DC




Something from 1976

Sitting true

Neath the Blue





A Twig Breaks

My Heart Aches……


A Little Something for You, Today

Here is a little heart

for those of you who think that

this day

is special,


It might be a cake,  with sugar and such

which you  didn’t want anyway? Or, perhaps a flower

which only spoke the language, Room Temperature…


Empty calories or flowers that died on the way home

in the freezing winter wind,

Such  a choice for a Valentine

to have,


I should have chosen something,  that could withstand the cold

and what wasn’t guilty, when the chocolate box was empty


Perhaps next year, it’ll be a cabbage?

The prelude to a nice soup, the mother of all vegetables,

and much more sturdy than kale!


Don’t be sad

Valentine’s Day will come again,

just whisper sweet vegetable intentions in my ear,

and seduce me with your cooking pans,


Happy You-Know-What…….