Norwegian Humor

Seen in Southern Norway. 2015.

DSCN1323 kontrast

Meteorological Stone

Warm stone = Sunny

Wet stone = Rain

White stone =Snow

No stone = Fog

One good reason to visit Norway. Your choice….



Gotta love that Country
the US of A
so many things, to see
eat, taste, feel, experience

*Boom Chicka Pop*


Somewhere in California
in an anywhere place
where the shoppers shop
and the cash register’s ring
and the people talk
where I wander through the aisles
marveling, gaping in awe
and wonderment,


Been away, you see
been away from home so long
things change, without me knowing
the sights, the houses increase
change color, the people grow older
grow younger, while I, while I

Just talking as if, I never left this place
this idea, the state of mind
the Golden State, with Malls
everywhere, there was a tree once
but you can’t make money on one tree
can you?

Boom Chicka Pop “corn”
why not have a name such as that?
in this Tortilla State of Mind


Tortillas seen in California. July 2017.

Where the temperatures are hot
and ice is King, and I am someone
who used to know what it was all about
not having to wonder why a product,
would have such a funny name,

In this California State of Mind….

The Point

Open question. Anyone can answer/make a comment:

What is the point of using time writing blogs, if no one seems to read them? It might be more prudent writing total nonsense, using little if no time, and wondering who in their right mind would read them?

It seems at times, that writing is some sort of drug, which everyone wants to be hooked on, but no one knows exactly why. If the subject is travel, then everyone reads and likes it, even though it might also be total nonsense.

If a blog crashes and no one reads it, is it really there in the first place? I’ve often thought of deleting my blogs from the oldest to the newest to see if anyone notices? Blogging seems to depend on here and now, but something that is placed in a category that no one wants to read, then it might as well be deleted, right?

Now this blog is taking more time than I wanted, which means that it is a good one to be ignored, if I hadn’t mentioned travel in the tags. Which I will. Just to be difficult.


That was the point.

Just blow on it, and it will scatter to the skies…..


Sorry about that, but I’m going to bed now. Those comments will have to wait for another year…..


The Sleigh Ride

Where would we be traveling this winter? I’d asked that question a lot, even since our trip to Tibet, whose icing on the Roof of the World, was sweet enough for me, but what about now?

She’s been saving our savings for a while, but I thought about using them on something other than travel. I don’t know about her,  but the roof did tend to leak, and the car needed new tires, but those were considered extravagances to her, and not necessities.

I took a look at our alternative form of transportation, our Sleigh. It was one of those that would rival Old Saint Nicks, but was lacking in the Reindeer department. I looked high and low for such a beast, but they never seemed to visit our latitude, other than on the posters that adorned the walls of the dog house.

Rudy was your average-sized dog with average dog wants. He wasn’t satisfied without barking up a storm whenever he considered danger to be afoot, even if that meant that the TV dogs, or the non-existent cat deserved a good thrashing, just to show them who was Cock of the Walk in this neck of the woods.

My old lady was puttering about in the kitchen, when she leaned over the wood stove, getting herself all hot and bothered, but not in the way that would have made me park the old clogs outside the bedroom for a quickie on this an otherwise ordinary Wednesday! She just fanned herself with her travel brochures, in a way that made me want to be yodeling with her in the Swiss Alps, or yelling “Guten Rutsch” to the Germans in Bavaria as we skied down a high mountain slope on the First of January!

She usually called me Sly, that being short for Sylvester, which, at this time of year, made me think of champagne bottles popping and our Lederhosen rubbing together until the wee hours of that most memorable night.

Rudy barked again, showing us that we needed to make up our minds, before all of the snow melted away, thus leaving us high and dry once again. We were actually high and dry without a reindeer, or motor there of, which I kind of forgot to tell Julia, something I was known to do quite often.

“Do you remember Tibet?” she asked me as if I had gotten senile in my old age, and couldn’t, wouldn’t remember the trip that defined our whole life together. Oh, we had been together for years and years before that, but our first view of the Snow Lion Flag flying over the hotel where we stayed, made a statement that will live in our hearts and minds forever. Granted it was rather short-lived as the border guards managed to tear it into shreds, before we could take a picture with the old Instamatic, but it still wasn’t something I’d forget this side of age 70!

“Just how old are you today?” was another one of her questions. How old do I feel, or how old am I really? Hard to answer the one or other, especially with Rudy chomping at the bit for us to hit the road.

We threw our Gnu skins in the sled, where Rudy promptly settled down, with all but his nose being warmed by those Tibetan beauties. I sat on the driver’s seat and pulled out my whip, while Julia sat next to me, humming Christmas songs and munching on cookies usually marking the Buddhist festival Gaden Ngamchoe. I raised my glass filled with Raksi and said suk-bo de-thang, which everyone knows is Cheers in Tibetan!

Rudy just poked his head up during this commotion, displaying his reddened nose, but wagging tail, knowing in his heart that we were bound for yet another fabulous journey together. I swung back the whip as Julia snuggled closer to me, and envisioned us riding along the snow-covered hills of Germany, Switzerland or Tibet, depending on how strong the Raksi was this year?

Yep. I told her and Rudy. The savings just fit perfectly to this trip, said as I stepped out of the Sleigh to close the door to the house, not wanting to waste any energy while we were out on our Sleigh, traveling light in our imaginations.

“Oh, Sly”, she told me at once. “It’ll be just like our Honeymoon again. Just the 2 of us…”

Rudy barked at the number 2, knowing that he would be barking the whole time showing that any activity without him would most certainly call for constant noise outside our Yak Hair Tent.

Any activity whatsoever………


Tundra Popsicle

“My, oh my”
she said to me one winter’s day
“we’re out of ice cream again
too much again”

Too much ice cream
out back in the shed
temptation, desire
her sugary maple smile, too hard
too hard to resist

The day, resembling night
the stars hid their heads
when we considered making love,
but why ruin a budding friendship
with that, eh?

Needing to cool off
from my Canadian heat spell
my winter coat, my white rabbits
running about, teasing me
hiding in their holes
away from me,

A Tundra Popsicle
seemed to do the trick
rather fibrous, but tasty
with her colors, her tangled hair

best when frozen, worst when thawed

Such were my Arctic thoughts today
basking in the temperate zone
here in the Northern Climes

of someplace called Denmark…


Get Your Kickz

She wasn’t satisfied with the pace that things were moving. “Snails and tortoises would have won this race”, said while she leaned out of the mobile home, her obvious assets spilling over the geraniums, making me wishing that I were them.

I was in the shed dusting off the old Rod, getting her ready for our upcoming Road Trip. She never seemed satisfied anymore. I guess, Tibet ruined her for anything else that came afterward, even Egypt didn’t seem to faze her anymore.

“Where is Harley” she asked, while she dusted off her leather clothing, taking special care with her “Motorcycle Mama” boots. “Harley! Get your dog paws out here, now!”

Harley was probably out with his friends again, Dennis, Peter and Jack. Smokin’ in the boy’s room, most likely?

“That boy is just born to be wild, isn’t he?” she asked someone, who might have been me, but lately I wasn’t always sure.

I just sat on the old gal out in the shed. Man we had some good memories together. I was always on an ego-trip before I settled down with my old lady.  Tooling down the highway, giving my one-finger wave at the Fuzz, rolling a number and taking it easy. Just an easy rider, I was.

“Harley! I’ll tan your hide if you don’t get out here and help with the packing!”

Harley’s mother didn’t raise any dummies. He knew as well as I, that the best place to be when his name was yelled was under the mobile home, in the shade, waiting for the storm to blow over.

“Do you really think your pride and joy is going to transport the 3 of us all the way down Route 66?”

I too tried to ignore her and turned up the old phonograph as loud as the scratches would take. I still had the 1946 version, over 20 years before the Stones were stoned with their version. Nat King Cole Trio were wailing it out of my speakers, as if they were born to play that kind of music.

I danced my way into the kitchen and grabbed the old lady for a swinging number on the old dance floor. She looked at me as if I were suffering from the Tibetan Flu, or Martian Pox, but her feet started to swing along with mine anyway. We danced through the kitchen into the living room knocking over this and that, which we didn’t need anyway, dancing as if we had both lost our minds.

We moved outside almost knocking over the awning covering the patio, which might have taken the Rod with it. Harley suddenly showed up barking and yelping trying to figure out what the old folks were up to? He looked confused, but seemed to understand when he could see the smile on the old lady’s face, choosing to lay right in the path of our dancing feet, so we knew that he was a part of the family as well.

When the music stopped, we just collapsed on the divan, raising dust as if a tornado had blown us along the road.

I can’t remember such a good time, since the trip we took to Tibet, all gussied up in our tie-dyed “Save Tibet” T-shirts with the text written in Kiswahili to confuse the border guards.

“Baby, I told her looking directly into her blue eyes, I can’t wait for the 3 of us to hit the road together once again!”

And with that Harley let out a dog sigh of relief and fell into his motorcycle dog dreams …..



With a Pentax K-1000, Part 1

Before there were Digital Cameras…..

There was film.

I managed to shoot some Black and White Film in and around Sæby, Denmark in the mid-90s.


Sæby and Frederikshavn in the north of Denmark

Source: Google Maps


Sæby Church from 1460 (and part of it earlier than that)


Baptist Church in Sæby.


Here is a bit about this small town in English:

Here are a few shots of a church in Frederikshavn, a larger city to the north of Sæby. The church is from 1892.


Powder Tower seen at left is from 1690, and was moved to its current location in 1974.



Bridging Aalborg – 2

My trip over the first bridge being completed, my next task was to travel over to the next bridge, the Railroad Bridge.


Here is a photo looking back at Limfjordsbroen, The Bridge over Limfjord Waterway. The seas were rather choppy due to the winds of almost Storm Force.



This is the small boat harbor on the north side of the waterway in the City of Nørresundby, with the buildings belonging to Aalborg visible in  the background.


It was not exactly swimming weather, when I chose my trip, as seen by the waters on the northern side of the first bridge.


My destination, The Railroad Bridge, was now visible to my west.


Wouldn’t you know it, a train was approaching.


I managed to see it whoosh along towards the north, before I headed back towards the nearby street in Nørresundby.


Wouldn’t you know it? Train tracks are ahead.




Here is the start of the pedestrian side of the Railroad Bridge, with course towards back to Aalborg.


Around the middle of the bridge is an overlook of sorts with benches to enjoy a look at the waterway below.


Looking back to the north with the remains of foundations belonging to an older bridge visible in the waters to the left of the bridge.


The choppy waters flowing below me.


The Railroad Bridge from the Aalborg side. The large structure visible above the bridge is the counterweight that swings, when the bridge is opened to allow maritime traffic to pass.


Google felt at this juncture that I needed a panorama photo of the Train Bridge.


Photo taken on the Aalborg side, between the two bridges.


Looking to the east towards my first bridge, Limfjord Bridge.


A rather funky building with an unusual extension.


A closer look at the Limfjordsbro on my approach to it.


The first bridge over the Limfjord. Also a drawbridge like the Train Bridge. This bridge allows the transport of over 31,000 vehicles per day.

The two crossing points of the Limfjord Waterway (for Motor Vehicles) have made planners suggest a third point of crossing a bit more to the west. Funding has though stopped this idea, but not killed it entirely. Every time a new election comes (one due later this month in November) the politicians, or those who want to be called such, bring up the topic once again, promising more than they can deliver, but then what else are politicians for anyway?……………….


The Local Mall in Aalborg

I wouldn’t want to be someone who highlights local businesses to advertise for them, but as I was visiting a local mall almost in my backyard, I decided to snap a few photos to show those interested, how a part of Denmark has decorated the inside of the mall prior to Christmas (Jul).


Outside the large department/grocery store named Bilka (


There were some shoppers, but then in 5 days, we’ll be attacked from all sides by Black Friday!


Santa’s Village at the center of the Mall called Aalborg Storcenter.


I took a small rest in order to photograph a few close-ups of the nearby stores.

Flying Tiger,


View close to the nearby exit.


The “streets” are named, and lettered. Here is a helping sign.


I was just about to exit via the “C” entrance, seen at the lower left.


Need a bus? Here are all the coming types, and when they are arriving.



The second Mall (in the far background) is called Shopping:

It was an indoors Swim-Land then a French-based Sporting Goods, until it was finally changed into “Shopping” which is adjacent to the other Mall, Storcenter.


Don’t mind me, but I needed some Dog Food at this nearby store.


The Danish Sun had gone down, leaving just a bit of light in the afternoon skies.

-end of blog.


Been to California, Finally

“Well the first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry anymore. Cause when life looks like easy street there is danger at your door…..Uncle John’s Band – Working Man Dead – Grateful Dead.” Visiting family is not always easy, especially if they live half a world away, and the purpose of my trip concerned attending the funeral of my younger sister.

All that aside the following blog and its followers will show the California I experienced in July 2017. My impressions are shown through my pictures,  which will also give you out there, an impression of life in California as well.


Ice cubes are the “In” thing in the summer months. I swear that at  least once every other day we’d need to invest in those puppies, which would be unheard of in Denmark, if of course you could find them in the stores.


This rather overdone building is an electronics warehouse, Frys in Roseville California.


It had an obvious Train Theme with the usual engine crashing out of the outside wall.


The products were placed on what resembled train cars, with murals along the walls showing more train impressions.


My sister was in the market for a new pc, but all of those dollar signs confused me a bit.


The next day I went to the local Toyota dealership with my brother in-law. The waiting area provided complementary cold drinks, popcorn and coffee. I  had Wonder Woman between my legs while I waited, that is Dr. Pepper, but the story line was a good one, wasn’t it?


The car dealership was dog-friendly, but not having a dog with me, I had  to settle for the one in the waiting area.


I asked the owner what kind of dog it was (I guessed Poodle – Giant Size), close but…it was a Labradoodle. It resembled my own dog back in  Denmark, but…. he could have gone underneath this dog!


The next event was Taco Night. My niece and her boyfriend stood and slaved over the stove to provide the rest of us with freshly-made Tacos.


The inside choices were cut and ready with a variety of hot sauces to taste. The cup visible contains ice-coffee from Starbucks, another must for my sister and her husband.


Here are the tacos on the assembly-line.


The finished product!

Now, I knew I was in California….

Next blog: Placerville, Old Hangtown.