I Want to Do It New Year’s Eve…

She was rather impetuous
in a planning sort of way
New Year’s Eve should be like that
no hold’s barred, let our inhibitions
take a hike!

She told me just before Midnight would come,
“I want to do it at the stroke of 12
when all the fireworks, and the champagne corks
are doing what they do best,
I want us, you and me, to do it when the 12th stroke
has sounded!”

I thought of buying mixed nuts and chips
party hats, and gorilla masks
perhaps rubber cheese, and champagne
but that might have been aiming too low
or, was that what she was aiming at?

I decided to shop in the places
I would never be caught dead in
buying colorful, edible articles of clothing
and implements that would never before, or after
fit into my collection of hammers and nails,

I looked up all of the appropriate terms
on the Internet, the ones to make her
hotter than a firecracker, while suggesting
and gesticulating what, how, and who
should do what, and when,

When the time neared Midnight
she was nowhere to be found
I stood there, clothed in my accoutrements
sporting my hardware, and colorful accessories,
while I waited for my moment in the Midnight

A light was on in the kitchen
I crept towards it, holding my champagne
in the one hand, and my extensive hardware
in the other

She stood there,
in the glaring reality of the Old/New Year
or, rather I was
while she just looked at me, smiling
turning to laughter, while
my champagne bubbles began to lose their fizz

She was holding a paint brush
clothed in anything less than I had on,
or, more than,
pointing at me, pointing at her
while she gestured towards the walls
around her,

“I’ve always wanted to paint the kitchen
at the stroke of 12”, she said
“What a way to ring in the New Year…”

“Unless, you had other ideas?….

Happy New Year from Denmark….


Don’t Worry

That is the name of a Danish Beer, sporting a label that represents the island of Bornholm, where it is made.

It tasted exactly like regular beer, with one exception: it only had 0.5% alcohol.

I was at a Christmas Party after work, with another work day ahead of me. I laughed with the others, and ate my meal:

A traditional Danish Christmas Menu.

Pickled red beets. Cooked Kale. Small potatoes cooked in brown sugar, and pork sausage.

Not a bad fare, and accentuated with a Danish Beer!

Although. The other party-goers were becoming more party-like, when they drank this instead:

Mine is the one on the right, while theirs was the one on the left with 5.6% alcohol.

That must mean that they were 11.2 times jollier, than I?


Ho. Ho. Ho……..

Life in Denmark, while being embarrassingly sober…..

24 Wishes

24 wishes
I give to you
the first December
will you start to receive,

These wishes for you I have
until the Eve of Christmas
filling your days with song and story
chilly winter days, black starry nights
Advent lights, my fondest hopes

Light a candle for me
when the darkness creeps and cries
when the wind howls and scratches
upon your doors and windows
while I light a candle for you,

24 wishes
not one being so different
than the previous, then the next
all of them wrapped with ribbon
a card neatly printed
your name, my name included

Think of what is called Hygge
not just being cosy, nor only feeling good
but many other things as well,

Christmas Cookies, and Advent Calendars,
Nisse – Elves, and Twisted Dough -Norske Klejner,
sharing time with others, candle light abounds
the cold cracks, the shortened days, longer nights

The Danish Christmas Time is upon us

24 wishes
all wrapped up and sent
surprise was my intention
small intentions, while the frost appears
the postman unaware of what he brings
the Internet is indifferent as to what data is exchanged,

24 wishes
with a toast of Glögg, the mulled-wine warms
while the fire burns hot,
a toast, a hope for you and yours
a wish, the thought for me and mine,

An ocean of thought
separates us now
the waves of the Atlantic
dark and deep, carrying this note
in my imaginary bottle to you,

24 wishes
with the last being just before
Julemand – Father Christmas
arrives in Denmark, with his Nisser – Elves
eating Rice Pudding left for them,
while the presents are left behind

Glædelig Jul,
Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël,
Krismasi ya furaha

24 wishes….


Democracy in Denmark

On Tuesday the 21st of November, I’ll be participating in an election of members to local and regional councils in Denmark. This is my chance to help decide, who should represent my interests in the area in which I live. As I am not a Naturalized Danish Citizen, I am not allowed to vote in National Elections for members of the Danish Parliament, Folketinget, but am  allowed to vote in elections such as this one.

I love the Democratic Process, and regardless of being a Citizen or not, I still feel it necessary to play my part in this process.

Here is a short video, placed on YouTube to help the residents of this part of Denmark on the how to’s of Election Day. Text in English is seen at the bottom of the video.

Anyone who chooses not to participate has no real right to complain about those that are elected, regardless of being the ones they voted for, or the other one, they didn’t.

Here is some information available in English, regarding the election itself, and who is allowed to vote.


I have just taken a test on this website:


Sorry, only in Danish.

The point being that my answers to the question showed that my best choices were to choose members of the other political parties, which I never would have voted for under normal circumstances like voting along the usual Party Lines.

I’ll try taking the tests again to see how what I believe in affects my choice of who should be elected.

Life is not perfect, and neither are Politics!

Cover Photo Screenshot borrowed from Aalborg Kommune Homepage.


J-Day in Denmark (Hint – Free Beer)


If you want to be called a True-Dane, then this yearly tradition might be for you. Think of how it will be at one minute until 9pm in the larger cities, with Beer Trucks arriving, dealing out free beer and blue hats with lights in them? One big happy Danish Family, at least as long at the Beer lasts, and the hangovers of tomorrow morning are kept at bay.

I’ve scanned an advert. in from today’s newspaper, to show you fun-loving readers what will be taking place this evening in Denmark just 1½ hours from now.

Alas, I won’t be a part of the festivities, but then I am older than Adam, as some might say….

Translated from Wikipedia.

J-day (J stands for Jul, or Christmas) Christmas Beer Day
In 1990 this Danish Tradition began with the introduction of Christmas Beer, in this case, Tuborg.
In accordance with this day various events take place at bars, discos, etc, where Free Christmas Beer 5.6% alcohol – Strong Pilsner.
The Breweries come by with Free Beer, and merchandise, with the most common item being  Blue Elf Hats with lights in them. The employees in this event are often Elf Girls, and Elf Men, with erotic undertones.
The name was created after D-Day, which would be an example of a big event.
The first Friday in November (today) is now the traditional J-Day, with the festivities beginning at 20:59, or for you non-military types, 1 minute before 9 pm.
J-Day used to be held on Wednesday, but some young people had difficulties showing up at school, or their jobs, which was solved in part by moving the day to Friday.

In Denmark young people under age 16 may not purchase beer, or alcohol of any kind.
Between 16 and 18 is is permitted to purchase alcohol under 18.5%
At age 18 it is possible to purchase alcohol over 18.5%


By some strange coincidence the police set up a number of alcohol/speed traps on the same night.

Here is the usual Christmas advertisement shown on TV:


So, if you are a Wanna-Be-A-Dane then set your cellphone to coincide with 9pm in Denmark, regardless of you being at work, in church, or in the middle of somebody important to help celebrate this yearly tradition together with the Danes!




Denmark 360 Degrees

This is for you Danish Lovers out there (read: Cyranny).

These videos are taken with 6 cameras, which can let you see well, 360 degrees around the inside of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen. Your host, speaking in Danish, is telling about Danish History, while allowing you to look at the ceiling, floors and the other actors playing their parts.

Not all of these videos will be understandable, but now you can say that you’ve been inside, or outside in Denmark, as if you really experienced it yourself.

Lars Mikkelsen (brother of Mads Mikkelsen – Cyranny) is your host. He is explaining the various things seen by using the virtual button on the upper left, then invites you into the main room, where other things are taking place.

This next video shows a sword fight.


While this one shows a Feast, way-back when in Denmark’s History:


Take a look around while the action is going on, this is an interesting way to attract interest in the History of Denmark. It helps to know Danish, but then not everyone can learn a World’s Language (like Danish) and live in the Country, like I do…..


Happy Birthday in Danish

First posted in March, 2016.

In one of my cleaning frenzies, I came to delete this post, which was made for a dear friend. I know that it is not  the same as the first time, and it won’t be in the same order as back then, but living is learning, so I am posting it once more, with my greatest apologies.

I don’t know what is wrong with me, forgetting your birthday! It must be another one of my failings?

If you had been in Denmark, this is how we would have celebrated it:

You would be wakened, if you lived with me that is, before school/work and sung a traditional Danish Birthday song:

“I dag er det “Your name here” fødselsdag”
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
Hun/Han sikkert sig en gave får,
som hun/han har ønsket sig i år,
og dejlig chokolade med kager til

Og når hun/han hjem fra skolen/arbejde/ferie går
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
Så skal hun/han hjem og holde fest,
og hvem der kommer med som gæst,
får dejlig chokolade med kager til

The classic Danish Birthday song is sung at most parties, regardless of ones age. The song found last year didn’t survive my deletion process, but this one is just as good: (starts at 0:20)


Then you might open your presents, while still in bed. Most birthday people will give their friends and family a party, inviting them to the following:

  • buttered rolls, usually homemade. Served with hot chocolate and whipped cream.
  • en kagemand (a cake-man, or woman) which is made with a topping of brown sugar. For you brave lovers of the Danish Language, here is one of the many recipes to be found on the Internet:
  • http://www.amo.dk/opskrifter/kager/skarekager/brunsvigermand-eller-dame/
  • brunsvigermandsource: amo.dk
  • the cake is topped with candy, frosting, or whatever is  sweet and tasty!

Again, I apologize for not knowing/remembering your birthday.

I’ll try to be better next year.

Happy Birthday to you!   Tillykke med fødselsdag!


The Ghosts that Haunt Me

I would like to believe in ghosts. Really!

OK. I wouldn’t want to lie to you, but sometimes I feel that there are supernatural forces at work here in Northern Denmark.

There are still a number of empty fields here in the outskirts of Aalborg, Denmark’s 4th largest city. There was a battle fought here in 1534 by a fellow named Skipper Clement. He was a troublemaker of sorts and encouraged the farmers and peasants of the time to rebel against the enemies of the Danish King. How do y0u do that? Why by burning the farms and residences of the richer landowners both regular and those owned by the church. He was finally caught and has his head chopped off, but then that’s what the price is for rebelling and causing mayhem!

No matter. As he was doing his deeds around  these parts, the Historical Museum goes about with a largish tractor and digs around for traces of Danish History. A museum official told one of the neighbors that Good Old Skipper might have been rebelling in  one of the nearby fields, and they might do more investigations later on.

Those marks in the ground are now covered by weeds, and all have forgotten that silly talk about what might be found, but….

What if it was the ghost of Skipper Clement that caused my clothes dryer to stop working? It worked fine. I moved it to the floor, then placed it back on its platform. Dead! The electrician couldn’t find anything wrong with it which means that we’ve become more Eco-friendly, by drying our wash outside over the past 2 years.

The kids are troublesome as well. OK, some might say that is how teenagers are, but….

The wife is also a bit pesky from time to time. Some might say that almost 30 years of marriage might have something to do with that, but….

The neighbors also speak to each other in strange tongues! OK. They speak Danish, and that might be explained by us living in Denmark, but….

My own bones seem to be more creaky with time, as well as the feeling that I am getting less-young than I used to be. Age, you might say?, but…..

The signs are unmistakable. There are spirits at work here, perhaps there is one sitting next to me as I type?

Not being a member of the Danish Church might just be in my favor right now, and by sporting whiskers on my face, I am rebelling against my wife, but….

I might just be the victim of blogging on Friday? Usually the worst day of the week for me to do so, but……


147,153 Million Kilometers

That’s how far the sun is away from me today, here in Denmark.


I didn’t just think that number up, but found it here at: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/denmark/aalborg

They were nice enough to show me how few daylight hours there were to be had today, and that the sun set 2 minutes ago at 3:40 pm (15:40).

In 2 days it’ll be….You know?

I’ve taken a few photos to entertain you with, showing the lovely day – pragtfuld in Danish, and my Danish wife’s decorations in and around our house.

The apples in the trees (for the birds) were my own addition to the festivities, and we are being (trying to anyway) by not having our tree inside the house until Christmas Eve. That is partly due to the dog, who has never played with such a thing before, but has done so with everything else!

My wife is satisfied with the level of decoration (Pynt), but if she had started earlier in the whole process, we might have been even more inundated with Nisser (elves), Engler (Angels) and candles, candles and more candles (lys).

One popular Christmas item is called: Nissedør, which is an Elf’s Door. It is seen near the bottom right, and shows a ladder, door etc, leading….somewhere.

I’ve been working on the endless lists of my wife: Clean this and that. Hang this up and put this out and don’t forget…..which I probably have forgotten, but will be reminded on again when she returns home from work.

God Jul fra Danmark, if that is not understandable, then we always have Google Translate!

PS What have I wished for myself for Christmas? Why nothing at all. I’ve had a trip to the USA and a nice birthday party with family and friends. I even made/gave my wife a new Cellphone for Christmas, no secret there as she had to order it for herself, with my help!

But rest assured, there will always be a present or two under the tree, because…well, because we are in Denmark, and no one should go without, no matter how fortunate I think I am anyway. I too am  being guided by these traditions and all. No fighting the tide on this one, I’ll lose every time…..