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A Moth to the Flame

Her silhouette
etched into my memory
like her shadow gracing
that wall by
the sea,
the waves crashing
endlessly behind her
their cadence, a rhythm
their power, unseen under
the surface,
I chanced about
the smells of baked apples
vanilla and cinnamon
steaming and scenting
your way about,
in and about,
“Hold me”
you said while face
me, you did not
looking to the side
out to the sea,
the birds cried your name
Drawn to her
the madness instilled
in me
like a moth to the flame
bending to the left, then
bending to the right,
not being able to decide,
Your inherent loneliness
hard to separate
hard to change,
your innermost self
chose the way
you were,
and I

drawn to the madness
like a moth to the flame

first to the left
then to the right
never being able
to decide
which direction

was the best….

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Wanting, Wanting Not

someone like her
to share, and to hold
to tell, how much
I would like to say
that love is not enough a word
not having the fullness
the color of the day, the rainbow
after the storm, the light of the sun
glancing atop the mountain spires
the cool meadow grasses, the rushing river
the quiet of the evening stars, the rush of the wind
the storm, lashing out and drowning my words
my touch will have to suffice, to feel along the lines
the curves and the impressions, that she had given me
her words, paling at the thought of the mere word, called love
the running of the race, your chest heaving and falling, the sweat
running along the glistening edges, the sound of your heart beating,
the word, called love, never spoken, never felt, as if it wanted, wanted not
wanted to say, much more than other words could
the length of your smile, the drowning of my passion in your sweet waters, the sounds of the morning dew, forming on the warming grasses, the heavens alight, with ruffles and flourishes, the cry of the birds, gracing your skies, asking, wanting to say, more than the mere words

-mere words

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Sand in My Shoes

In my shoes
on my floor
in my bed

Sand is omnipresent
like your perfume
not wasted on corners
where we didn’t dance together
nor along the walls
where your presence
graced my home,

Being at home
being with you
the two blended together
a melange of flavors, colors
scents, the flowers leaned over
the windowsill where we sat
blowing bubbles at each other

Your leg slightly moving
touching mine in turn
my hand stroking your arm
your lips inviting me over,

I’ve given up
on sandy moments, sweeping
changing anything reminding me
of you,
the chance, the disaster of losing
holding on to what is important
in this life,

That sandy Summer
brings thoughts not of crashing waves
nor walks along the moonlit shores
nor the chance meeting
of our two souls,
nor the importance of seeing, living,
the little things in life
not concentrating on trifles, angry looks,
pieces of paper, non-connected thoughts
for fear of losing
for fear of being just myself again

You brushed up against me
the sand remaining on my skin
reminded me of something,
I’d forgotten

Something, someone, at sometime
I’d forgotten….

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Traffic Light, Red, Yellow, Green

Stop and go
the cadence of my life
with her, who else,
would let my pedal hit the floor
only to stop suddenly, her red light
flashing, sending out sparks, Danger!
I cried, but not her,
it was just her way, just her way
of telling me how fast she wanted me
how slow it should progress
and why it had to stop my traffic, just
when I thought the flow was flowing?
her waving yellow finger, told me that
if I sped up, or slowed to a stop, a difference
would make, a crossroads
in our relationship,
I longed for the days, my dog hanging
his head out of the window, and I
-and I making Vroom-Vroom sounds
along a quieter stretch of my life,

Stopping for that woman
crossing my crosswalk, defying the red
my yellow sensibility, my green passions,
wanting to go further, but the sound of

My dog whining in the car
might just have saved me the trouble

of running her red light…….

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My Rocky Road Mantra

In need
a new Mantra asking
perhaps a Rocky Road
a Vanilla, Bourbon
Chocolate dipped, nuts optional
how many flavors should I
Her attention,
being mine, when I waved
my Ice Cream Mantra Spoon
following my every movement
“Repeat after me”, I commanded,
Thinking this to be the time
for us,
waving her over to my side
of the road,
My Motorcycle Cop Dark Glasses,
reflecting her inviting lips
and Stracciatella smile,
“I’d invite you over to my place”
she said, rather sexy-like
but the warm sun has melted my feelings
for you,

warm sun melted her feelings
warm sun melted her feelings

I needed yet another Mantra
one that told of her sitting in the shade
in the shade of my Palm Tree
eating a Rocky Road Mantra
Ice Cream, with my name on it,

with my name on it
with my name on it
with our names on it….

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If She and I Had Been Together

I’m sure
we have broken up
ended our relationship
gone our separate ways
never to cross paths again
but since, we are not together
just arguing, figuring out
who we would be if,
if those ifs became reality
and the distance between us
would occur in the same room
and not across the oceans
then we might have been together
but not after last night’s fight
or, difference of opinion
tearing up the past
into shreds of the present
wondering if, wanting, not
making up, coming together
breaking up, falling apart,
relationships are difficult
and more so, those

that don’t exist
in the first place…