The Mouse Sneezed

The mouse sneezed
my heart ached
the stars in the heavens winked out
one by one
as the sun rose in the sky

Lacking a tissue
and someone to share my love
as the Earth turned
and the day began

The sun in my eyes
made me trip
on something that ran across the floor
while thinking of my true love
and shedding a tear

A sneeze welled up inside
a partially squashed rodent
lying on the floor
of some building

Not far away from
my love and I, exhausted
after a night of passion
watching the sun rise
over our lives

– over our lives…..

The Darkness Crept

In and around the edges

of my mind,


I walked furtively,

across the darkened fields, across the fallow

the abandoned, the leaves swirled

making patterns

of fear,


Looking back

her perfume still lingering on my collar,

her last words echoing

the bitter taste of her love

in my mouth


I drew my coat about me

as the blackness laughed and screamed,

lashing at my feet, and tearing at my heart


As she, whispering in my ear

“Escape was futile”,

drawing me back, the tendrils

clinging, through the deadening silence

to her lair


Where the darkness emanated

from her emblazoned eyes……



She made me thirsty
for her love
I wanted to drown my sorrows
in the desert, she led me to
the dry, dry ways of her desire,
beckoned me onward

I wanted only to quench my thirst
a drop of water, a feeling of dampness
the moist feel of her lips on mine,
she drained me,
she left me high and dry,
but I, wanted more

I found her quiet pool
in the shadow of the glen
the ripples of her water
played my skin, like a harp
and lured me into the depths,
the coolness of her darkness,

The dry wind blew
over the waters, as if to call me back
the shadow of my form
darkened the bottom of the pool,
she drowned me, in the end
the cool waters, filling my lungs
with the essence of her

Drowning my thirst
in her love

The City and its Sounds

The train
moving along in the night
the station bathed
in the afterglow
of its presence,
I stood
considering my options
when the next, then the next
came and went, came and went
she stood looking
across the platform, into
the ensuing darkness,
I wanted
what she wanted in her dreams
that what I only could reach
across the darkness
between us,
the trains stopped,
the night’s darkness shattered
by my lifeless form, never
reaching across the bridge
of her dreams, before
the next train came,

and left again…

An Orange for Your Thoughts

“I thought it was a penny?, ”
she said

“You can’t buy an orange for a penny,”
I said,

“What are we really talking about?”
she said,

I would have liked to say sex, but
she might take that wrong,

“We are talking about the Fruit of our Love”
I said,

She replied, “You only have sex on your mind, don’t you?”

God, how that woman knows me….