Weathering Her

She was a tempest

a storm unbridled

shaking my windows and doors,

turning my thoughts

inside out,


Her stormy intentions

darkening horizons

wind lashed hearts

unprotected emotions,


She took me,

and tossed me about,

a ship, lost on endless

ocean currents, frothy whitecaps

drowning embraces,


Her salty kisses

taking me by storm, her jealousy

not being able to stop the advances

of waves and waves

undulating emotion, rolling over

my unsheltered soul,


I, with my sowester,

and stern determination

advancing towards

my fate,

my love


Lightning arcing

the sky illuminated

incensed as if afire

her passions rose and fell

like ships upon the ocean’s



My shipwrecked heart

lying broken and alone

upon the shores of her mercy


Her fury,

leaving no emotion unturned


Her love….


Tandem Dreams

Being a pair
with tandem dreams
easy is not a word
to remember,
like hard is

Two of a kind
the troubles begin
when more than one thought
is combined, with another

that us moving in the same
direction, was enough
but cooperation
was really the key for

If I thought about
taking a break
while she pedaled her heart out
enjoying the views,
the road beckoned ahead,

being the combination
of two hearts, two minds
and at least 4 feet, traveling
in the same sphere, thinking
in the same direction,

Leaving no time, nor energy
for independent thought
not at least if wanting
to get anywhere, anytime soon

Sometimes, I wish
that life was a bit more even
not just uphill, tired legs and minds
knowing that downhill comes
now and then,

but uphill

becomes the price to pay
when things even out


Cutting Kisses

Cutting kisses
strewn about the floor
wondering if desire had
an end?

Arms flailing
the curtains thrown back
slicing the morning light
streaming currents into my eyes
my sight drowning

Her beauty, that no one else sees
her hidden talents, her wayward smile
her fingers coaxing, beckoning me back

Cutting kisses
blowing whispers turned yells
shouting, professing our love
the top of our lungs, the top
no higher, no seemingly way higher?

Saying it better
more succinct, more precise
using dictionaries and encyclopedias
huge tomes of forgotten lore
those who have described what I felt
why I did so, what she did, why we wanted

Why we wanted each other?

Cutting kisses
while tossing roses about the room
candles dancing in their light
the smell of burning wax, her lipstick trails
marking pathways on my skin,

God, how I loved her
when she decorated my life

with her love…

Wouldn’t You Like?

Wouldn’t You Like

Wouldn’t you like to love somebody, other than the one that says that they love you?

Wouldn’t you like to live somewhere with the someone who says that they love you, more than others?

Wouldn’t you like to be with someone who professes to want you, more than those others who wanted you before?

Wouldn’t you try to leave that someone, and your home and your family to be with someone who promises you the world and means it?

Wouldn’t you want to tell yourself, that you have never been loved like that before, and that you would give anything in the world to get and keep it?

Wouldn’t you want to not look back and consider what you have left behind, because the life that you now have is what you have wanted, hoped for and dreamed about forever?

Wouldn’t you not want to wake up from the dream that has promised you everything, that I have just told you, but I too faded away in the morning light……….

The Black Paint

Her long nails

scratched at the black paint,

on the windows, rusted shut


The darkness of her smile

glowed like the fading embers

of the house, burned

to the ground


She paused, and thought

about how the sun used to feel

before she shunned all life,

and love


The darkness of his face

painted over, like windows waiting

for someone to scratch the surface

with fingernails, like knives sharpened


His memory, fading to black…….



If I Truly Believed

If I truly believed
that it would make my life better
ease the situation of those around me
cause a change in my life
create a different way of doing
of thinking, of being,
Would I really,
without doubt
or question in my mind

thinking of her?

Only, if I truly believed
it would be in my best interest

which I don’t….