Sitting on a Shelf

Sitting on a shelf
cool, granite slabs
at my feet
the feeling that gravity
has no power in this place,

Sitting on a shelf
my feet dangling over
what others might fear
a precipice, an emptiness
a vastness, of which no bottom

Sitting on a shelf
no cares, nor worries
the grandeur of heavenly skies
surrounding my air spaces
feeling light as a feather,
with no heavier intentions, than that

Sitting on a shelf
towering spires over my head
mossy instances, clinging flowers
the sun baked the moment
the cooler recesses beckoned,

Sitting on a shelf
perched above forever spaces
an eternity calling
to others, just not me
while I shared a quiet moment
in these mountains, everlasting

Just sitting
on a shelf…

The Dawn Broke Clear

The dawn broke clear

To give the day

To me

I climbed

not the highest, nor the greatest

just a mountain

calm and free


I remember the sun

encased by the biting wind

and sometime clouds

but the warmth remained first

above all else


I dreamed a dream

for hours, days, weeks

maybe more:

The images fled before my eyes

and the day returned to sight

the day with the mountains, snowclad

sighting down to vistas unending

My dream today, lost to memory

forgot whatever it dreamed about

it thought my thoughts

and lived my life

leaving me in its place above

High atop, I dream a dream

to live my life gazing outward

waiting for those to pass in stride

waiting for my return…..

Spring 1981