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Looking Out

My mind opened
the tent flap, the wind
the cloudy skies
the mountains encircled,
I might consider myself
in any other reality.

This scenario, however
which my mind has
not being foreign
nor unintended,
being a reality, more real
than the life
I now live,

Looking out
a rocky landscape beckons
I lean back, considering the view,
in my thoughts….

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away from prying eyes
not being anywhere
anyone could find me

a state of being
being for the most part
lost within myself, lost to the world
as if the world cared at all,

in an other time frame,
still visible to those around me
not appearing different
living, breathing, all the normal things
just not within the realm
not where I otherwise might be,

My mind skipped a beat
while my heart went on a lark
my memories yanked and pulled
driving me to the edge, pulling me back
kicked themselves with forgetting
suppressing the urge to lash out

existing in a most visible way
greeting others around me
as if I always existed in this time line
wondering why, I lived another place
wondering why, l lived another life,

If you saw me, walking down the street
looking like someone, you once knew
daring to tap me on the shoulder
spin me around, awaiting recognition
disappointment replaces

Just being somewhere else
not anywhere in particular
not wanting to expose who might be
walking down the street
living in this body
existing with these thoughts

Just being somewhere else
you see….

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A Single Sound, Meow

The cat
looked at me
displaying no real
but possessing
the knowledge
of the ages,

A simple purr
signaling the coming
of the new age,
one in which cats
would take their rightful
in the hierarchy
of the animal world

Traded off instead
for the opportunity

to mock the local dogs
while sitting atop
its royal tree…..

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A Simple Drug

A mere aspirin
to ward off
to chase away
the devils

The same ones
telling stories
how a simple drug
will change a life
to the better,

The worse happens
the headache grows in
a simple drug, not enough
the answer to all questions
ones that never needed asking
problems, troubles
mounting difficulties
excuses and guilty

Having cured
the evil of the first headache
not being any more simple
nor requiring theft, or destruction
loss of family, of job, of life

A simple drug – wanted
only needed
to solve-

-simple troubles
in an otherwise

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The Coolness

I let the coolness,
what the morning chose
to give me,
run down along the indentations
the finely honed surfaces
of my utter imagination,
the images leapt and groveled
shaking off the demons
what the night refused
to let go,
The warm breath of day
simmered just under
the horizon,
my eyes still seared
from the onslaught
what days passed
had given,
blinked profusely
as if to hearken healing
before the next phase

The coolness
the thought of such
altering my mind synapses

swept away
in the ensuing

swept away

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A Tree Limb Dangling

over the telephone line
giving way to years
heavy, uncompromising

“Why won’t you say it?”
she pleaded on her side
in her life,

-the limb swayed a bit
-creaking in the breeze

“Why won’t you admit to
loving me?”

The branch neared the line,
the weight, the burden
of living so many years
too many to count

“I’ll die without your love”
her words echoed in her head
his silence deafened his reply

“I” quivered his words
on the other side of his life
“I” spoken as if his lungs
became emptied, no breath left
to breathe

The burden could bear no longer
the stillness of the moment
between decision and indecision
hesitating, while the dust hung
in the air

A tree limb dangling
not wanting to commit
not expecting the fall

when finally it came….

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Left Behind

My love, my love
once took me
changing the way
I thought, what I read
how I wrote,

My love
one-sided was it
as she loved
someone else,

She spoke of
The Bards
which storytellers
we were,
weaving our prose
around each others
pen tips, not caring
not loving, each other

Just writers, we were
and how she, what she
left me, still lingering

My love and I parted
though she continued
to love someone else
another woman, another man
experiencing the best of both

We parted as friends
while I took my love
and packed it away
saving it for some other day,

Not rhyming poets
were we,

Nor lovers, not she

not she….

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Two Danes toasting
the night being young
while the alcohol flowed
not remembering, in advance
what the morning
would bring,

“I propose a toast” said the one
to the other,
“To the Americans and the USA”
the other didn’t respond at first
the clinking of the glasses,
the silence that followed
all eyes rested upon the first one,

“Those poor devils deserve all the luck
they can get, don’t they?”

Everyone present raised their glasses
in unison
“Ja, Ja. Yes, let us toast those poor devils”
they yelled

And the night rolled onward
with a rightful Danish Hangover
in wait,

While those poor devils
were none the wiser…..

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The Last Tear

As you boarded the ship
the final journey, looking ahead
while I only behind
could see,
you reached out your hand
asking me to journey along
at least until the point
of no return,

I wiped a tear from my eye
as I stood by your side,
not wanting to look,
not wanting to accept

“Cry not”, she said
while laughing a bit
“look at me, and you’ll know
that soon the time of the tears
will lie behind us”

I still looked behind me
where the tears flowed freely
wanting something, I could not have
wanting something, I could not fathom

The dolphins swam alongside us
the water frothy on top
giving way to the inky depths

I only stood at the railing
glued to that spot, looking
hypnotized at the blackness
the unknown below,

“Silly you”, she told me suddenly
just quickly enough causing me to imagine
my headward plunge into the depths
no hands to rescue me, as I sank below
out of sight, the others
crying tears of sadness,
tears of the finality, the end of all ends

“I imagined this time”, she said at once
pulling me back towards the surface
shaking off the salty brine, eyes in disbelief,
rescued, I was

She told me of her vision
a life here, a life there
no transition between the two
we only stood on the shore
waving and crying, mourning our loss
while you, being all smiles
only laughed again,

The last tear, has not been cried
her words like her voice, echoed
in my mind,
these tears will turn to smiles
the living in-between spaces
before the tears return again,

I only stood there
her words hanging in my mind, while she
while her journey continued
her ship becoming smaller
disappearing from my memory

I wiped a tear from my eye
feeling better knowing
that wouldn’t be the last tear that
I would cry

When the memory of this event
this sorrowful, this tearful event
begins to enter my memory leaving
the the present to be itself
rumbling along toward the future,
these tears will fade as well,

Waiting as well
for my own vision
a ship journeying
taking me farther than tears could cry
taking me along where the dolphins swam

Alongside the inky depths
and the unknown beckoning to me…