What is today
wasn’t the day before
what colors entered my sight

20170716_143152 polerise varm hdr kryds

What was transferred to my way of thinking
filed, worked through, subjected
to other impulses, experiences

20170716_143152 - spejlvend farver

What thoughts were transferred back
what my mind told my eyes they were
seeing, what I wanted others to see
when I explained, what I had taken a photo of


Then I tossed it into my filter salad
adding and subtracting, the right amount of oil
or, not enough vinegar, just a bit cooled, a dash of salt and pepper,
before serving

20170716_143152 - polerise varm hdr


20170716_143152 - orton

*Sugar Pine Cone (Pinus lambertiana). Photo taken in California. July 2017.

Bon App├ętit



Gotta love that Country
the US of A
so many things, to see
eat, taste, feel, experience

*Boom Chicka Pop*


Somewhere in California
in an anywhere place
where the shoppers shop
and the cash register’s ring
and the people talk
where I wander through the aisles
marveling, gaping in awe
and wonderment,


Been away, you see
been away from home so long
things change, without me knowing
the sights, the houses increase
change color, the people grow older
grow younger, while I, while I

Just talking as if, I never left this place
this idea, the state of mind
the Golden State, with Malls
everywhere, there was a tree once
but you can’t make money on one tree
can you?

Boom Chicka Pop “corn”
why not have a name such as that?
in this Tortilla State of Mind


Tortillas seen in California. July 2017.

Where the temperatures are hot
and ice is King, and I am someone
who used to know what it was all about
not having to wonder why a product,
would have such a funny name,

In this California State of Mind….


I was atop
any one of a summit
unnamed, for what is the worth
only of knowing, what is highest,
what is most noble,
when what exists, lives in myself
being the most important
the most lasting,

DSC01490 Mt Williamson 2

I took to myself
the climb, the attainment
of many months planning,
the sweat on my brow
as testament to the sins
I’d accumulated, my life in the city,
My trials, my hopes dashed
love seeking, love found
but she was not on this journey,
This quest, how would seeing me now
my life balancing on my back, aching
the desert below, the skies above
robbed of any oxygen left in my lungs,

The contours on my mind’s map
didn’t equal the ones on paper,
my expectations, my goals, unattained
being satisfied with a cool drink
of water, a wipe of the brow
a look upwards, a look inwards,

DSC01490 Mt Williamson 5

My sight dissolves
into patterns, colors
my image soup disfigures
distorted trees, shadowy canyons
the running water tempts,
my feet, not always certain
just as my thoughts,
cheat and deceive me
tempt and tease, telling me
“go back”, ” give up”

DSC01490 Mt Williamson 6

My resolve, my determination
patterned by my life
drove me onward
to the top of my imagination
to the top of my dreams

My dreams….


Flower Days, Starry Nights

When the flowers bloomed
in the mountains high
my mind absorbed the colors
and placed them thus

in the daytime lights
of my waking memories
there where my feet fell upon
the meadow grasses and rocky steps
of the mountain footprints,

When the vivid colors faded
I was comforted by the starry cold
of the mountain nights,
the white, the dark blues
the utter blackness chasing away
the fading yellows and oranges

The stars burned brightly
out of reach, when I poked my head
out of the warmth of my
sleeping bag, wondering why
and how many light years, I looked
and what looked at me, as well

The flowers slept
around my position, hiding
among the cold breeze of the night
waiting for an opportunity
to show themselves,
their glory again,

My star-filled nights faded
into the oranges and yellows
of the coming dawn, the chill
of the morning, coming
ran down my thoughts,
and settled in my memories
awakened, when cold stars again
greeted my sight,

Flower Days
and Starry Nights

Existing still
in the Mountain Halls
of my memory…



Being atop
the mountains high
looking down
on all
never gave
the right
to consider myself
better, nor
than anyone else,
Humbled was I
being allowed
to exist
a few moments
in the company
of the


The Clouds Above

The clouds
above my head
passing by in a minute
a lifetime day, while I

Took in the moment
shaking off the memories
the city below, sweating out
my sins, my impure thoughts,

The sky atop a mountain
different than in the city
so close to heaven, so close
with all of eternity at my feet,

No matter where, I looked
who I saw, what they said
how I felt at that moment
how I feel right now,

Nothing can compare
you see,
not the winds blowing
nor the plants surviving
this barren point of sand
of rock, exposed
the elements relentless


My course upward
my course downward
never the same, you see
the lofty heights, my barren lows
the thought, the dream

Of visiting again
once again…


Shady Images

My thoughts
cloudy as of late
thought about how
lacking sunny places
and shadow spaces

what powers that be
having deciding my fate
a job left undone,
only being one,

I sought outside
shady images cowered
hiding from the noonday sun

I laughed
while the sun sought out
the shadow spaces

Leaving me laughing
while the heat burned
my skin, unprotected
felt the warmth,
the redness growing
my eyes shaded

Sitting under a fig tree
imagining myself, waiting

The garden wall to ascend
Nirvana waiting….


Looking Out

My mind opened
the tent flap, the wind
the cloudy skies
the mountains encircled,
I might consider myself
in any other reality.

This scenario, however
which my mind has
not being foreign
nor unintended,
being a reality, more real
than the life
I now live,

Looking out
a rocky landscape beckons
I lean back, considering the view,
in my thoughts….



away from prying eyes
not being anywhere
anyone could find me

a state of being
being for the most part
lost within myself, lost to the world
as if the world cared at all,

in an other time frame,
still visible to those around me
not appearing different
living, breathing, all the normal things
just not within the realm
not where I otherwise might be,

My mind skipped a beat
while my heart went on a lark
my memories yanked and pulled
driving me to the edge, pulling me back
kicked themselves with forgetting
suppressing the urge to lash out

existing in a most visible way
greeting others around me
as if I always existed in this time line
wondering why, I lived another place
wondering why, l lived another life,

If you saw me, walking down the street
looking like someone, you once knew
daring to tap me on the shoulder
spin me around, awaiting recognition
disappointment replaces

Just being somewhere else
not anywhere in particular
not wanting to expose who might be
walking down the street
living in this body
existing with these thoughts

Just being somewhere else
you see….


A Single Sound, Meow

The cat
looked at me
displaying no real
but possessing
the knowledge
of the ages,

A simple purr
signaling the coming
of the new age,
one in which cats
would take their rightful
in the hierarchy
of the animal world

Traded off instead
for the opportunity

to mock the local dogs
while sitting atop
its royal tree…..