Sky Thoughts

When my sky thoughts
tend to go from light to dark
I wonder why we are, and we are

P1010863leaves bluish water

The blueness of your eyes
reflecting in the sky waters
while I count the leaf stars
and pick them from the skies

P1010863leaves blackened water

We contrast each other
with your airy lightness
and my leafy darkness

Opposites, you know

Show Me Your Mongoose

Show me your mongoose
and I’ll show you mine

P1010882mongoose cut
maybe perhaps, most certainly not
what you had expected of me
while you, in your sunny corner sat
while the Winter, not far away it seems
swirled with its winds, its cold
while I in my mongoose thoughts
wondered, if I had more than one
then mongeese, they would be?

Givskud Animal Park, Denmark.

Allowing Me to Dive

When the waters encased
my thoughts, my sight
all rolled up in my blue sky ball
where we once colored our lives

P1010133 sky photo mætning

I thought, I saw you floating
along the bottom swells, the seaweed
entangling in my hands as they met yours
while we, if we, made love like we used to do
when we, back then we, how we loved
one another, it felt right, so right
it filled the day, with flashes of the night sky
showing me your skin in strobe-light fashion,

P1010133 lomo

While the waters flowed, when the sky drifted along
and my love for you was endless, lacking corners
or, definitions of boundaries, allowing freedom
disavowing the thought of leaving you, leaving me,

Allowing me to dive, in perfect knife-like form
cutting away the ties, those that bound us
setting us adrift,

P1010133 hdr stil

Away from you
never my intention, dearest
never, being the word that separates us now
searching always for the one idea
the one ideal, bringing you back
to me again,

How can I see you again
Why can’t I find you again


Just a Little One

Give me a kiss
won’t you love
just a little one, just to catch
my wandering attention
before it takes a walk, under the blue
through the green
out on a lark,


Give me a kiss
just me, just me
I’d be yellow with envy, if you
if there was someone else
tickling your fancy, holding you
looking deep into your eyes
telling you the sweetest of lies


Give me a kiss
I won’t tell anyone, if you please
or, will so, saying how nice it was
how great I feel, how I want us
just to be us, as long as it takes
until we can’t anymore, we just can’t
but for now, when life is good
and you are grand, then so am I

my love….


Photos taken at Sculpture Park, Billund Denmark April 2018

The Last Time, We

I called you, you answered
just not to me
I wanted, I suggested we meet
there, where it all began

Your image
cloudy, unclear
wondering if it really was you

P1010843color darkened

While you met someone
wanting it to be me
or, someone else
to make you happy again,

The last time, we
when our lives were filled with promise
but my promises, and yours
were two different things, what I saw, what you wanted


Two different people, two different pictures
who we went away with,
wanting it to be us

Photos taken at Givskud Animal Park, Denmark. April 2018. Panasonic Lumix DC-GX800

Your Own Reality

by reading other people’s dreams
seems a bit sad, somehow
that you, your own dreams
aren’t sufficient, just

I’d like to help
by adding a bit of dream material
perhaps a sign drawn
by a miniature donkey, a wave from afar, a thought from closer
or a Caribou, if that suits you better?

I can only offer you my giraffes
first together with you
then slowly, but surely
leaving you alone
to dream of other giraffes
or such

Sweet Dreams

Giraffe photos taken at Givskud Animal Park, Denmark. 2018

My Moo Cow

I’ve lost my cow
MoO MOo, it would cry
when I was out a wandering
others might say walking
but you can’t walk a Moo Cow
can you?

This animal
seemingly rather Moo-like
wandered on by me
we talked a bit
rather one-sided, I felt
but in the end
all it had to do
was MOO!

No Moos, No way it said
still rather one-sided
with all those small words
only existing in my head

A bit more color might convince it and me too, but…

Goodbye you
whoever you are, no moos
no way you’d follow me

If only I knew what that kind of moo-animal
if only….

The Bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus). Photo taken at Givskud Animal Park, Denmark. April 2018

Sky Canvas

I felt as if
time grew us closer
like water flowing,
the clouds in my sky
reflecting your image
painted on my sky canvas,

I neared a thought,
a pleasant repast
a meal for two,
reflecting on the colors
the darks, the lights, just nibbling
tasting, testing the waters
taking a dip, where your face
appeared smiling next to my reflection

the water moving
taking us with it
as the sky flowed along
with us, two

Norway. 2014.