All The Ages

All the ages
my father was
I’m living them
he was old, you know
when I was young,
One day he asked me,
“when is Rap Music done with?”
Soon, I hope, Soon, I replied.
We were two, you know
children of the last millennium,
When I was young, he was old,
his music was not mine, but then
his music was Country, and mine, Rock
when a day came by, and I listened
to his music, which became mine as well,
What did you do, when you were young, like me?
who did you love and did it hurt as much
and why did you make the choices, you did?
All of those questions, I never asked,
and how could I know what the answers meant,
not having lived as long as he?
And my son, does he understand my music?
Just as much, as I understand his,
and how he thinks, and if he wonders
what it is like, being who I am,
and how I got here, after all those years
and how I still haven’t reached
my father’s age,
Not his final age, just some of them
in-between, and not the same kinds
and not the same music, and Rap is
still around, and I am too,
All the ages, my father was
until this point in time, not being
finished as well, and would you like
to know my mind, when my time
reaches his?

When all my ages reach his….

A Small Scratch

scratched my car,
a Communist, no less
or, an Anarchist,
up to no good, envious
for the likes of the rest
of us,
or, someone who was jealous
of my wife, a scorned lover
someone who desired me,
but was rejected, a scratch
a slight inconvenience to others
a wound on my pride,
Someone, who didn’t like how
my bread was buttered, or how
my dog lifted his leg on their lawn
Someone, who couldn’t accept
how someone like me,
would be upset, by such a trifle
Someone who lacked any morals
and couldn’t adjust to the life
the rest of us led,
Someone who would go
to any lengths to show the world
that people like me,
weren’t allowed to own
such beauty, possess love
and the grace of God,
Discounting the possibility
of driving too close to the side
the side of the road with the branches
so evilly dragging their claws
into someone’s car, like mine,
Communists and Anarchists
whose lack of regard for planting
their spiny bushes too close for comfort
where people like me, not paying
any attention to their heinous ways,
drove his car too close to their evil,

Just an unfortunate, hunted, persecuted someone, like me…

One Day, Completed

One day,
another day
a long line,
a necklace
of pearl days, stretching
between my fingers,
the sun riding along
the string,
around my finger
never stopping
my life’s ellipse
fingering the seasons
stopping on this day
a Danish spring day
chasing the sun
chasing me
The years fly by
over my head
the sun shines

swirling around my finger…

Word Thoughts

I’ve been sending
my word thoughts out
distance gives no meaning
travel far, they do,

What others choose
to understand of what
I’ve written, of what
I’ve thought
I have no control over,
or want there of,

My word thoughts
having left their former
place of residence, seeking
new climes to reside in,

Others, reading, understanding
interpreting, thinking about
dreaming of, memories sparked
the realization of having been
there before,

Now residing,

Where my thoughts have been…

My Mind’s Journey

My mind’s journey
traveling incessantly
along this stretch of life
denied itself any thought
of pleasure, or enrichment
or passions echoing
from distant waysides,
oases nurturing,
resting for a life’s while,

The distance rolls on
never knowing just where
a new exit beckons,
a new door opens
closing out everything
what my mind knew
or remembered
of my former existence,

Traveling onward to a new one

Guys and Words

I’ve been considering a few nicely, crafted words to use, if/when the next moment of passion hits me. I know from personal experience that words seem to come easy, when the situation feels right, but in all haste, the wrong word is expressed instead. Women tend to want to talk about their feelings, which I am not opposed to, but having the correct word at the correct time, is essential for us guys.

Just think about “I Love”. That might refer to the heated action of a sporting event, or a racy sport’s van with “Miss I Wouldn’t Think Those Thoughts, If I Were You” was draped over the hood, being fastened securely by Velcro and Duct Tape, while smiling in the process.

What might be more appropriate, than the use of “I Love”?

I might just say that “My hens are satisfied with their laying boxes”, which most women would want to interpret in ways that either would stir their passions to the boiling point, or douse them with a bucket of icy, cold water!

You know how it is, being in the throes of passion, your mind empty for other thoughts than those devilish words, that just a few seconds later will, will be changing your life on this planet forever?

Here is my partial list of one-liners at times like those:

  1. My weather vane, or Girouette if you prefer French, is telling me that good weather is passing our way!
  2. The underestimation of daily use of foot powder, was the chief cause of the demise of the Roman Empire!
  3. I love the way you simulate sleep, after my time-tried moves of passion!
  4. I want to spend all of my waking hours organizing your shoe trees!

I’d wait to use number 4, until you get to know the girl better. You never know, what raw emotions, you might awaken with spicy thoughts like that….