I heard on the street today, concerning the current talk about Henrik.  Just Henrik.

Henrik was once know to disguise himself as one of the townsmen, allowing him to take the temperature of the community. He’d go from door to door, seemingly peddling his wares, but no one really knew it was him. He’d be shooting the breeze, or telling an anecdote, something destined to become a part of the oral history of the country, something that poets would ponder, making small children cry with delight, when encountering them, later on in their lives.

Others might mention how they admired him and his modest ways. “I once heard how Henrik solved an otherwise unsolvable problem” a man would relate to his neighbor. Then there was the time when we were in doubt if the local levee would keep the water masses at bay, when the storm of the century pounded this part of Denmark. Wasn’t it Henrik atop his white stallion rallying the men and women, tired beyond reason, hoping against hope that their efforts would ring true in the end?

Henrik would have nodded in agreement, if he had been present with me, hearing how his name was the first thing that anyone mentioned, even before “Good Morning” echoed throughout the households in this proud Scandinavian Country.

“Funny, how there was a time, when the people feared the thought of one man being able to turn the tide of despair into one of hope and anticipation of what was to come”. It’s hard for me to believe, but it was the truth, there were those that doubted Henrik’s Wisdom,  relying instead on old Wife’s Tales, and superstitions to ward off the evil spirits in the rocks and the trees.

I wouldn’t want to say that his path glowed after he had passed by, but I had the illusion that it did….




This has been a trying week, with tempers flaring to the flash point. Henrik has apparently not been seen, nor heard from this week, rising doubts of his ever returning and gracing the once fine City of Aalborg.

I say once fine, as his absence has affected life everywhere in this city. The famous street, home to night life and fine dining, “The Maiden Ane’s Street” is strangely silent, with signs of boarded-up windows and falling numbers of patrons. When asked why the silence is deafening, the reply might be, “Why should we celebrate and enjoy life when the Enlightened One is gone with the wind?”

The politicians are antsy as well. The Minister of State, Lars Noose, has been feeling like the rope has been tightening around his neck, with rumors of it being the state of the political climate that has caused the current unrest. “Remember what happened in Albania, and Italy after WWII”, thus displaying the mood of the people in a truly ominous way.

Others might just credit his absence to a yearly vacation, or  a Lear Jet trip to the Riviera, but others are not dissuaded so easily. “Enlightened people don’t take vacations, it is just not done!” Statements like those are the cause of the hoards of angry citizens, who have taken to waving pitchforks and scythes in the air to show their discontent. “Off to the Henrikstein Mansion on the hill!” they cried in unison, and were gone in search of someone to blame for their current troubles and woes.

I won’t claim to have had contact with either Henrik, or Sanne, but I knew that given time, they would indeed surface once again, most likely bringing the flowers of springtime, dealing out smiles to the children of Denmark.

One fanatic group has, however, made a name for itself, when it gathered together hundreds of wooden pallets, and began building a new Tower of Henrik, hoping to reach to the heavens to get the answers they demanded. They spoke in many different tongues, but not all could understand each other, being somewhat reminiscent of another, somewhat older tale that told of the same type of occurrence.

I have been asked not to add fuel to the fire by telling tall tales, or hinting of  “Henrik Sightings” in order to create hope among the people, but I know that this kind of “over reaction” has occurred before, and the best thing it to ride out the storm as best as we can.

I’d like you all to remember one of Henrik’s most famous sayings,

Remember the colors of the rainbow. They never mix together, but continue to shine as purely and as true as always!

I would venture a bet where that saying had its origins, but I’m sure most of you out there already know who had something to do with Henrik’s pure inspiration.

See you again soon, Henrik! Wherever you now are…..

Modest Beginnings

Henrik and I were shooting the breeze the other day, letting our thoughts roam about the room. Some of them took flight, and circled upwards, only for their waxen wings to be melted by the intensity of the Danish sun in the month of March. Others passed from mouth to mouth, from thought passage to realized ideas, as we both enjoyed a moment of silent thought, before the brighter reality of the new day presented itself to us.

Henrik spoke in his prose-like style, regaling me with the bread-crumb beginnings in his very modest home. He spoke as if there were birds alight, flapping their enormous wings, sheltering us while providing for that breath of fresh air, that all thoughts need to nurture and grow with time.

He eyes shone with the brightness of a morning just waking up after a night filled with dreams and sounds of a life gone by. It’s modest beginnings, the journey through what he called his “pre-enlightenment days” right up to the very bench, the chair that his thoughts rested upon, while we gazed out towards the rustic Danish Countryside.

We spoke without speaking, which was his preferred way of doing so, thus allowing other thoughts to intermingle with our own, enriching and enticing, as if Sanne were with us during our discourse of ideas. Sanne and Henrik were connected in their own way, using their special wavelength to join their thoughts into one, solid entity, while the rest of us wondered about the silence between them. Sanne just had to smile, her Mona Lisa smile, making Henrik’s thought patterns take a step up in intensity, taking him to yet another level of consciousness, what he’d never attained before.

A part of me, being rather selfish, wished that we could return to the good old days, when we worked together in other ways than we did today. Back then we used our muscles instead of our minds, thus allowing us to communicate our thoughts and wishes for a better future, with me not knowing how his feeling for Sanne would grow exponentially in the coming months ahead. There had been rumors, and whispers of the special connection between those two, but they, in their quiet respect for one another, never disclosed the true nature of their relationship to us, otherwise just ordinary mortal beings.

Henrik laughed suddenly, and spoke aloud. “Don’t worry about me and my thoughts, as I have the best of all worlds”, and with that said and done, he slipped back into his thoughts, most likely about Sanne, and what she was thinking at that moment.

Finally, I took my leave of Henrik, without really understanding what we said to each other in our thoughts? I guess, I’ll just have to wait until his newest set of memoirs and thoughts are released in his new E-Book, “Henrik – the Inner Workings” to get a glimpse of just how his mind really works.

Another Bestseller in the works. I am sure of that!


A lot of people have been wondering about Henrik’s girl, Sanne. Some have been asking if photos of her can be found on the Internet? Perhaps she posed in the buff to earn money for school, or wasn’t that her that was mooning those boys out of her window the other night?

I’ve tried to counter the rumors that she would soon be appearing in the next issue of Hardware Monthly – as Cashier of the Month. “Sanne showing off her assets adorning the centerfold with her many qualities and talents”.

I hear it every day, “Sanne this, and Sanne that“. She is almost becoming as famous as Henrik, himself, though he would probably just laugh and take it in stride, while petting Unicorns, or playing Golf with the Nordic Gods on their famous course in the Danish Alps.

I set about to take her picture to help satisfy the growing hungry imaginations of millions of Danes, and others in the local area called Scandinavia, who also have wondered and dreamed about Henrik’s Gal.

I asked if we could meet the other day to help calm down my readers by displaying her hair with its many colors. She agreed, but then something happened, that I didn’t expect. As I took out my camera and pointed it at her, she just blended into the background, as if she didn’t exist at all. I just shook my head and lowered my camera, which made her visible once again. I tried a second time, using a swifter movement, but the end result was the same. I couldn’t look past the Swedish Keys, or the left-handed levels to see her now legendary hair color and its many nuances.

I asked her how she could be the centerfold of a magazine, if cameras couldn’t capture her essence on digital film?

She told me that in order to protect the mystery of her being, a sort of magic surrounded her. I knew she was really referring to Henrik and his ways, but I accepted her explanation knowing that it was useless to depict the “Sand* Sanne” in other than my mere words could hope of doing.

I know that her colors change with the seasons, without any one season from year to year, resembling the year before. I realize that women are mysterious in advance, but Sanne’s hair makes her one in a million, alongside the other less colorful inhabitants of this mighty country in Scandinavia! I would imagine that even the Danish Queen herself has asked Sanne to divulge some of her hair tips, but as with most things concerning the Royal Family, the true answers are left to speculation at best.

Here is to Sanne! The woman with the mysterious hair….


*Sand means True in Danish.


The Intertropical Convergence Zone

Paddling along in an area with no wind. No other sailing ships to be had. Drifting.

Another boat neared me. A voice sounded out, “Ahoy matey. How’s it going?” Henrik. In the middle of nowhere. In his own boat. Sharing my doldrums.

“Cat got your tongue?” Henrik smiled his Gandhi smile, while stretching his Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, arms, looking as if he had just been placed in that boat by the hands of God himself.

I had been adrift in my thoughts thinking about not being somewhere, I thought I wanted to be.

Henrik replied, “Who are you concerned about? Where is the red thread in your thoughts? Why are others concerning themselves with you?”

Leave it to Henrik to read my thoughts. Writing blogs can be a tricky business, and a bit too disappointing at times. Setting my sights too high, I guess?

Henrik began to move away from me, just as the wind started to blow.

“Remember. Keep on track, and don’t let anyone steer you off course”

That’s why Henrik deserves his own category on my site. Not everyone can claim to be

The Enlightened One…..

Home Town

Henrik’s Home Town

A concept, an idea I’d often wondered about

“Look at my hand”, he told me one day. He showed me the roads that led from there to here. The deeper intentions, the smoother edges. The center of it all.

I looked at my own hand in turn. There were scratches from this and that. A scar from my childhood. Age spots that couldn’t be denied, but no deeper meanings here. No way at all to read my life, like he could.

He turned his hand over to show me where it all started. Then he did that. Then he met Sanne, and “Wait a minute?” “Sanne!”

“There. Where the colors turn from the one to the many” he said, as if everyone in their lives had such a turning point. A time when they went from going it alone, to…

Sure enough the colors did tell their own story. How they met. What they saw in each other. Why she liked to run her hands along the fins of his ’56 Caddy! A love story in itself.

I didn’t need to pry any longer. I had gotten the answers, I had been looking for. It’s not always easy for the rest of us, not having the privilege of being Enlightened as Henrik was, but then

There was only one Henrik, wasn’t there?…..

Of Many Colors

Sanne of many colors is going to grace my presence today

A little bird named Henrik, the Enlightened One,
told me yesterday that today would indeed be
my lucky day

Where is Henrik you might ask?

Most likely meditating atop a Tibetan Monastery, where his thoughts could fly free as the birds surrounding it

If I am fortunate enough
I might just catch a glimpse of his ’56 Caddy
as it rolls on by, waving a special wave to Sanne
as he floats past on Nirvana Dreams

Such is Henrik
you know…..

Henrik and Eurovision

Henrik the local hero was seen last night at the Danish version of the Eurovision Song Contest. He was seen among the judges, trying not to influence the others with his “larger than life” image.

During this grand show, one of Henrik’s favorite bands, was seen performing during an intermission show between the main acts. The local rapper, Jake the K, and his backup band, Karsten and the Darks, were successful in getting the whole of the audience in the correct mood, with everyone rapping along the words to one of the city of Aalborg’s favorite song, “The Building House Blues”.

Henrik was seen giving his impression of Cesar, with a thumbs up review of his favorite band, while slowing fading into the background, allowing the contest to continue without his enlightenment to guide them onward.

It was reported that Henrik dealt out various autographs to well-wishers before his departure to his ’56 Caddy, with the large fins, driven by none other than Sanne, herself, sporting a new and exciting hairstyle for this fabulous event.

Henrik has promised me the most recent photo of this hair extravaganza, but the rest of the world will have to wait for my description of that and this star-studded event in the local newspaper, The Aalborg Times.

Read your on-line version as it becomes available…..


I swear, I was starting to get the heebeegeebees over the hubbub over Henrik. Every and anywhere I looked, there was a new Henrik walking down the street. Under my window, in my bed, and even while taking out the trash, another Henrik was touting his wisdom to the world!

Sanne came with an answer to this question: “It was Henrik himself who thought of marketing look-alike Henrik masks over Amazon, selling them to the masses, everyone who wanted to be Henrik”.

I could only shake my head, and ask why?

“Just think about it. Awash in a city filled with Henriks. He found out how to be among the people without being recognized at the “real thing”. He could stroll about, being himself without fear of being assailed and confronted with hoards of his well-wishers. There is one disadvantage though, some of these look-alikes have accused him of giving “Henrik” a bad rap by parading around town wearing a below-par Henrik mask!”

I must admit to wanting my own Henrik mask, but I thought that might be a bit on the fanatic side?

The good thing here were those women who tried to imitate Sanne, thus making the perfect pair, who would accompany each other to the “Weekend Henrik and Sanne Bar-b-Que Bash” at the Lions Club. Her hair though was not easy to duplicate, regardless of how many hair-dressers had touted about being able to do just that.

The “sheen” , or luster was something that Sanne had gotten copyrighted, so no matter how many women (and men) that wished to imitate the mate of Henrik, it would be both colorfully, morally and illegal to do just that.

Before I left her presence, I asked if she would just swirl it about, for old time’s sake. When she did so, I realized once again, what a lucky dog Henrik was for scoring such a woman as Sanne.

Darn lucky…..


I’m afraid to report that Henrik Fever has been burning hot here in Aalborg. I say afraid, as anyone, or anything that has gotten close to Henrik has felt its effects at close hand. I myself had my clothes torn off today, all the way down to my Sunday Underwear. There were two smiles turned to frowns at that development, let me tell you.

Secondary websites touting Henrik Knowledge have been popping up on the “net” with look-alike Henrik T-shirts being hawked from this side of Denmark to the Capitol City of Copenhagen.

Demand and Supply, plain and simple.

Henrik, becoming a household word almost overnight, has caused a vacuum in the amount of wares and services associated with his name. I knew this was going to be big, but never expected it to go viral overnight. I only hope Henrik can maintain his cool in this feverish situation?

Today’s bargain at the local department store offered hot and cold compresses guaranteed to keep anyone’s cool in this above average heat wave in an otherwise cold start of 2018. Outside my window it might feel like -10 C., but close-by Henrik, you might just get your fingers burned if the fire turns tail and heads your way.

More on those developments later…..