Cream-Filled Donuts

…….while I was deeply involved with my latest issue of Poultry Times, the wife yelled into the window. I felt that she did that way too often, which gave credence to the rumors circulating around town that I was indeed Henpecked. I tried to ignore her, when the Cluck Alarm sounded, making my day even more troublesome than before.

I took my Chicken Dog outside to the barn, where I found……..

……but she told me before, that was the most comfortable dress for her and her shapely form. I suggested we drop everything else, and throw caution to the winds, but speaking of which, a fowl smell came from the direction of the septic tank, which seemed to take our thoughts of love-making to a neutral corner, where the fighters had removed their gloves and were playing pinochle, while the sewer guy tried to flush out the system once and for all…….

……you know how I’ve told you before how I liked my Cluckers to form a straight line, but chickens being what they are, seemed to defy me at every turn. I rolled up my sleeves and said…….

…….but it was not the most compromising position, I’d ever caught her in. There was the time when the Donut Delivery Man came around and tried to interest her in cream-filled donuts. She had read between the lines, which I tried to do every time, I read the Poultry Times, but we just didn’t see eye to eye. Not with my Cluckers anyway, or I would have to be crawling around in the dust to do so. “Honey” she told me, “the truth of the matter is, that I have been…….”

….which was a lot to swallow, her story that is, which made me open the window again, as the day had heated up to the boiling point, when she had modeled her new mu-mu for me. What withe tropical flowers on her dress, and thoughts of trying to experience the Blue-Light Special at K-Mart again, she drew me close to her. Close enough to smell the Vick’s Vapo-rub, which she knew would drive me into the greatest ecstasy, when the Cluck Alarm sounded again!…..

……. it was an awful pain in my left foot having shot off my little toe, but that was not the worst of it. The blast had scattered my birds in every direction, and while the Chicken Dog pointed, I caught a glimpse of the Donut Man, sliding down the rain pipe just outside our bedroom. I’d heard of home delivery before, but this was way beyond what I had expected……

….but I’ll have to finish this story later Mom, because the Ambulance People are about to shoot a tranquilizing dart into me, before I get my sights aimed at the Donut Man, and his cream-filled donuts….

Your Son, the Chicken Farmer





My Christmas Reality

The 25th December. Northern Denmark.

I seem to be the only one alive in this family. Right now anyway. Other than the dog, who is still waiting for something to fall on the floor.

I am cleaning the kitchen. Especially the oven trying to remove the fowl smell. We ate Roast Duck last night on Christmas Eve, and well, it does tend to be everywhere. Yea! says the dog, who still is following me from room to room, hopeful as always.

My children, two of them who are still teenagers, with one being 20 year’s old. It doesn’t matter on the 25th, with the packages being opened last night, and nothing to look forward to but sleep. So they are asleep, while I clean the oven.

10 degrees Celsius. That’s about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which in this part of the world doesn’t translate to snow of any kind. The positive note was that the windy conditions during these holidays, have been CO2 neutral, with over 40% of Denmark’s electricity production coming from windmills, which mean that all of the Christmas consumption of energy has occurred without adding to Global Warming! Yea!, says the dog, while looking around for more Duck droppings on the floor, his floor.

Well, enough of this silly business. I’ve still got work to do. If you want to consider it sexy and exciting, then be my guest!


We all have our own kinky fantasies, but this one is a bit extreme!

MC from Denmark.

Yea! says the dog. Let’s walk/eat/sleep…..

A Danish Mile

I walked along
a Danish Mile
which only was
1.6 Kilometers long,
something, I told
someone, who asked
how far, I traveled
that day,

I chanced upon
a Danish Smile
one very European
naked in its expression
making my North American
Face, blush
which made them laugh
which made them smile,
along the Danish Day
that way,

I spoke a while
in my Danish Way
which made them smile
that someone knew,
that someone tried
to sound like they,
but always, yes always
with an American Potato
in my mouth,
each and every Danish Day,

I found myself
a Danish Girl, a Danish Woman
who was to say, that happening
to one such as me, with who I knew
and where I lived, being in a place
the USA?

I lived a while
25 years or more
with my Danish Wife, Kids and Dog
in a very Danish Place, still with
potatoes in my mouth
speaking Danish, along some
Danish Mile, blushing at some
Danish Smile,

In a country
surrounded by
who are surrounding



Been to California, Finally

“Well the first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry anymore. Cause when life looks like easy street there is danger at your door…..Uncle John’s Band – Working Man Dead – Grateful Dead.” Visiting family is not always easy, especially if they live half a world away, and the purpose of my trip concerned attending the funeral of my younger sister.

All that aside the following blog and its followers will show the California I experienced in July 2017. My impressions are shown through my pictures,  which will also give you out there, an impression of life in California as well.


Ice cubes are the “In” thing in the summer months. I swear that at  least once every other day we’d need to invest in those puppies, which would be unheard of in Denmark, if of course you could find them in the stores.


This rather overdone building is an electronics warehouse, Frys in Roseville California.


It had an obvious Train Theme with the usual engine crashing out of the outside wall.


The products were placed on what resembled train cars, with murals along the walls showing more train impressions.


My sister was in the market for a new pc, but all of those dollar signs confused me a bit.


The next day I went to the local Toyota dealership with my brother in-law. The waiting area provided complementary cold drinks, popcorn and coffee. I  had Wonder Woman between my legs while I waited, that is Dr. Pepper, but the story line was a good one, wasn’t it?


The car dealership was dog-friendly, but not having a dog with me, I had  to settle for the one in the waiting area.


I asked the owner what kind of dog it was (I guessed Poodle – Giant Size), close but…it was a Labradoodle. It resembled my own dog back in  Denmark, but…. he could have gone underneath this dog!


The next event was Taco Night. My niece and her boyfriend stood and slaved over the stove to provide the rest of us with freshly-made Tacos.


The inside choices were cut and ready with a variety of hot sauces to taste. The cup visible contains ice-coffee from Starbucks, another must for my sister and her husband.


Here are the tacos on the assembly-line.


The finished product!

Now, I knew I was in California….

Next blog: Placerville, Old Hangtown.


Pizza, Because I am Nice

I walked past my daughter’s room the other day, when she called out for me to come in.

“Did you read my message?” meaning that she had texted my cell phone.

“No, No I didn’t. But I am here now”, I said

“Go back, find your cell phone and read the message”. She insisted

I walked back to the other side of our house and looked around for my cell phone. Upon finding it I could confirm that I had “gotten mail”.

“Dear Dad. Don’t you think that I deserve Pizza? If you believe that I am nice, then you can pick it up in the next town, I’ll even call it in for you. smiley faces…..

I never was much for smiley faces in letters, or text messages. Their inherent cuteness is a bit too much for my old school way of thinking, but that was really not the point here, was it?

My children are good at communication. No, not with each other, and definitely not when their parents are “Træls” which is a Danish word for “lousy”, but communication via Smart Phone is one of their greatest achievements.

My son was the one who finally convinced me to make my own Facebook Account. His reasoning: “Then we could talk together via Messenger”. True. True, but my main argument was that we still lived in the same house, and most times were only 6 or so meters away from each other.

Oh. Wait a moment. I’ve just gotten a new text message.

“Hi Dad. Did you get my message about Pizza? Don’t you agree that I deserve a Pizza for being so nice and all? Love your daughter – more smileys.”

This is Pizza- Blackmail! Just because I can be a nice father, attentive to my children’s needs, I’ll have to shell out the money (and the time it takes to fetch it) to prove that fact.

My plan for that moment was to drive to the Grocery store, when I then received a new message. My daughter texted me again. “Dad. Come to my room”. When I arrived she was looking at Pizza again. “Mom says if I pay for the Pizza myself, then I can order one, if I want to”.

“All right. I’ll fetch it. Is it near where the Grocery Store is? No. It wasn’t.” I replied, feeling like I was getting sucked into the black hole of parenthood.

“They were too expensive, but if you just………..” she replied.

So I packed the dog in the car – he likes to hang his head out of the window  – and drove in the opposite direction to the other Pizza Parlor. While on the short drive, I heard my Cell Phone ding and dang, numerous times, but there is a hefty fine in Denmark for even thinking about looking at it while driving.

I finally stopped outside of the Pizza Parlor. The messages were from my daughter. “Dad! Why haven’t you answered me? That Pizza Parlor is apparently closed. Now you’ll need to go to the one next to the Grocery Store. Text me when you get there!!”

The dog didn’t seem to mind, but I felt the leash tightening a bit around my neck. So I drove to where I had planned on going all along. The dog barked at the people out of the window, while I tried to remember if I had forgotten anything else on my list.

The Pizza Parlor next to the Grocery Store was filled with pleasant smells, and smiling workers. They spoke in a language unfamiliar to me, but the finished product was after all Pizza, and that was the important thing.

Then the dog got his trip home again, while the Pizza smells wafted through the car.

All of this because I felt it important to keep in touch with my children, utilizing their fine skills of Communication…..

The dog though didn’t care, and got an extended trip in the car, in the car…..


New Tricks

I would like
my dog
to teach
my children
new tricks

He eats bananas
of their
listens intently
when I tell him
how healthy
power foods

His level
of anti-oxidants
decrease his chances
for getting cancer,
and when he licks
my bowl of oatmeal
he gets his daily dose
of roughage,

He gets plenty
of exercise
running, walking, barking
out in the fresh air,

He sleeps without
having to wait until
his cell phone is charged
and doesn’t care
if his friends text him
at 3am,

He is loyal
and almost always happy
even at 6am when the day

He has lots of friends
that accept him for what
he is, even if he is
different, without having combed
his fur, or worrying
about having the latest
most fashionable
flea collar,

He doesn’t need
to teach them everything
all at once,
but if they are attentive
and obey his commands
they might just turn out
to be
as he


One Short Moment at the Train Station

I am not to show/take any photos of my son. That would be the ultimate embarrassment for a teenager.

“Why are you taking so many photos?”

“Why have you said the wrong things?”

“Why are you (all) still here. I can take the train on my own.”


An automatic ticket machine – Denmark is a modern country.


Model trains that take your donations and entertain you a few moments.


Food disguised as sugar and caffeine can be purchased.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Well, if not then you can pretend anyway.


No, this is not HAL from 2001, A Space Odyssey. This is where your plastic card containing your money is transferred to someone elses bank, thus allowing you to travel on the train (or, bus) – Rejsekort


Some of you are probably still looking up 2001, A Space Odyssey on IMDB, so for the rest of you, this is a view to the south at the Train Station.


And the view north.


A classic manhole cover (or personhole cover for political correctness)


This might be the back of someone’s son, showing off his FDF-shirt (FDF a Christian organization for children and youth in Denmark). If you said “Scouts” to him you might just have your face slapped!



One of the trains heading south.


Raised metal studding on the inside floor of the Train Station. For your eyes only.


My pathway towards the car, after embarrassing my son, and his friends with my presence.



Looking across the parking lot towards the buildings on the eastern side of John. F. Kennedy’s Plads in Aalborg.

jfk plads

Train Station (Aalborg St. ) Kennedy Plads seen in Red.

Courtesy Google Maps.


Always a few bicycles to see in Denmark.


The view from the north of the Train Station:

My wife: Why are you still taking pictures?

End of blog…..


My Morning Reality

Walking the dog.

The wife forgetting her Cell Phone.

My daughter not wanting to wake up.


My morning reality is not always what the poets would write about, but…


This morning on this side of the Atlantic.

This morning in Denmark

This morning in Europe.

Your choice.


I was out walking the dog. He likes to walk, anytime.


The Eastern Skies were displaying fantastic colors.


The now barren trees made a nice addition to the colors.


And for those who thought that the skies cannot be pretty on the edge of a large city (by Danish standards)…

Then you would be wrong…



On Being 16 Year’s Old

My son turned 16 today on this 3rd of October. In Denmark we usually wake/are awaken by the rest of the family with a traditional birthday song and presented with gifts.

On the way to the bus stop he said, “Wow! 16. Now I know how it feels to be old like you!”

No. No he didn’t. I told him though how it was for me to be 16. In Southern California 16 was the age for getting a Driver’s License. I was there at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) on the day of my 16th birthday, rather nervous at that. I passed the written test, then went on to the driving test.

The examiner noted the date, and said “Oh, Happy Birthday”. “Didn’t you know that you could’ve taken the written test 2 weeks before?”

No. I didn’t know that, but it was too late for that anyway.

Being 16 with a Driver’s License. Borrowing the family car. Driving around with my friends. That was really living! Less attachment to parents. More of my own life. Just wait until I turn 18, then….

That is what my son says on a regular basis, “Wait until I turn 18”.

As if that is a cure for all that ails us? It really means that we become less reliant on our protective parents, with increasing responsibility of our own fate.

I hope he enjoys his quantum leap into age 16. It is a milestone in his life, one of many. He’ll just have to learn how like the rest of us did.

The weather today?



Cloudy but dry right now, going over to rain later on.

Why should that be important?

Well, in Denmark it is said that if the weather on your birthday is nice then you have behaved yourself during the past year, but if the reverse is true, then….

Enjoy the nice weather as long as it lasts, just as we should enjoy our lives as long at they last,

16, or….



Death and Its Changes

A close member of my family died suddenly within the course of last month. To say that I was not affected by this, would be to tell all of you lies, which I won’t be doing in this blog.

I was in the USA for 14 days to deal with this death together with my family. We talked, and racked our brains for any/all memories, or scraps of such to do justice to the person at hand, but the result of this event still leaves its traces upon me.

While I was in the States, I maintained a degree of silence, both due to the cost of calling to other places, but also due to the intensity of the situation. Everything went as it should, with a Memorial Service, and burial, then my return to Denmark.

Death and its changes are things that are not completed by the completion of the burial ceremony. Questions still seem to pop up, affecting both my family over there, as well as in Denmark. Why did this happen, and why did it happen so fast? Why weren’t we better prepared, and who will be the next to say goodbye?

Not everyone will be able to accept these changes, but death, as we all know, is also a part of life, not letting us decide how/when we are able to say goodbye in our own time, leaving only regrets and questions as to our own place on this planet.

My family in Denmark has also been affected by this event. A sense closeness has developed since this tragic event, changing the way we think about each other, and the consequences of something so far away, hitting us as if we were all there during the last moments of life.

I’ve also had to question things like blogging. Why is it important to continue doing so? I realize that a lot of things will fall into place with time, but for now, I’ll be taking a break from doing anymore writing, except this short explanation to any/all that follow this blog.

I really can’t explain things more than I am doing right now, because this event continues to be felt by me in my everyday life and its situations. I continue to reflect on the events of these past few weeks, and will grow with that knowledge, be it good or bad.

Thanks for listening to my explanation…..