While the Rains Fell

The Danish Dog went about his business, oblivious to the rest of the world. The plants that he walked upon, gave no notice to him, not even the lichens whose existence was protected by there not being any reindeer to eat them, in this otherwise 100% country in Scandinavia.


And even though the rains continued to fall, and the grass continued to notice his padded feet,  the Danish Dog was lost in his own world, not letting anyone in to the magic and the mystery of the Red Ball.


Not the orange one would do today, nay not even the grey, because today was predestined to the the day of the Red.

And while the world continued to turn, and lovers continued to cry, and lament, the Danish Dog, lost in the moment, continued along his merry way somewhere in the Kingdom of Denmark…

And not even the drops of water, were disturbed by his presence.


And when it was all over, he waited anew in his anticipation…..when the Red Ball called out to him again….


My Morning Reality

Walking the dog.

The wife forgetting her Cell Phone.

My daughter not wanting to wake up.


My morning reality is not always what the poets would write about, but…


This morning on this side of the Atlantic.

This morning in Denmark

This morning in Europe.

Your choice.


I was out walking the dog. He likes to walk, anytime.


The Eastern Skies were displaying fantastic colors.


The now barren trees made a nice addition to the colors.


And for those who thought that the skies cannot be pretty on the edge of a large city (by Danish standards)…

Then you would be wrong…


Your Dog

Your dog
showed up today
on my doorstep
wagging and sniffling
begging and whining,
I’d like you
to fetch your dog
before things
get unpleasant
It has happened before
you know
when you’ve tried
to win my affections
It won’t work
It just won’t,
Darn it!
Now he’s gone
Now, you’ll have
to come in as well,
Stop your wagging
and sniffing,
your begging and whining,
it’ll just be for one night
so don’t get ideas,
and by the way,
let the dog out
before we turn in
for the night….

Building an Outside House

I’ve been hitting screws
and screwing nails
painting glass,
and yelling at someone
who looks like me
just on my good days

Building a house
a room with a roof
bring the inside, outside
or the outside in?

Building and wondering
who will judge, who will laugh?
building, hammering, sawing
nailing without nails, painting
well, painting with ugly colors
painting my fingers, and clothes
my dog and his toes
do dogs have toes?

I’ve put on a roof
one that leaks
one that shakes
and a floor that creaks
and walls that are glass
and stones thrown about
and dogs with painted toes,
if dogs have toes?

A picture?
Might as well get
a haircut first
cutting off the paint
hiding my thumbnails, black
hiding my intentions
inside the outside

My family
ready to move in
sofa, Internet,
bar stools, dog bed

I am on the inside
looking out to the inside
we are waving to each other
while I am drinking a beer,
enjoying my inside
while they enjoy their outside

If you wish
to know how
building an outside, inside
outside of my house,
inside room, without plans
using crooked wood,
and ugly paint,

I won’t tell you
I won’t

I wouldn’t deny you
all the fun that I’ve had

Drinking my beer,
looking out to the in
side of things

Out there….


Traffic Light, Red, Yellow, Green

Stop and go
the cadence of my life
with her, who else,
would let my pedal hit the floor
only to stop suddenly, her red light
flashing, sending out sparks, Danger!
I cried, but not her,
it was just her way, just her way
of telling me how fast she wanted me
how slow it should progress
and why it had to stop my traffic, just
when I thought the flow was flowing?
her waving yellow finger, told me that
if I sped up, or slowed to a stop, a difference
would make, a crossroads
in our relationship,
I longed for the days, my dog hanging
his head out of the window, and I
-and I making Vroom-Vroom sounds
along a quieter stretch of my life,

Stopping for that woman
crossing my crosswalk, defying the red
my yellow sensibility, my green passions,
wanting to go further, but the sound of

My dog whining in the car
might just have saved me the trouble

of running her red light…….