Throw the Dog a Bone

To keep him
from scratching, disturbing
while I gazed into her eyes,
With her only existing
in my memory, smiling
Teeth freshly brushed,
the shine glaring me
and making the dog,
Better a photograph,
then a dog, howling her name
making me miss her
and how she used to
walk the dog,
while I daydreamed
of her

Attempting Springtime in Denmark

In Denmark is is said that it isn’t the temperature, nor the weather that is the problem, rather the type and amount of clothing, you have on.

My faithful dog didn’t ask, if we shouldn’t go out in the rainy weather. He had his fur coat on, and that was fine for him.

This day of 9 degrees Celsius resembled Spring in certain aspects, but I would have liked a bit more warmth and dry conditions for my walk.


Danish Cowslip (Primula veris)


My dog allowing me to take up the rear.


Reclaimed Gravel Pit now used as recreative area.


Bronze Age Burial Mound in Background.


The Ox Road (


Flowering Cherry Plum tree (Prunus cerasifera)



Beech Trees with their winter foliage, waiting for the green of Spring.


Many choices of pathways.


Denmark’s 4th largest city, Aalborg, seen in background.



Designated trail marker with stated restrictions.


All photos taken with Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

The Life of Said Dog

While pondering
the life of said dog,
the lack of intention
worries, wants,
the need for food,
and proper toys
the random cat,
the bird that flew,
sleep, and more sleep

I grew tired
of pondering said dog
and lay down beside him
while he dreamed of cats and balls
and fell asleep,
without a care in the world
lifting my head, only
when the food dish