Someone, oh someone
who chose, who decided
that this now, that this moment
to live I should, to live

crawling, walking, running, stumbling

Someone, I grew up with
who I played with,
someone who decided, to learn
how to be, angry, happy, chided, loved

crawling, walking, running, stumbling

Someone I once knew
who taught me to love
someone who taught me to learn
how to learn, cry, laugh, think, love

How someone like her, taught me to love

crawling, walking, running, stumbling

Someone, oh someone
who chose this path, who could be me
someone who looked about, those among me
teaching, knowing, learning, leaving

How she did, what I did as well, what we did

crawling, walking, running, stumbling

Someone, oh someone
who one day, perhaps bright and sunny
Someone who will choose, my days to end
sorrow, regret, passing, memories, redemption

crawling, walking, running, stumbling

Someone, oh someone
who let this life be led, the life, alive to live
Someone else started, someone else ended
someone, someday, passing into someone else

Someone, I used to know

Photo of the Family Dog. Still alive and “crawling, walking, running, stumbling”

as I am, as well…..



Lost somewhere
in Friday thoughts
where in my reality
the sun is shining
the day still young
soon growing old

Lost in a Danish moment
while thinking my thoughts in English
the whole of Denmark lurks outside,

My Danish dog sleeps, dreams
waiting for me to get my act together
leading us outside to the day, growing colder
while the Danish birds chirp
and the Danish skies are filled
with clouds made of ice-crystals

Others on this planet
are most likely sleeping, existing
thinking about their own Friday passed
or their soon to be Friday coming

My Danish dog is restless now
time to go out and sniff Denmark,
what might the rest of you
be doing today, I wonder?

Just another Friday
in Denmark

Dog Suit

While walking today in a forest in Northern Denmark,


the trail presented itself to me,

but suddenly, the boy in the dog suit, entered my thoughts


leaving no doubt in my mind, that I was indeed

not alone…..



More than one way to be benched.

And all the while the crazy Danish Dog runs about too blurry to be seen clearly


luckily no one else was around to wonder why anyone would take so many photos of two benches, on this day in February 2018.

In a small country called Denmark…..



My wet dog
kept me out of many
a bed
destined for love-making

At least
I was loyal,
and soft
to the touch…



I was just sitting here
considering making love to you
in my memory,
but the last time we did so
you got mad at me, locking me out
of our apartment
with me, wearing only a smile turned frown
just when the next door neighbor
Mrs Perkins came home
with her new camera,

I was just sitting here
with my clothes on
considering making love to someone else,
but your memory, being rather pesky
kept taunting me, and calling me names
those your longshoreman father taught you
which made me mad and sad
at the same time,

I was just sitting her
reading a nice book
about a boy and his dog……



the proud pointer
showed the crowd
what the wind was bringing
“That’s my dog” I yelled,
but the wind being what it was
didn’t tell the masses what, who
was the owner, or why Larry chose
that moment in time to point,
Ice Cream vendors peddled their wares
while mothers held their children high
not to miss out on the marvels of Larry pointing,
Forcing myself to the front of the congregation
the preacher had just passed out the hymn books
with everyone instructed to turn
to hymn number 7
“Larry’s relation to the change in the wind”
the cadence, the candles lit, with Larry still pointing
while I just sat there, marveling
how he showed us the way, leaving me in awe
with only one thought in mind,
“I was never going to make it to the pet store
in time to buy that dog food on sale!

– but that was, as they say
left for the poets to write about
while the rest of us were held in awe
at least until the stores opened again tomorrow



Love Loyalty

The love
of a beautiful

The loyalty
of a fine

Part of me
wants to throw
caution to the
but my sensibility
tells me

The dog will win out
in the end…..


My Christmas Reality

The 25th December. Northern Denmark.

I seem to be the only one alive in this family. Right now anyway. Other than the dog, who is still waiting for something to fall on the floor.

I am cleaning the kitchen. Especially the oven trying to remove the fowl smell. We ate Roast Duck last night on Christmas Eve, and well, it does tend to be everywhere. Yea! says the dog, who still is following me from room to room, hopeful as always.

My children, two of them who are still teenagers, with one being 20 year’s old. It doesn’t matter on the 25th, with the packages being opened last night, and nothing to look forward to but sleep. So they are asleep, while I clean the oven.

10 degrees Celsius. That’s about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which in this part of the world doesn’t translate to snow of any kind. The positive note was that the windy conditions during these holidays, have been CO2 neutral, with over 40% of Denmark’s electricity production coming from windmills, which mean that all of the Christmas consumption of energy has occurred without adding to Global Warming! Yea!, says the dog, while looking around for more Duck droppings on the floor, his floor.

Well, enough of this silly business. I’ve still got work to do. If you want to consider it sexy and exciting, then be my guest!


We all have our own kinky fantasies, but this one is a bit extreme!

MC from Denmark.

Yea! says the dog. Let’s walk/eat/sleep…..


The Sleigh Ride

Where would we be traveling this winter? I’d asked that question a lot, even since our trip to Tibet, whose icing on the Roof of the World, was sweet enough for me, but what about now?

She’s been saving our savings for a while, but I thought about using them on something other than travel. I don’t know about her,  but the roof did tend to leak, and the car needed new tires, but those were considered extravagances to her, and not necessities.

I took a look at our alternative form of transportation, our Sleigh. It was one of those that would rival Old Saint Nicks, but was lacking in the Reindeer department. I looked high and low for such a beast, but they never seemed to visit our latitude, other than on the posters that adorned the walls of the dog house.

Rudy was your average-sized dog with average dog wants. He wasn’t satisfied without barking up a storm whenever he considered danger to be afoot, even if that meant that the TV dogs, or the non-existent cat deserved a good thrashing, just to show them who was Cock of the Walk in this neck of the woods.

My old lady was puttering about in the kitchen, when she leaned over the wood stove, getting herself all hot and bothered, but not in the way that would have made me park the old clogs outside the bedroom for a quickie on this an otherwise ordinary Wednesday! She just fanned herself with her travel brochures, in a way that made me want to be yodeling with her in the Swiss Alps, or yelling “Guten Rutsch” to the Germans in Bavaria as we skied down a high mountain slope on the First of January!

She usually called me Sly, that being short for Sylvester, which, at this time of year, made me think of champagne bottles popping and our Lederhosen rubbing together until the wee hours of that most memorable night.

Rudy barked again, showing us that we needed to make up our minds, before all of the snow melted away, thus leaving us high and dry once again. We were actually high and dry without a reindeer, or motor there of, which I kind of forgot to tell Julia, something I was known to do quite often.

“Do you remember Tibet?” she asked me as if I had gotten senile in my old age, and couldn’t, wouldn’t remember the trip that defined our whole life together. Oh, we had been together for years and years before that, but our first view of the Snow Lion Flag flying over the hotel where we stayed, made a statement that will live in our hearts and minds forever. Granted it was rather short-lived as the border guards managed to tear it into shreds, before we could take a picture with the old Instamatic, but it still wasn’t something I’d forget this side of age 70!

“Just how old are you today?” was another one of her questions. How old do I feel, or how old am I really? Hard to answer the one or other, especially with Rudy chomping at the bit for us to hit the road.

We threw our Gnu skins in the sled, where Rudy promptly settled down, with all but his nose being warmed by those Tibetan beauties. I sat on the driver’s seat and pulled out my whip, while Julia sat next to me, humming Christmas songs and munching on cookies usually marking the Buddhist festival Gaden Ngamchoe. I raised my glass filled with Raksi and said suk-bo de-thang, which everyone knows is Cheers in Tibetan!

Rudy just poked his head up during this commotion, displaying his reddened nose, but wagging tail, knowing in his heart that we were bound for yet another fabulous journey together. I swung back the whip as Julia snuggled closer to me, and envisioned us riding along the snow-covered hills of Germany, Switzerland or Tibet, depending on how strong the Raksi was this year?

Yep. I told her and Rudy. The savings just fit perfectly to this trip, said as I stepped out of the Sleigh to close the door to the house, not wanting to waste any energy while we were out on our Sleigh, traveling light in our imaginations.

“Oh, Sly”, she told me at once. “It’ll be just like our Honeymoon again. Just the 2 of us…”

Rudy barked at the number 2, knowing that he would be barking the whole time showing that any activity without him would most certainly call for constant noise outside our Yak Hair Tent.

Any activity whatsoever………