Dog Suit

While walking today in a forest in Northern Denmark,


the trail presented itself to me,

but suddenly, the boy in the dog suit, entered my thoughts


leaving no doubt in my mind, that I was indeed

not alone…..


Winter Impressions

My winter impressions,

lacking snow, being replaced

by freezing fog


a part of me wondered if my life lacking color was colder yet, than

the addition of leaves lying about, and trees barren

existing in black and white,

or the colors of winter?


I wanted to wall myself in, thus walling everyone else out

My bricks, my walls, sturdy and eternal

Alas, alas with closer inspection found I that the strength of my walls, only being equal

to the barriers that existed within my thoughts.


If I doubted myself. If my resolve faltered

My walls would come crashing down

as well…..


2 February 2018

Panasonic Lumix GX800

Trial shots

Photos were extracted from 4 k video, but the effects are not as obvious due to the lack of motion by these Danish Fenceposts! I’ll try it out on more movable objects next time….


against my will
taken from my home
across the country
meeting with those
who diametrically,
and unequivocally
test my resolve,
my intelligence,
and yes, even
my will to bear such
a burden

Yes. Charlotte.

I’m going to Copenhagen

Don’t pity me
I’ve been there before…..


Too many blues
at least 1500 chances
to make things right,
Too many times
choosing the incorrect pieces
finally putting things aside
for another

I still got dem blues again……Mama……

My Christmas Reality

The 25th December. Northern Denmark.

I seem to be the only one alive in this family. Right now anyway. Other than the dog, who is still waiting for something to fall on the floor.

I am cleaning the kitchen. Especially the oven trying to remove the fowl smell. We ate Roast Duck last night on Christmas Eve, and well, it does tend to be everywhere. Yea! says the dog, who still is following me from room to room, hopeful as always.

My children, two of them who are still teenagers, with one being 20 year’s old. It doesn’t matter on the 25th, with the packages being opened last night, and nothing to look forward to but sleep. So they are asleep, while I clean the oven.

10 degrees Celsius. That’s about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which in this part of the world doesn’t translate to snow of any kind. The positive note was that the windy conditions during these holidays, have been CO2 neutral, with over 40% of Denmark’s electricity production coming from windmills, which mean that all of the Christmas consumption of energy has occurred without adding to Global Warming! Yea!, says the dog, while looking around for more Duck droppings on the floor, his floor.

Well, enough of this silly business. I’ve still got work to do. If you want to consider it sexy and exciting, then be my guest!


We all have our own kinky fantasies, but this one is a bit extreme!

MC from Denmark.

Yea! says the dog. Let’s walk/eat/sleep…..

Blog Pancakes

OK. Here I am on the Eve of the Eve of Christmas, which in Denmark is called Little Christmas Eve, of all things.

Some of you might like to imagine me slaving over the hot  stove, whipping up a new batch of Blog Pancakes? Others might like the R-version, where my back side is visible, showing off my less than pubic face!

Actually, my blog pancakes are the result of too many blogs falling out of the tired and worn-out blog cabinet, onto the floor, with the remainder being squashed under the weight of my emptied imagination.

Too many blogs rolling  around in my head has created this situation, and I am sorry that you, my faithful readers, have had to suffer under the weight of releasing too many for most of you to stomach.

I’ve been trying to clean up the mess, but it seems  to be a losing battle, as my imagination keeps wanting to create a new mess with each new batch of nonsense.

I’ve tried  to cut down, really I have, but some days seem to have more posts than others.

I’ll just add that to my imaginary list of resolutions for 2018, perhaps to be read as a blog in 2018?

Until then, pass me the Maple Syrup, won’t you?

A Danish Mile

I walked along
a Danish Mile
which only was
1.6 Kilometers long,
something, I told
someone, who asked
how far, I traveled
that day,

I chanced upon
a Danish Smile
one very European
naked in its expression
making my North American
Face, blush
which made them laugh
which made them smile,
along the Danish Day
that way,

I spoke a while
in my Danish Way
which made them smile
that someone knew,
that someone tried
to sound like they,
but always, yes always
with an American Potato
in my mouth,
each and every Danish Day,

I found myself
a Danish Girl, a Danish Woman
who was to say, that happening
to one such as me, with who I knew
and where I lived, being in a place
the USA?

I lived a while
25 years or more
with my Danish Wife, Kids and Dog
in a very Danish Place, still with
potatoes in my mouth
speaking Danish, along some
Danish Mile, blushing at some
Danish Smile,

In a country
surrounded by
who are surrounding