One Day, Completed

One day,
another day
a long line,
a necklace
of pearl days, stretching
between my fingers,
the sun riding along
the string,
around my finger
never stopping
my life’s ellipse
fingering the seasons
stopping on this day
a Danish spring day
chasing the sun
chasing me
The years fly by
over my head
the sun shines

swirling around my finger…

Lately, Attraction

The wiles and ways
of women close to me
not suffering the whims
of unrequited love,
nor drowning in unsavory thoughts
of lust, or boiling passions,
being steered, only
by the presence of such trifles
in making such a simple thing
as brownies, using ample amounts
of sugar, and butter
baked to perfection
with love being, just a bite

Silver Thoughts, Golden Wishes

Not being with you
increases the difficulty
of consoling you
when you hurt,

I can write ream of words
letters, and well-wishes
without really getting to touch
the beauty that is you,

My silver thoughts and golden wishes
sent across the airwaves, the synapses
across the cosmic ether, the spaces
between your smile and mine,

The seconds between thinking of you
then thinking of you again
comprise my warmest wishes
my fondest hopes and most loving
feelings, those which are mine alone
to give

More words
being only pale reminders
of our otherwise rich conversations
when we are sitting closer
than others would deem proper

being yours truly
with all my fondest thoughts


Not Satisfied this Spring

The English House Sparrows
sitting on the bird feeder
are not satisfied
this Spring,

There is nothing more frustrating
than an empty bird feeder
which had been filled,
eaten ravenously
by dozens of English House Sparrows
waiting patiently somewhere
in Northern Denmark
in the Spring,

– Now I’m afraid
to venture outside
to refill the bird feeder
with seeds and the like
for fear that dozens and more
English House Sparrows
are lying in wait for one who thought
that those tiny birds used to look
so nice

Very hungry, dissatisfied, frustrated
English House Sparrows

in the Spring

not nice anymore….