While the Rains Fell

The Danish Dog went about his business, oblivious to the rest of the world. The plants that he walked upon, gave no notice to him, not even the lichens whose existence was protected by there not being any reindeer to eat them, in this otherwise 100% country in Scandinavia.


And even though the rains continued to fall, and the grass continued to notice his padded feet,  the Danish Dog was lost in his own world, not letting anyone in to the magic and the mystery of the Red Ball.


Not the orange one would do today, nay not even the grey, because today was predestined to the the day of the Red.

And while the world continued to turn, and lovers continued to cry, and lament, the Danish Dog, lost in the moment, continued along his merry way somewhere in the Kingdom of Denmark…

And not even the drops of water, were disturbed by his presence.


And when it was all over, he waited anew in his anticipation…..when the Red Ball called out to him again….


Train Track Trilogy – 3rd Installment

Who says nothing exciting ever happens in Denmark? OK other than me? Well, there must be a lot of you out there that have that impression. I used to think of Denmark as farms, Copenhagen and, well, farms.

Remember this photo?


Taken to the north of the Train Station in Aalborg.

No? What about this one?


Taken at the Train Station in Aalborg!

Doesn’t ring any bells, does it? Well, blogging might be about poetry, or the realization that I might be in a mental state that others would relate to? Or, was is just to say that my dog likes to walk and eat?

Here is the photo of the day from the south of the Train Station in Aalborg:


OK. There are two of them, but you might be able to see (using your imagination and the previous photos) the Train Station in Aalborg to the right of the train on the right?

This is a right right question without any room left for doubt. If, on the other hand, I had referred to the trains on the left:


Then they might have looked like these here, in which your attention is now completely taken by the trains in the middle, and on the left, or the left left, if I was referring to them as well. Notice how the photo disregards the right right trains, pushing them into the background, to the right of the middle trains, there are 2 of them, and to the extreme right of the left left trains on the, well, on the left.


This photo does not contain any train pictures, but does refer to the state of extreme dirty road signs in Aalborg.

Ever hear about Aarhus?

aarhus 2017

source: http://www.aarhus2017.dk/en/

Well in 2017 it has been named the European Capital of Culture.

No, Not Aalborg.

Yes, I realize that they both have to A’s, but that is because we are in Denmark.

Why would anyone want to do that?

To take pictures of the train tracks, of course!

Or of the rainy bike paths, like these:

End of blog….

Going, Been to, California

July 2017. Just after the 4th, I took a 14-day trip to the Golden State, mostly for the funeral of my younger sister, but also to join my family in dealing with/experiencing her final goodbye.

I took some pictures along the way, and seeing as how my site, “Traveling Down My Inner Ear” is finished, I felt obliged to put them on this site instead.

Part 1: Goodbye Denmark, Hello Amsterdam


That is Denmark below, if you didn’t recognize it.


I felt a bit homesick. Going home to California. Leaving my home in Denmark.

Two sides of the same story, I guess.


The clouds were nice, and the weather too.


KLM had a nice sandwich waiting for me with a small box adorned with chickens.


Note the obvious Dutch Windmill Theme!


Holland on End.


Amsterdam always seems a bit on the largish side. (over 800,000)


I’ve never actually been outside the airport, so I don’t know if it counts, saying that I’ve been there?


At the airport. The blue /white planes in the background belong to KLM.

I’d like to say that these photos have a deeper meaning, but that would be pulling your funny bone. Try to enjoy the view from my vantage point, but don’t worry about not seeing new things, I’m sure there will be something for you in the upcoming chapters!

Next time: Flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

One Short Moment at the Train Station

I am not to show/take any photos of my son. That would be the ultimate embarrassment for a teenager.

“Why are you taking so many photos?”

“Why have you said the wrong things?”

“Why are you (all) still here. I can take the train on my own.”


An automatic ticket machine – Denmark is a modern country.


Model trains that take your donations and entertain you a few moments.


Food disguised as sugar and caffeine can be purchased.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Well, if not then you can pretend anyway.


No, this is not HAL from 2001, A Space Odyssey. This is where your plastic card containing your money is transferred to someone elses bank, thus allowing you to travel on the train (or, bus) – Rejsekort


Some of you are probably still looking up 2001, A Space Odyssey on IMDB, so for the rest of you, this is a view to the south at the Train Station.


And the view north.


A classic manhole cover (or personhole cover for political correctness)


This might be the back of someone’s son, showing off his FDF-shirt (FDF a Christian organization for children and youth in Denmark). If you said “Scouts” to him you might just have your face slapped!



One of the trains heading south.


Raised metal studding on the inside floor of the Train Station. For your eyes only.


My pathway towards the car, after embarrassing my son, and his friends with my presence.



Looking across the parking lot towards the buildings on the eastern side of John. F. Kennedy’s Plads in Aalborg.

jfk plads

Train Station (Aalborg St. ) Kennedy Plads seen in Red.

Courtesy Google Maps.


Always a few bicycles to see in Denmark.


The view from the north of the Train Station:

My wife: Why are you still taking pictures?

End of blog…..

Denmark 360 Degrees

This is for you Danish Lovers out there (read: Cyranny).

These videos are taken with 6 cameras, which can let you see well, 360 degrees around the inside of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen. Your host, speaking in Danish, is telling about Danish History, while allowing you to look at the ceiling, floors and the other actors playing their parts.

Not all of these videos will be understandable, but now you can say that you’ve been inside, or outside in Denmark, as if you really experienced it yourself.

Lars Mikkelsen (brother of Mads Mikkelsen – Cyranny) is your host. He is explaining the various things seen by using the virtual button on the upper left, then invites you into the main room, where other things are taking place.

This next video shows a sword fight.


While this one shows a Feast, way-back when in Denmark’s History:


Take a look around while the action is going on, this is an interesting way to attract interest in the History of Denmark. It helps to know Danish, but then not everyone can learn a World’s Language (like Danish) and live in the Country, like I do…..

My Morning Reality

Walking the dog.

The wife forgetting her Cell Phone.

My daughter not wanting to wake up.


My morning reality is not always what the poets would write about, but…


This morning on this side of the Atlantic.

This morning in Denmark

This morning in Europe.

Your choice.


I was out walking the dog. He likes to walk, anytime.


The Eastern Skies were displaying fantastic colors.


The now barren trees made a nice addition to the colors.


And for those who thought that the skies cannot be pretty on the edge of a large city (by Danish standards)…

Then you would be wrong…


A Short Bike Trip to Aalborg

Some of you might have been missing the Denmark-part of this blog? I’d like a show of hands (everyone except Cyranny of course), who has missed this part of the blog?

Well, it doesn’t matter one way or the other, as today’s blog concerns a short bike trip to Aalborg.

Here is the customary map, courtesy of Google Maps:

cykel rute

There was a cold wind from the north, which is usually attributed to Norway, but it was a nice trip, nonetheless.


This is the view to the north after the first hill. I knew where my legs and lungs were, but decided to continue anyway.


This is a view of the southerly hospital in Aalborg, Syghus Syd. The older building is now dwarfed by the newer buildings in the background.



Google felt at this point in time that I needed the above picture, which I agreed to.


Here is a closer shot of the older hospital, which is now mainly used for other things than patients.


This nifty sign tells cyclists that they are number ?? bicycle for the day. It also tells your speed and how long it is to the center of town, but as I had stopped to take this picture, my speed was then 0 kilometers an hour.


Here is an intersection a bit farther ahead.


If any of you doubted my assertion that I was on a bike, then here is a bit of proof!



Here is another Google rendition of a building next to the train tracks. I took it to show the 3 statues/towers placed on this and the next 2 buildings, which normally aren’t seen while driving in the city.



The train station is in the background, but if you can’t see its fine detail and many tracks then you’ll have to take my word for it.



Looking back to the north, I finally can give my legs and lungs the message that it is all downhill from here.



One of Aalborg’s many fine hotels, the Phoenix is seen on the left-hand side. One thing that is characteristic about Denmark are the many flags seen here and there. I don’t feel the need to salute them, nor break out in the Danish National Anthem, which by the way doesn’t have any bombs bursting, or the like, but I still respect the flag as a symbol of The Kingdom of Denmark.




This statue of a bull symbolizes both the City of Aalborg and Himmerland, the peninsula in which Aalborg is located.




Here is where I’ll be turning to the right, otherwise I’ll have to bike over the drawbridge separating Aalborg and Nørresundby to the north of the Limfjord Canal.


There are some fountains spewing their water, as I take this picture of a rather largish Cruise Ship sporting flags from Nassau.


It isn’t the largest ship that I’ve seen here, but it does tend to fill up this part of the harbor a bit.


Here is a former Ice-breaker called Elbjørn. This is now a restaurant, and guess what? It is for sale! Just 6,5 Million Kroner ( almost $ 1,000,000). A steal at half the price!



Here is the drawbridge mentioned before, between Aalborg and Nørresundby.



With the Cruise Ship in the background, and Elbjørn on the left, there is still some room for a game of basketball.


Patterns on the street looking East.


Patterns on the street looking West.


My final shot is of the drawbridge, just a bit farther to the West. I’ll be peddling home now, with less energy than I started with, but then isn’t that what exercise is all about?

The Night Cried

The city
the lights of the night,
lacking the warm colors of the day
the movement, the pulse of
the city,

The night cried
while the sirens screamed
another lost soul taken before time
the ambulances raced through the streets
while the youth of the day partied
the last moments of life, ebbing away
the sounds of laughter, the sounds of youth
The night cried while nobody listened

Traffic notwithstanding
the cars sped on by, lights flashing
racing to get somewhere, anywhere
the old folks stared at the TV
the same old shows, the same routine
“What was it like to be young?” she asked
the cars, shiny and fast
the cars, revving up the youth,

I considered my place
the where, I was
where I fit in, or didn’t
the slower pace while the city
the youth drank and yelled
“There ain’t no tomorrow ”
no bills, no worries
someone else is paying the tab,
you see

Let us live while we can
eat, drink, fall down
laugh, another night
another bar, being young
not in the same old rut
not doing the same things again
and again,

The night cried
while I considered sleep
away from the jeers and yells
squaring off, falling into
the night and its ails,
the constant throb,

The city at night…

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time
lived I did in a large country
where everyone spoke the same

I knew everything, I needed
to know,
others around the world wanted
to be exactly like me
to speak exactly like me,
in English, of course,

The whole world revolved
around my country
around my language
around my lifestyle

I didn’t need more than that,

Once upon a time
lived I did, in a smaller country
where everyone spoke the same

They knew everything, but I did not
others around the world thought the same
of their own country,
they wanted to be exactly
like I wanted to be
in my new country

The whole world revolved
around the sun,
including that large country
where I used to think
where I used to live
where I used to believe
it was the only, and best
place to be,

Once upon a time
I thought differently
I knew so little about
the world at large,

Once upon a time
in the USA

Once upon a time
in Denmark

Once upon a time
in this life…..

On Being 16 Year’s Old

My son turned 16 today on this 3rd of October. In Denmark we usually wake/are awaken by the rest of the family with a traditional birthday song and presented with gifts.

On the way to the bus stop he said, “Wow! 16. Now I know how it feels to be old like you!”

No. No he didn’t. I told him though how it was for me to be 16. In Southern California 16 was the age for getting a Driver’s License. I was there at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) on the day of my 16th birthday, rather nervous at that. I passed the written test, then went on to the driving test.

The examiner noted the date, and said “Oh, Happy Birthday”. “Didn’t you know that you could’ve taken the written test 2 weeks before?”

No. I didn’t know that, but it was too late for that anyway.

Being 16 with a Driver’s License. Borrowing the family car. Driving around with my friends. That was really living! Less attachment to parents. More of my own life. Just wait until I turn 18, then….

That is what my son says on a regular basis, “Wait until I turn 18”.

As if that is a cure for all that ails us? It really means that we become less reliant on our protective parents, with increasing responsibility of our own fate.

I hope he enjoys his quantum leap into age 16. It is a milestone in his life, one of many. He’ll just have to learn how like the rest of us did.

The weather today?



Cloudy but dry right now, going over to rain later on.

Why should that be important?

Well, in Denmark it is said that if the weather on your birthday is nice then you have behaved yourself during the past year, but if the reverse is true, then….

Enjoy the nice weather as long as it lasts, just as we should enjoy our lives as long at they last,

16, or….