against my will
taken from my home
across the country
meeting with those
who diametrically,
and unequivocally
test my resolve,
my intelligence,
and yes, even
my will to bear such
a burden

Yes. Charlotte.

I’m going to Copenhagen

Don’t pity me
I’ve been there before…..


When Water is Called Maji

A short language primer:

Jambo – Hi

kuku – Chicken

Habari – It is going

gani? – how?

Habari gani (It is going, how?)

The language Swahili (Kiswahili)

My teacher – M.W….

Where – Denmark

When – 2006

A nice fellow, from Kenya, taught me some of his native language, while we worked together for a short time. He was always patient with me, and gave me encouragement to learn words like Mbaya sana, and Misuri sana – useful when communicating with my dentist, who wrote down my expressions, thinking that she too would use them someday?

Language is a funny thing. In 2010 while visiting Copenhagen, I ran into my language teacher and his mother at the Main Train Station completely by chance, with his mother being newly arrived from Kenya. I used all of the Swahili, I could remember, making her reply:

“Was it my son that taught you that? He is very clever, isn’t he?”

Yes, he was. And that warmed the heart of his mother greatly during the first few minutes of her visit to Denmark. Where Danish is usually spoken, but in a pinch, you might just hear Swahili spoken by someone with an American Accent…..

Denmark 360 Degrees

This is for you Danish Lovers out there (read: Cyranny).

These videos are taken with 6 cameras, which can let you see well, 360 degrees around the inside of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen. Your host, speaking in Danish, is telling about Danish History, while allowing you to look at the ceiling, floors and the other actors playing their parts.

Not all of these videos will be understandable, but now you can say that you’ve been inside, or outside in Denmark, as if you really experienced it yourself.

Lars Mikkelsen (brother of Mads Mikkelsen – Cyranny) is your host. He is explaining the various things seen by using the virtual button on the upper left, then invites you into the main room, where other things are taking place.

This next video shows a sword fight.


While this one shows a Feast, way-back when in Denmark’s History:


Take a look around while the action is going on, this is an interesting way to attract interest in the History of Denmark. It helps to know Danish, but then not everyone can learn a World’s Language (like Danish) and live in the Country, like I do…..


Being Stalked

The spice of life
one that eluded me
around the next corner
in the elevator
just down the hall
hiding in my room,

A note
lying on my desk,
when I checked in
an anonymous hotel room
in any large city
alone, but

Sincerely yours

Being stalked

by the spice
of my life….


Waiting for the Woodpeckers

I was sitting on your doorstep
trying to think
in an Canadian way,
while waiting
for the woodpeckers to come,

I imagined taking a walk
with you, or waiting to meet
your parents, using my best French,
which I don’t speak
by the way,

Imagination takes me
far away, and closer to you
but I do miss seeing
your eyes light up
when the Danish Sun
goes down,

If you are in Copenhagen
and I, in Aalborg
then the time zone we share
would make it seem
as if you were a bit closer
to me,

Just without
the Woodpeckers of Montréal


There, I Was Not

In Copenhagen, that is, but my son was on top of the Round Tower taking this photo:


Looking towards the Town Hall Tower in the middle background.

5 April 2017


Sushi, Thai, Punjabi

What this City offers
aromas, bitter looks
foreign tastes

I don’t feel as if
I have sampled enough
during my stay
while I swam about
in this concrete pool
of humanity

My senses
honed and sharp
for the hunt, the chase
the capture of what to sustain

The deed done
The unknown being conquered
Having fallen prey to,

Pastrami Pizza
in the wilds of Copenhagen….


The Floor Creaked

The floor creaked
my muscles ached
my eyes adjusted
to the morning fog

Just around the corner
the City of Copenhagen

I craned my neck,
and tried to see
the castles and towers,
-the City asleep,

The floor still creaked
and my eyes ached
and the fog still shrouded
my warmer intentions

Just around the corner
out of my sight,
the City went about its business
-while I went about mine

a word, an entity
encasing its story, its people
while I lurked
around the corner
out of sight

In my own corner
of a City called


The Canadians Depart Denmark

Farvel. So Long. Goodbye for now.

The 2 Canadians have left Denmark.

Here is their progress as of 7pm – Central European Time -Sunday Evening:




The reddish plane, which has now completed its flight over Greenland, is over halfway done with its flight from Denmark/Iceland.

Denmark is shrouded in yellow flights, as is Montréal.

They have taken their French Language with them again, leaving Denmark for its Danes,

and some Dark Roasted Coffee from Trois-Rivieres,

and me,

Still not a Dane……



Souvenirs 1

I have been racking my brain over what to give you in the way of a memento for your trip to Denmark.

I know how fond you are of hand-written letters, but my hand-written letter program on my PC has been giving me troubles as of late, forcing me to look for a pen and paper. I’ve actually forgotten how to write longhand, which means that all of my very personal and very private, cursive lettering has become capital letters, poorly formed and leaning to the right. That is not my political intention, but some might misunderstand my true intent, if I try to write a letter like that, which I won’t!

Another treasure might be my dog. You have expressed interest in him from time to time, but he might not be flat enough to fit in your suitcase, when your visit here is finally over. Here he is doing his best impression of “Flat”


I admit that he has appeared flatter before, but if you look sideways at him, and tell him to look the other way while you are trying to put him diagonal-wise into your suitcase, then between your imagination and mine, he just might fit?

Another fine idea is the aftertaste you’ll be experiencing, after our evening meal. I would suggest that you relish this effect as long as possible, with denial of any further meals on  the rest of your 10 day trip to seal the juices in your mouth. Flossing and  brushing must be avoided at all costs, which might cause distress to your traveling companion, and any/all  people met along the way. Just a suggestion, that’s all.

Taking all of your photos using a Flat Digital Camera is another way to save space.


In the above photo, you can see how effective this method has proven to be, by even the most experienced travelers. It is even better than pixel reduction!

Being ridden out of town on a rail by angry wives and the like, will be something to tell the folks back home! “What was the most memorable part of your visit? Your parents will be asking you, in French of course, never expecting your colorful answer! “Would you do it again?” They might be asking, as you show them the fading bruises on your shins, where you were motioned out of town by the local population, but you being the person that you are, will already be planning your next trip to Denmark, legal or not!

I guess, you will have to figure out this Souvenir Issue on your own.  Paper coffee cups with the airline logo are an inexpensive way to remember your trip, and easily flattened as well.


Items like the above publication are also fun things to bring home with you. Just like I have done on my travels.

Enjoy yourself, but don’t get overly excited on your trip. You might find that your excess happiness in visiting Denmark, won’t sit well, when they are weighing your bags at the airport.

Try frowning a bit. It’ll save you money in the end run……………