Sushi, Thai, Punjabi

What this City offers
aromas, bitter looks
foreign tastes

I don’t feel as if
I have sampled enough
during my stay
while I swam about
in this concrete pool
of humanity

My senses
honed and sharp
for the hunt, the chase
the capture of what to sustain

The deed done
The unknown being conquered
Having fallen prey to,

Pastrami Pizza
in the wilds of Copenhagen….

Danish Travel Recipe for 3 Persons

1. 3 people – various Nationalities.
(including 1 Chaperone)
2. One car with sufficient gas to avoid excuses
3. Various snacks
4. Yellow Car Alert Response (hit the person next to you when Yellow car is spotted)
5. Enough time for both sightseeing, and being late home to the wife with a poor excuse

Destination is the top of Denmark.

Be sure to add a good supply of doubt from someone’s mother, and an equal amount of doubt, about the driver’s real intentions.

Add the ingredients slowly, and be sure not to overheat the conversation with innuendos, and off-color conversation. Make sure the Chaperone is present at all times. If, in the event of Chaperone walkabout, then keep calm and assess the situation.

As the day progresses, be careful when striking the other persons with the Yellow Car Alert Response, as those bruises might take years to heal!

Remember to point out the interesting Flora and Fauna, and warn if Sheep are present, or their aromatic tendencies might just sour this recipe.

The snacks are to be consumed in place of nutritious food, and it is customary to leave a water bottle from your Home Country as an offering to the Danish Gods at Skagen.

If confronted with an unexpected question, try to divert attention by pointing out the Danish National Bird, The Seagull and its playful and magical ways!

If all goes well, with the ingredients mixed about with the ambience of the day, then remember to say something in Danish-French-English in order to make sure that everyone present, has had their needs seen to!

The finished product will resemble something like this:


with the Chaperone taking the picture, of course……

With any luck at all, this recipe can be used in the future,

with the taste increasing in intensity with each

subsequent attempt!

Bon Appétit!



A Craving for Radishes

Waking up and drooling

not a pretty sight, but not over women,

absent, but for want of something,

even more tasty,


My last love thought me too obsessive,

Kale fixation, or Lentil madness, but then

then it went way wrong,

way, way wrong


No one in their right mind, craves Radishes?


I thought we knew each other,

our  wants, and needs,

the ability to please one another, but she

refused to cross the line of vegetable cravings,

she and 1000 other women, who have misunderstood,


Women who have demanded total fidelity,

to one type of Brassica,


Just not Radishes

and just not me….


Dreaming on….of my Radish women….

Women and the L-Word

What’s in a word, some might ask? Why should one word be so important?

I’ve said a lot of words in my long life. Some of them, like those that guys utter while in the throes of passion, tend to be meaningless, and not the kind of thing that their partner wants to hear!

I’ve learned a bit about words from times like those – that means to not necessarily say them at all time. Be selective. Choose your words wisely. Don’t mince them, like you would with Garlic.

The worst of these words is the L-word. Why do women get all silly and troublesome with that word? I’ve tried not to use it, as it only seems to get me into trouble, and all things worse. Some might say that it is a word that takes practice and experience to use?

The right word at the right time.

I don’t use it that often, because I know that it demands action, and carries a lot of responsibility with its use. “Have you used the L-word today?” I might ask my friends, but they just shirk away and pretend not to have heard me.

Guys like to change the subject to something less intricate like sports, or cars. “Did you see that Hemi overdrive with 350cc something or other? Yes, she is really hot and bothered, especially when I put my key into her ignition and rev her up!” I don’t know about “Guy-Talk” like that, but it seems like they might as well use the R-word all the same. The R-word? That would be R for relationship, which is almost as bad as saying the L-word, I think/I guess/ I really don’t know?

I have even tried my hand at writing poetry and the like. You know, more words? No, I don’t have Paisley flower wallpaper in my Ultra-Pink Bedroom. Get a grip, OK. Poetry is also for Guys! Even if you don’t use the L-word, or the R-word, then you could always express your Lust for fine automobiles, and wishing yourself a long, slinky, scantily- -clad girl, hanging over the hood of your ruby red Corvette, with no thoughts of using such language with a bloke like you!

I just don’t know anymore, what to say, when it comes to times like these? I guess the use of the L-word is not for the faint at heart, nor those that aren’t prepared to take action after having wielded their language like a sword! Now don’t start pointing your pencils at me again, with your innuendos about phallic references. Think of those pencils that you are pointing…..You see, There is no escape from words and their meanings…

No matter. The issue at hand is of course, the L-word. I’ve used it on my wife plenty of times, but lately it doesn’t seem to have the effect of the past times? Perhaps she has changed her mind about my colorful language, and is seeking new horizons, or perhaps just a newer dictionary?

The L-word? Well, it stands for Lentils, and my 3-bean Lentil Chili is simmering on the stove top as I finish off this blog. If only my wife had told me that Lentils didn’t do that much for her, then perhaps I could have found a better word to use?

Like R for Rutabaga…………

Vacation Plans

One week of vacation.

  • clean the kitchen
  • walk the dog
  • straighten out the house
  • write a blog or two
  • walk the dog
  • drink some coffee, dark roast from Canada
  • cook, clean and walk the dog
  • shop for food, to make the meals
  • clean the kitchen again
  • walk the dog
  • empty the trash, and my mind
  • empty/fill the dishwasher
  • don’t/do think about work
  • think about walking the dog, then do so

If only, I had 2 weeks of vacation, then I could do so much more….

  • like walk the dog