Dead On My Feet

My legs have gone out
for a walk on the Wild Side

I wish they’d have told me
that so many hours would pass
before I could rest them again,
but they had a mind of their own,

My toes are humming as well,
I would hum along, but I don’t recognize
the tune?

I think, my socks are welded onto my feet,
or they’ve gone charcoal grey in color,
along the way?

Don’t pity me, really
because the foot massage lady is on the way
-but I might be asleep,

before she arrives in Denmark
from Canada…

I’ll just hum a little tune, while I wait
and hope that the Foot Fairy is kind to me
while I sleep,

while I……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Danish Travel Recipe for 3 Persons

1. 3 people – various Nationalities.
(including 1 Chaperone)
2. One car with sufficient gas to avoid excuses
3. Various snacks
4. Yellow Car Alert Response (hit the person next to you when Yellow car is spotted)
5. Enough time for both sightseeing, and being late home to the wife with a poor excuse

Destination is the top of Denmark.

Be sure to add a good supply of doubt from someone’s mother, and an equal amount of doubt, about the driver’s real intentions.

Add the ingredients slowly, and be sure not to overheat the conversation with innuendos, and off-color conversation. Make sure the Chaperone is present at all times. If, in the event of Chaperone walkabout, then keep calm and assess the situation.

As the day progresses, be careful when striking the other persons with the Yellow Car Alert Response, as those bruises might take years to heal!

Remember to point out the interesting Flora and Fauna, and warn if Sheep are present, or their aromatic tendencies might just sour this recipe.

The snacks are to be consumed in place of nutritious food, and it is customary to leave a water bottle from your Home Country as an offering to the Danish Gods at Skagen.

If confronted with an unexpected question, try to divert attention by pointing out the Danish National Bird, The Seagull and its playful and magical ways!

If all goes well, with the ingredients mixed about with the ambience of the day, then remember to say something in Danish-French-English in order to make sure that everyone present, has had their needs seen to!

The finished product will resemble something like this:


with the Chaperone taking the picture, of course……

With any luck at all, this recipe can be used in the future,

with the taste increasing in intensity with each

subsequent attempt!

Bon Appétit!



The Advantage

You have the advantage
over me, you might not think
that to be true,
but I feel it
and I know it,

You have the upper hand,
the stacked deck
the wide picture, and I
I wonder why you are
as you are,

You might think,
that we are different
that we would never
but I am sure that we would
if we could,

The most that I can do
is to worry about
what troubles you
and makes you silent
when I am not,

Then I know
that my comforting
thoughts, will have to
replace, my comforting
arms, with you being so distant
in time and space…

Rest assured,
I think about you, and if
I had the chance to tell you
and show you in person,

Then this blog would never
have been written, and I
would be sitting by your side,
telling you, how wonderful
a person, you really are

And you are…

By My Fire

Come and warm yourself

by my fire, the embers brightly

burning and I,

feeling a bit toasty for you


We could warm our feet, against the monitor,

the LCD’s crackling in the background,

the light dancing

my reflection in your eyes,


And what of the cold, the winds blowing

the thought of spending

time and money, of burning virtual

logs, and snuggling close


-as the embers died down,

-and our passions, blazed anew


Enjoying the fire, the touch of

your cozy knitted socks

and you…..

My Fastest Car

I avowed

to drive my fastest car

leaving Europe in my wake,

with “Canada, or Bust” as my motto,


The road, seemed uncertain

as I circumvented the seas, the wars and the

borders of Sovereign Nations,


As I pulled into the outskirts of Montréal

I realized, I’d forgotten

her address, being back

on my kitchen table,

in Denmark,


“Drat, and Dagnabbit”, I yelled out


I felt as if

it were all a bad dream, having  to

call my wife for the answer….


-and wondering how old, I’d be

when her laughter finally

died down?