When I Younger, Was

When I younger, was
there was always a mountain
or two to comfort my thoughts
another one to climb
to admire from afar
another conquest
another day,
Now that I older, am
I still find myself
atop some windswept
considering the panoramas
of any number
of future conquests
that lie in
my past…

The Rocks, Unstable

means hopping
from rock to rock
some more stable
than others,
If I were lucky
then Scree would be
but only down, going,
The terminology
of non-forgiving stones
turned rocks,
alongside this mountain, high
which robs my breath
and taxes my legs
used to be my preferred
method of travel

in my youth…

A Wandering

I went a wandering
atop a mountain
when I was young and strong

I went a wandering
along so many meadow paths
chancing a flower moment
not noticing the sun moving
the sky fading to twilight

I went a wandering
along unmarked granite footprints
gasping the air thinning
new horizons opening for my eyes

I went a wandering
where I met a change in me
never to be forgotten
despite the years that have

gone a wandering as well….

Sitting on a Shelf

Sitting on a shelf
cool, granite slabs
at my feet
the feeling that gravity
has no power in this place,

Sitting on a shelf
my feet dangling over
what others might fear
a precipice, an emptiness
a vastness, of which no bottom

Sitting on a shelf
no cares, nor worries
the grandeur of heavenly skies
surrounding my air spaces
feeling light as a feather,
with no heavier intentions, than that

Sitting on a shelf
towering spires over my head
mossy instances, clinging flowers
the sun baked the moment
the cooler recesses beckoned,

Sitting on a shelf
perched above forever spaces
an eternity calling
to others, just not me
while I shared a quiet moment
in these mountains, everlasting

Just sitting
on a shelf…

Carrot Cake, or Not

For her
a carrot cake, making
a small decision, I took
for pleasing her, with no ulterior motives
what she chose not to believe
of me,

Baking a cake, or making soup
no nobler tasks from one to another
unless she suspected, that I
desired her ever most greatly
to fall for the one of her dreams
right here and now
in my love kitchen

The sugar, was acceptable
and the frosting as well,
but drawing the line, she did
at tasting the finished product
in its most raw form, existing

I just stood there
sporting my most sexy oven mittens
and ruby red apron, shouting of passion
while she waited and watched
and counted the minutes, the seconds until
the elegance was complete,

While waiting and watching, standing there
admiring her with my half-baked ideas
wondering if forgetting to add the can
of crushed pineapple would cause us to part
before the final product of our love
had cooled enough to eat?

Watching her expression
her lips of passion, her eyes afire
while the epitome of elegance
being the cake, or her?
chose that moment in time
to seal my feelings for her
not unlike leftover cake,
burned in the pan

Never to let go

Barren Rock Faces

Warmed by the sun
the granite shimmers
like pyrite
in my golden summer,

The smallest cloud
casts shadows, coldly
upon my otherwise
warm-like day
setting my memory
back a bit
not wanting other
than good to come, of its

Sitting, along inclined planes
watching the clouds play
in the endless sky
Wondering how long, I
will be permitted to enjoy
this sunny feeling
called life….

Foreign Films

When I was young
foreign films meant something
else than today,
it was usually French women, doing things
that mom said Americans would never do,
but I could only dream about what that was

Maybe they rode their Schwinn bikes
topless, along the beaches of the
Mediterranean, or smoked skinny cigarettes
and looked dreamily at their equally mysterious
French lovers?

Mom would never have admitted to doing
what went on in my young mind,
and would have washed my mouth out with soap
if she ever suspected my impure thoughts
about older women, speaking
words that made text appear
at the bottom of the screen…..