Our Pledge

The Mountains feel

love eternal,


Blessed are the valleys

for here we dwell,


Call out to the heavens

the stars and the sky as one


Contentment awards those

strong of body and mind

they who seek the truth

of life eternal,


We, who seek out life’s dreams

fulfill love’s commitments,

and seek the pathway through time,

We are one with Life….

27 December 1977. California.

The Dawn Broke Clear

The dawn broke clear

To give the day

To me

I climbed

not the highest, nor the greatest

just a mountain

calm and free


I remember the sun

encased by the biting wind

and sometime clouds

but the warmth remained first

above all else


I dreamed a dream

for hours, days, weeks

maybe more:

The images fled before my eyes

and the day returned to sight

the day with the mountains, snowclad

sighting down to vistas unending

My dream today, lost to memory

forgot whatever it dreamed about

it thought my thoughts

and lived my life

leaving me in its place above

High atop, I dream a dream

to live my life gazing outward

waiting for those to pass in stride

waiting for my return…..

Spring 1981

I Walked Me a Trail

I walked me a trail

in a park called



I walked me a trail,

and my unknown bear walked as well,

in a National Park,

in California,


I ran me a trail,

but the bear ran as well,

being faster and stronger, and also

in a wilderness, called Yosemite,


I stopped me a walking

for my breath wouldn’t let me

escape my worst fears, like those

imaginary bears, that live in a

magical place, called


Time Away

From the peaks fell the stones

into basins abyss

Their callings of anguish

echoed true – the last kiss


I read the words written

the sun lost to time

was fading so quietly

as my thoughts lost their wine


Embattled for ages lost

their armor need not rust

the ramparts graze the loft sky

In salvation, we put our trust


Observations, whispered tunes

feelings time forgot

The High Sierra goes to sleep

and I will savor that thought

3 September 1977 Split Mountain., High Sierra California

Mountain Tree Morning

Sun unseen

I walk about, drawing into myself

the fading nighttime cold,

waiting, somewhat patiently

for the dawn to warm,

I found myself sitting

by the all hours water,

casting my stone thoughts

to higher mountain shores,

-how small the moment is

the “being” high above, looking downward

on waters such as there

and the towering spires above

how silent my life thoughts move downward

I again view the water

swirling to time lost

no everyday living to write about

what causes may present

I live to scan other vistas

to be the feelings, I’ve yet to discover

to find, to cherish, the me inside

Wait now, I see

the sun

The warmth envelopes me – again

1 June 1981

I Was Held by the Sun

I was held by the sun

and the warmth lingers on

In the glare of the morning

I saw frosted fields

and moss-covered trees

with people so few,


Only I,

with the birds in and through

rusted fences so barbed

and forlorn looking horses

in fields of green

Only I,

There were new perspectives

on oft traveled byways

and leering temptations

towards speed wrenching highways


-but I, wandered slowly

content with my pace

at peace with the morning

so warmed by the new smiles


of today…..

25 January 1981