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We Were Just Talking

The other day
the other year
40 years ago
or so,
We were laughing about
or, were we just talking
my memory fades
and tricks me
you know?
We were playing
when we were kids
up in the mountains
at the ocean
we were just playing
when we were younger,
You are not very
lying there, while I speak
lying there, dreaming
in your sleep,
We were just together
the other day, it seems
we were talking about
what I can’t remember now
We were together,
when mom went away
all those years ago
just talking, were we,
The other day
when you chose to go away
caught me unawares
and me being
so many hours away
being so many thoughts
I was just talking to you
when the machines were turned
You were just there
looking so peaceful, waiting
waiting for someone,
waiting for someone
to take you home,
I’ll sit here
just a bit longer
looking at you
as if we were kids again,
40, no 50 years ago
saying something
We were just playing
and talking like we did,
we were just saying,
telling a story,
You were smiling then,
like you are smiling now,
and I,
am hovering over you
even though
we are only speaking
in my mind,

As if we were kids again
playing some silly game
with mom calling us home

Calling us home….

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I Climbed a Dream

Once I dreamed
atop a mountain
somewhere in
somewhere at

I climbed a dream
no nightmarish thoughts
airy ledges
seeing my death falling
below me

I, was me
atop a rocky crag
hopping boulders
sliding, gasping
the thin air
was choking me,

I climbed a dream
or, it allowed
a memory of somewhere
something in my past,
one of my past lives
one of my thoughts
when I stood atop
some rocks, one day alone

When I dreamed
when that memory, sparked
when the time came
to seize the moment
to grasp the golden ring
to revel in being who
that one who attained

That one who marveled
that dreams do come true
but only when I now
dream those dreams,
which I never considered
dreams to be,

Somewhere, I exist
atop a collection
any jumble of stones,
of rocky passages
cool mountain streams
cold nights, aching muscles

Waking aloud
“Catch me if I fall”
said to no one, but just
relaxing on the edge
of forever….

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Opening My Eyes

The night called out
while I began to focus
my eyes on the darkness
the stars overhead
the sounds of the stream
my eyes, opening, then closing
Along some mountain stream
in an Aspen grove, quaking leaves
the wind in the pines, whispering
the water flows from snows, melting
my aching muscles, resting,
the rocky ground, makes me restless
the warmth, the cold wrestle with each other
my eyes, closing
the water rushes by, while the wind
changes direction
along the water, gathering the leaves
the Aspen, Quaking, shivering
and shaking,
the stars, silent and burning cold,
in the colder moments before the dawn
the reddish glow upon the trees,
while the sky spins around
the North Star, fading
in the morning light,
the dawn, a new day,
I pick myself up
shaking of the nighttime
now being in my bed, warm and soft
as if a cold breeze, blowing
reminded me

of another time…

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The Canyon

South Fork, Middle Fork

Desert-like, Forest-Green
Mountain Sees them

Many river stretches
waysides, boulder aisles
soft meadow reaches
soft autumn tones

Red Maple abstracts
yellow willow scatters
blue water, blue sky
blue day

Cold Aspect harbors
sunless northern slopes
green fern, orange
green moss dripping
green day, here

All these colors complete

Fall into….

that lead to road’s beginning
somewhere, somewhere

My road leads back

Brief, as life sometimes seems
these days
so fade

Goodbye, Goodbye
the colors that I take with me
the thoughts
the essence, of this day

This day and I…. Remain

25 September 1985
Kings Canyon National Park

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Screaming Bloody Murder

Is what my mother said,
every time we raised our voices,

what the neighbors would think about that
what the doctor would say about dirty underwear
why the dinner was ready in 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail
and why we needed to sit on the davenport

phrases, which my mother felt obliged to use
but not me,

I use my own, time-worn phrases
to which my children
only sigh, and roll their eyes,

just like I did,
when I was
their age….

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The Rocks, Unstable

means hopping
from rock to rock
some more stable
than others,
If I were lucky
then Scree would be
but only down, going,
The terminology
of non-forgiving stones
turned rocks,
alongside this mountain, high
which robs my breath
and taxes my legs
used to be my preferred
method of travel

in my youth…

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A Wandering

I went a wandering
atop a mountain
when I was young and strong

I went a wandering
along so many meadow paths
chancing a flower moment
not noticing the sun moving
the sky fading to twilight

I went a wandering
along unmarked granite footprints
gasping the air thinning
new horizons opening for my eyes

I went a wandering
where I met a change in me
never to be forgotten
despite the years that have

gone a wandering as well….

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Sitting on a Shelf

Sitting on a shelf
cool, granite slabs
at my feet
the feeling that gravity
has no power in this place,

Sitting on a shelf
my feet dangling over
what others might fear
a precipice, an emptiness
a vastness, of which no bottom

Sitting on a shelf
no cares, nor worries
the grandeur of heavenly skies
surrounding my air spaces
feeling light as a feather,
with no heavier intentions, than that

Sitting on a shelf
towering spires over my head
mossy instances, clinging flowers
the sun baked the moment
the cooler recesses beckoned,

Sitting on a shelf
perched above forever spaces
an eternity calling
to others, just not me
while I shared a quiet moment
in these mountains, everlasting

Just sitting
on a shelf…