Sometimes, I felt like a fish out of water


She made me, she defined my existence, while I

while I lay gasping on the shore,

P1000821 blue fish

There I was, swimming happily about

not knowing that just around the next bend

behind the next rock, hidden in her hair-like grass

she waited, watched, considered who I was, what I could be

for her,

P1000821 black white

Some might accept that challenge, but for I

I chose to blend into the background, colorless,

I was wary, having my lips burned before

when a woman had set her hooks into me

claiming that she, hook, line and sinker

owned me for her own,

but then, when she turned away, I

P1000821 spejlvend

felt the colors within me change

waving a flag to catch her attention, a fervent hope

of wanting to be caught, a hope

of wanting to swim in newer waters, other than my own,


In the end, she brought forth my true colors

showing me that being myself, being herself as well

those who we really were,

showed and told the world

that being true to oneself


was in this life being

the best catch at all…..