Your Thoughts

I’ve taken something you see
not being a bad person
the one in the mirror
who reflects on what I might be
what I might see
but only if I let myself
look too closely,

I’ve taken your thoughts
with me, in my company
along this stretch of life’s road
where we chanced upon each other
not as captives, nor as lovers

I was lost in my thoughts
just a moment of time
forgetting what might be
important, entirely

Your thoughts
residing on this snowy day
the cold wind whistles through
the trees, the unprotected spaces
while I,

P1000608 snow adjusted

While I
am inside looking out
the coffee steaming, the fire warming
while the snowflakes swirl around
your thoughts

I won’t interrupt what you might be
as our thoughts exist as their own
don’t they?

I’ll just enjoy the sight
of something out of my control
nothing I have the power to change
nor the wish to,

The snow just swirling
about your thoughts

and you….


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