oak tree mætning

Why are the grasses greener, when I think back in time?

It was easier to fall in love, and the music on the radio was something

you could sing along to,

The world seemed a kinder place, and my parents seemed like, they would always be around,

The skies were bluer, and my friends and I had time to kill, time to explore, time, just time to do with what we wanted to,

Money seemed to go a lot farther, and I always had some in the bank when I needed it,

Why is my memory so alive, when I think back to the past?

Why this, and why that, and why can’t I explain it to others

so they can revel in my memory as well?

Why are the grasses greener, the skies bluer, the women more satisfied

while all the while

I remained the same….

or, did I?