Elephant Toothpicks

“I’ve been thinking” said the one
“What about?”, said the other

“Willow branches and freezing weather.”

“Sounds like a plan”, said the other,
“but what about them?”

“Willows bend, you know? What if fingers
do the same?”

“Brrrr”, the other one said,
“my fingers feel like toothpicks
I don’t think they’ll bend as much
as willow branches, but what the heck,
might as well try it,
otherwise, we’ll never know”

“Hey. It doesn’t even hurt to bend my fingers.
oh, oh, oh. uh oh.”

“It snapped right off!, Does it hurt?” asked the other.

“Nope. Not a bit”, said the one. “It’s way too cold for that. You wanna try it too?”

“Uh. Maybe another day. Too much of a good thing,
you know?”

“If we had others, we could sell them as Elephant Toothpicks!
said the one.”

-“Uh. Just one other thing, said the other. “I’d maybe put a cloth on it
when the winter thaws again. Just to be sure.”

“OK by me. What shall we try tomorrow?” said the one

“What about, how flexible noses are?” said the other.

“Whose should we test tomorrow, yours?” said the one

“No. I’ve always thought yours was too long anyways”

“Yeah. Maybe, you are right. And tomorrow is a new day, isn’t it?”

“Yep, said the other. It sure is……”

*written with Little Fears in mind. Just so you know…..*