Sitting here
perched between my now-fading
and the work week to come,
a state of Limbo exists,
between what has happened
and what is to come,

Enjoying a cup of coffee
grown and brewed in the past
its vapors disappearing into my future
not wanting, nor expecting anything more
to happen at this point in time,

If I could, should I re-trace my footsteps
or, unsay my words, or un-think my thoughts
from the hours, days gone past?
Is what I remember now, what really happened,
or, is it a mixture of other thoughts, people, or just
the backwash of time, I hear?

I might as well try to run faster into my future, though
the people, I will be together with, and their thoughts
are not yet ready to be released into their past,

When another moment of solitude comes, somewhere
in the future, I might just enjoy similar thoughts
perhaps another cup of coffee, and the thought
that this post, then existing in the now past, was a good one
wasn’t/ isn’t it……?


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