If you really wanted me
like you said, told everyone
you knew
cried out to the heavens
begged for this chance
in your life,
this dream, of all other dreams
to come true,

If you really were serious
telling yourself the truth
admitting to yourself
the times past, how they hurt you
wanting something, not fighting for
what you, who you loved

If this is the time, yours
when you decided, not one person
other than me could make you happy
no one else not even coming close
for all your lovers, real and imagined
why should I be the one, the only one?

What you really want
what you have worked for, yearned for
that which will define your life from this minute
from the time, when you have said yes
when you have said yes,

With everything clear in your mind
your thoughts without doubt
telling you, whispering where words won’t do
writing it down, sending love letters
to me, just to me,

Than you, than I
can finally be