And You Never Thought

Did you ever imagine
us being together?
all those times, all those doubts
everything you said, thought, felt

Your limitations
your expectations
not easy things to reconcile

Did you ever think
that this day would come?
in the farthest stretches
of your imagination, your hopes,
your fears?

This day
the single most important day
in both of our lives
the day when we’ve chosen
to commit ourselves,
to a life together,

When you had thought about
someone to share your life with
someone, not being me
your expectations getting the better
of you,
your dreams telling you
that ours was not to be

Think about the journey
how far we have traveled together
in body and soul
in thinking and dreaming
in every aspect that two people
could share

Did you ever imagine
us being together?

Well, quite frankly
neither did I…..