Wanting Her

Wanting her
an issue not easily
for wanting someone
leads to making choices
going down a road
which only leads one way
for going back again
just wouldn’t be possible,

Wanting her
an idea, a dream
both waiting to be fulfilled
an ideal way to live
imagining the pluses, without
the minuses,

What if, what if it all goes wrong?
what if I give my heart away, but
it all goes wrong,

Wanting her, but not having her
wanting what I had before, but
not being able to return
not being able to say,
it was all a mistake, all a terrible mistake

Wanting someone, anyone
just ending up alone
no way back, no way forward
just floating along, with my dreams
broken and shattered
pieces not able to be collected
not able to be put right, no matter
no matter what I want,

Wanting her
is something that my mind conjured up
to occupy my time
while I was wanting someone else

who didn’t want me….