North Towards the City of Aalborg


I might have considered taking the train southwards, but some might object traveling to Aarhus! It is not easy pleasing everyone, you know.


My route via bicycle lay to the north. On the right-hand side of this photo.


The path went from asphalt to dirt, with mud enough for everyone.


I was following a stretch of Hærvejen (Army Road) which is also called, “The Ancient Road” in English.

hærvejen aalborg

Here is my route, seen by the black oval area. On the homepage there is an interactive map in which you can either choose biking, or walking.


My route now was following a small waterway called Østerå. This flows along some wetlands where water birds can be seen. It finally ends its days under the town square in Aalborg, called Nytorv, before it flows into the Limfjord Canal.


If you were starting to miss out on my train-madness, there was a crossing up ahead.


Google felt again that I needed a stylized photo of this crossing of Østerå.


Along this stretch of tracks the “Veteran Tog” –  Heritage Train. The sign tells how the train doesn’t travel along this stretch of tracks, due to construction/work on the rails.

There is some information in English to be found here:


My way continues towards the center of the City, now only 2.9 kilometers away.


A short video showing the Heritage Train drive past the Main Post Office just south of the Main Train Station.

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