Extreme/Obscene Soup

Today, I’ve decided to make Extreme/Obscene Vegetable Soup. A pretty long name for a couple of Spuds, but that is how I am.

Some friends of mine, living to the North of Aalborg in the city of Frederikshavn, are avid gardeners. They always have a rich variety of vegetables out in their large garden and on my last visit to them, I could see that still was true.

I wish, I had taken a few snaps of the vegetables that now are simmering in the pot, but this blog might have gotten a n “R”rating for vegetable obscenity?

Here is today’s question: When is vegetable soup, not only just that?

Answer: When it is disguised as a Complete Protein!

Well, today as with so many times before in the making of soup, I’ve added to my vegetable medley, both Lentils and Bulgar wheat. Those two things together constitute a Complete Protein which contain all 9 of the essential Amino Acids necessary for our dietary needs.

I know. I know. More of that kind of radical talk, but it is true you know?

The other less star-studded ingredients include: carrots, potatoes, onions, red beets and ox-heart cabbage. I could continue with my dietary tirade with talk about the health benefits of heated cabbage, but I still need to leave for work in a half hour, and  it would/might take longer than that to regale you out there in blog-land!

A few bouillon cubes and good old Danish Water, plus some salt and pepper. That is my recipe for today, without having to consult the Internet.

PS. My wife likes to puree the soup so the kids can’t see what is in it, but I am a whole cubed-veggie guy myself!

Not everyone can be me, you know………..

Addendum: Finished soup photo



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