The Written Threat

She knew when
the next letter came
as if it told her something
what she needed,

He knew as well
when the next letter came
it was as if someone else
someone else was there

He knew
as if someone else was making
to her
his words seduced her
taking her away,
to some other place
than here,
some other existence
than this one,

She’d rush into
the other room
locking the door
behind her
what she read
what she thought
was only for her eyes
to see

He knew, but he did
how can you compete
with mere words?
How could his words
be better than the ones
she really desired?

The written threat
not anything that threatened
or did it, would it,

She went about her business
smiling, and such
but what had she read
what had he promised her

this time?