Have I told you?

Have I told you lately
how my feelings are
what I want, who I want
to spend my time with,

Have you been out walking
together when the sun arose in the sky
have you seen the colors, the reds
the blues of the sky, the clouds above

Have I told you lately
why I have been thinking about you
why that is important, why I would spend time
at this time, at this very important time
in my life,

Wouldn’t you just sit here for a while
next to me while I think while I feel
what this life feels like, when you are near
My God, why aren’t you here?

The fault is mine you know
for not asking you earlier
back when we could have done something about it
and not just be spending time apart
wondering why,

Have I told you lately,
well, I guess, I just did, didn’t I
some feelings just don’t thrive
all bottled up inside, waiting, hoping

To be heard, to be free
just waiting

for a chance to tell you
for just one chance to tell you

I just wanted to tell you…


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