Your Photograph

The one defining moment
the one second of time
when we together

Your photograph
when life was as it should have
not as it has become,

The one instant
when you turned towards me
not expecting,
not expecting,

That one short breath
your hand touching mine
for the first time, the very first time
that one deciding moment,

Your photograph
painting a picture in my mind
not being able to
not wanting to remember you
other than what I remember
you to be

That one photograph
now being lost to time
search I did
endlessly, retracing my steps
there where we met,
that photograph
that moment
now lost,

I see now, what I failed to before
the moments that define
the moments that put words on
this existence,
like photographs existing
an eternity in that second
never-ending, never changing

My photograph
of you,