Just Sitting

Just sitting
on your meadow step
wanting only your sunshine
to brighten up my day,

While the birds were singing
and the gentle breezes cooling
you were not present
to enjoy this moment in my life,

I would like to say
that you’d filled all of my dreams
awake, or nighttime halls
the thoughts that drifted through my mind
while I thought of someone else,

but that would place me
possessing an untruth, a feeble attempt
to woo you towards my needing heart
the someone that is you,

I sat upon your meadow step
not expecting you to sit beside me
just enjoying the warmth of the sun
upon my face, caressing my skin,
bringing me to the edge of ecstasy
drowning me in the pool of desire,

When looking out away from that place
that moment in time, my short of breath
my thoughts fluttering, like birds singing
and waters flowing, the warmth of the sun
shining down upon me
-as if you were above me,
-as if you were existing,

Sitting close enough to touch your skin
along the meadow paths, with bees buzzing
and waters meandering, along towards
the course chosen, tried and true
the waters reflecting, the you

Not moving from my sunny step
nor wanting to leave anytime soon
just enjoying the thought turned reality
the thought that was you…..